Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am lagging behind my writing and updating 
this Little Piece of Heaven but more pressing
things have to be cleared first before I can sit
down and write my thoughts, my reflections,
my hopes and my dreams.

I have to say though that I am enjoying
{as best as I can} each day that passes
and am trying to live and explore new things
daily. Again, time is passing too quickly and 
I am learning how to juggle things so that I
get as many things done as possible.
And OMG, January is almost at an end!
*egad* more planning is needed I say.

Anyways, I wish you all a good day ahead.
More awesomeness coming this way soon.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

FUYOH Art Bazaar - January 2013

Dear Crafty Friends,
Hearts & Crafts will be at Publika tomorrow for its
first event of the year! *smiles*
We will be selling happy washi tape, stickers galore, post-its, 
cupcake toppers, patterned paper straws and etc.
Come by and check our happy crafty items out.
If you are a reader of this blog just let me know,
it's great to meet new people.
Have a long weekend ahead.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

right on time

Seen on Pinterest

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Traveling & Documenting

I happened about this post on Henry Happened and thought it 
an inspiring post for those of us who are happy travelers or
who just want to create a journal of sorts to capture the 
memories of your holiday/journal *smiles*
I enjoyed looking through these journals and am 
always am inspired to create some lovely journals of my own.
Hope you are inspired and have a blessed journey. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I am...

Seen on Pinterest

I would not have been able to say all these things 
a few months ago but today, now, right here in my
dining room where I am writing, I realise that I can.
I think I have grown-up some *smiles* 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The List ~ Update 2

On 16 January I started with "The List" a compilation of 52 things for me to do in 2012. It is a really long list and to be honest I stopped referring to it because the list was super long and instead just lived each day as it happened ~ I think my list this year will be shorter so its easier to manage I reckon....Anyways, I did however, take stock of where I was on "The List" and wrote a post about it titled "The List - Update 1" on 5 May.

Since today is the 31 December, I thought it apt to provide a final update before 2013 happens! So, here goes folks... {OK.. I technically updated this on the 31 December but only managed to put in the pictures and etc. today ~ tsk tsk tsk! But better late then never. Enjoy!}Presenting "The List ~ Update 2".

1. Make time to be with God. To pray. To listen to His promptings and to just be with Him.
Update: To be perfectly honest, this year is the first time in all my 30 years to have missed mass so many times. It is indeed appalling. I will not try to make excuses for my actions but rather I think the lack of attendance boils down to not putting God first {shame on you DW!} and for not staying with my family. Since moving to my Love Nest, I dread to ask B to bring me to church since the weekend is sometimes the only time he gets to himself, yet he has almost always brought me to church and has on occasion reminded me to go as well. In terms of praying regularly, I find myself talking more to God but have been slack in reading the Bible daily. It is such a challenge to sit down quietly when my mind is buzzing with things to do or things that has happened. So this is definitely something that will be on my list in 2013 and hopefully I will be more diligent in setting aside time to be in God's presence, to pray and to read the Bible more. I think I should also plan my weekends a little better so that I fit in time to go to church.

2. To live in the moment.
Update: Ahhhh… I think I became better at this ‘living in the moment’ thingy half way through the year and even more so after the honeymoon. I don’t quite know what the trigger was but suddenly I began to do things that I would not normally do, I stopped taking everything too seriously, I Laughed loudly and more heartily, I listened and immersed myself in music, I cried till my soul ached, I put my passion into the things I enjoyed and loved like “Hearts & Crafts” for example. I still have a long long list of ‘things to do’ in my mind but I have decided to let some things go. This will also be on my list in 2013 because I want to live in the moment for all things because it has made my life so much richer.

3. Enjoy and savour my Wedding even if there are so many things that are not in our control.
Update: I still have not done and epic post for the wedding. I really should. Perhaps for my first year anniversary. But yes, the wedding was epic. Definitely a highlight of 2012. Will check this off my list for sure.

