Saturday, May 29, 2004

“White White wine.. Goes to my head”

I never knew that white wine would be so deliciously tasty.. JD might be reduced to second place in my alcohol list (*oh the poor child*) Today was wonderfully full and exciting, so to say. Very unpredictable as well, the type of day that comes as a wonderful and pleasant surprise. So.. yeah.. The morning was basically spent at home whereby I cleaned my pigsty of a room and did chores and stuff. Then after that, I went for afternoon tea with my mum. It was just pleasant talking to her over a lattes and scones about her life and mine, except the part where she was prying too much I felt. Made me slightly uncomfortable. Anyways, after that I went to Possums house and we promptly made our way to church. We spent a good 15 minutes trying to light all the candles there as it had rained earlier. Then we went for mass and I was the gift bearer for that mass (felt slightly symbolic as I had much to offer up). After mass, Possum and I went for drinks before dinner at a friends. We also bought 2 bottles of white wine to bring for the dinner.

Dinner was steamboat and it went well with the white wine.. and boy oh boy, did I like the white wine. Over dinner, all of us talked and laughed and my friends dad, opened more wine for us to consume which of course we happily did. Then came the standard photo taking and then we were off to the club again to have more drinks and merriment. We had games of darts and pool which I didn’t lose to badly in.. but when I did I had to down the wine and all too soon, I was having that “floaty” feeling.. ahhh!!! I spoke to an Indian gentlemen there with his wife. He said that he could imagine his children in the future doing the things that we were doing, playing darts, smoking, hanging out and etc. I told the man then that perhaps he would take all that he said back once he knew what we were really like. I honestly would never want my kids to be like my friends or me. It was nice.

The drinks finally ran out and some of them had to leave, so Possum and I decided to head on home too. However before I reached home, we talked and we talked about everything under the sun and since alcohol has its ways of unraveling your tongue, I think I said too much to dear Possum so much so that Possum looked quite sick. (what a bad effect I have on people) I finally reached my door step rather late, and got a good yelling at by my folks, but I reckons that it was worth it all. Another wonderful night of doing nothing but being free and being alive and young..

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