4. Learn how to sew something {ornaments, pouches, pillow cases… whatever. Just sew!}
Update: The cross stitching has been abandoned because of “Hearts & Crafts” and the several other projects I am dabbling in. However, I have made cloth pinwheels which does involve some minimal sewing of buttons… LOL! I wanted to also join a class to sew a tote bag and am hoping that I can fit that in before my 31st birthday. Let’s see how it goes. But, will definitely want to continue learning how to sew or use sewing in my projects to come *smiles*

5. Launch “The Knick Knack Box” proper
6. Plan, prepare and photograph items for “The Knick Knack Box
One of the most awesomest news of 2012 for me would be not the launch of “The Knick Knack Box” but instead, the launch of “Hearts & Crafts”. The name “Hearts & Crafts” seemed to suit me so much better and I loved it when Joy recommended it to me. The design of the logo and the concept for “Hearts & Crafts” was developed in mid May and “Hearts & Crafts” officially started on 24 June, a day of new beginnings. I have so many awesome ideas for “Hearts & Crafts” in 2013 and can’t wait to start on them *woot woot*

7.   Start working on my play lists for Lexy {Lexy is my new Samsung Galaxy II phone}
Update: Ok. I hate reading manuals. So no, I have not started any play lists. I have however expanded my musical interests to include rave music, super emo music and whatever interesting things I find on youtube. I might not want to make play lists for Lexy anymore, but play lists for perhaps cooking, relaxing, sleeping, dancing and etc. A definite thing to do in the New Year.

8.   Think about different kinds of posts for My Little Piece of Heaven
Update: I really did think about different kinds of posts for this little blog of mine but I don’t seem to have the time to really blog this year to be honest. It’s a pity to be honest. Anyways, on a side note, I hope to revamp the site for “Hearts & Crafts” in 2013. I want to give it more life and a more “me” feel *snickers*

9.   Pack, pack and pack to move into the Love Nest
Update: I have moved quite a number of things over but realised that with the Love Nest being the size that it is {compact}, there is just no space for B’s and my things. Every nook and cranny of the Love Nest has stuff *egad* am trying hard to clear the space but its super tough when the things aren’t mine. In 2013, I hope to decorate and store things in more efficient and appealing way… and who knows, we might even get a new awesome landed property to call home *keeps hoping*

10. Get down to a 'friendlier' weight
Update: There was one time that I was doing well and going down but its taken a turn for the worse. I actually mentioned it to the doctor when I went to get some meds and he said the easy weight gain could be due to stress and hormones! *egad* Anyways, needless to say, I will need to continue this and I am going to really try making it down to a ‘friendlier’ weight. It’s tough when your husband tells you to exercise and that you look fat. Obviously the whole ‘round is a shape’ or ‘there is more for you to love’ will not work here *super fails* *sigh*

11. Get highlights
Update: Done! I looked awesome *huhuhuhu* Problem is I gotta do it again cos the colours are uneven now. Perhaps before my 31st birthday and CNY… hmmm… what colour should I get?

12. Perm my hair
Update: So the perm thing obviously didn’t work. After getting short-ish hair, I went crazy and cut it even shorter, around my ears or so. I liked the lightness of my head, the easy maintenance and the whole different look I had … but then I got kind of sick of looking like a chubby boy and decided to grow out my hair again. I really want a good perm next year, so this is super going to be
on my list in 2013.

13. Remember to be more grateful for the things in my life – try writing one grateful thing a day
Update: Did not manage to write down my daily grateful thing but like I have mentioned, have been more thankful and observant of God’s blessings. Will continue to be grateful daily {and hopefully will be able to write the one grateful thing a day}.

14. Go to Europe and ROCK it {slight snag encountered but am positive it will be okay}.
Update: What can I say, Europe was EPIC!!! It wasn’t all that I had hoped it would be to be honest but it was just awesome to be at all these different places, smelling the different smells, looking at things that once belonged on postcards or documentaries and meeting new people and trying new food and drinks. This exploring and adventuring is addictive. I believe this wanderlust in me will never go away. Am daydreaming about my next trip to Europe already!

15. Remember to document the Europe trip well
Update: I tried my best to document the trip. I took about 4,000 photos {which I have yet to editor sort} and hope that it is good enough for the both of us to piece together the things we did and the places we visited. Did manage to keep some bits and bobs which will come in handy when I decide and finally do a mini album of our trip *smiles*

16. Go for at least two local holidays {Cameron Highlands? Langkawi? Malacca? Thistle PD?}
Update: Awesome possum! I managed to go to Thistle PD, Awanmulan in Jelebu, Seremban {I just got back from there a few hours ago} and Malacca {stopped by for a makan session before going back to KL}. B and I have decided to do a couple of these short holidays at least twice a year next year too! *woot woot*

17. Brush up on my photography skills 
Update: I don’t think I managed to write a post about this gorgeous new toy of mine which is a shame. Another shame would be how I did not use the new toy often. 2013 will see that change fur sure!

18. Try my best to get rid of the procrastination problem
Update: I am still trying!!! *snickers* but procrastination is a serious habit to break. Some days are of course better than others. Will remain on my list till I see some improvements in my time management.

19. Get into the habit of handwriting letters / post cards to friends overseas
Update: YAY!!! Not only did I handwrite the letters, I also started doodling again. In part through
the encouragement of GW, a new colleague of mine. But yar, more handwritten and personalised letters to be part of 2013. There is just such awesomeness in handwritten/drawn/doddled letters or pictures, don’t you think?

20. Organise my photos {soft & hard copies}
Update: The photos has exploded ~ both hard copies and soft. The good news, I have a new hard disk which means more space to save my stuff and I also developed some hard copies of my wedding photos and have sent them out to Philip and the Eatons. A few more packs of photos to send in 2013 ~ yay!

21. Arrange my new reading/craft room
Update: The room is in a mess due to the numerous things that both B and I own. Have been arranging my arts and crafts supplies but I really really need new space or better storage space! Here’s to having a cleaner, bigger {hopefully} and more organised reading/craft room.

22. Endeavour to cook at least once a month
Update: I don’t think I managed to cook at least once a month, but I can safely say that I did cook more this year than in my entire life. I have almost perfected my stew and Bolognese sauce. I definitely want to try new recipes in 2013. Let’s hope it tastes good. *woot woot*

23. Try making 12 cakes / cookies this year
Update: Ok. This one is an epic FAILS! With so many things going on, baking was something that I really could not take on. Perhaps next year though this is quite tough to gauge since I don’t have the right baking tools and would need to go to my mum’s place to borrow her stuff…. Let’s see how it goes. I might however reduce the amount to 6 instead *huhuhu*

24. Start creating art {mini albums included ~ hehehe} 
Update: Have managed to create art thanks to “Hearts & Crafts”. More inspiration to come in 2013 ~ confirmed!

25. Start creating mini albums for: the Trip to Philippines and Vietnam, Project Love Nest, Project Happily Ever After
Update: LOL! Another utter scuff moment. No mini albums yet, but I managed to sort out things into bags so that it will be easier to get the memorabilia when I want to do the mini albums.

26. Look for more fulfilling careers
Update: Life has always given me many twists and turns but none like PC, a public relations consultancy that I am now working in. I have been working with them for close to 6 months already and at times my stint at the hovel hardly seems real. Anyways, I wanted to leave PC about 3-4 months into my time there but then I realised that maybe it wasn't the place that was the problem, it could in fact be me. I lie, there are some things in the company that are just like ‘wth’ but I reckoned that running away from things that I am not happy about would only make me a quitter and a quitter I am not. So I changed my mindset, decided to fully focus on my clients and to just try my best. I think this was one of the best things I have done for myself this year. To take a risk and join PC and to have the courage to look inward, change and to ultimately decide to stay instead of taking the easy way out and leave the company. Here’s to a good 2013 at PC with less cray cray demanding clients.

27. Backup all my files on the external hard drive
Update: The backing up of files is a never ending process. I have a new hard disk coming and I think I need to re-file everything in a more organised manner soon…ish! LOL!!!

28. Try a 30/31 day photo challenge {see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here}
29. Try snapping a photo a day {this is one awesome project}
Update: Managed to do a couple of these photo challenges. Not easy and I failed for some months but to do one. Will definitely try again this coming year *happy snapping!*

30. Sell all the things I don't quite need
Update: Have been pretty good at this. I have sold more books this year and have sold some stationery and etc. via “Hearts & Crafts”.  There are still so many things to sell or give away.

31. Organise my craft items
Update: Have sorta organised my craft items but it was done hurriedly so it may not be like super awesome. Will hopefully have more space for my craft stuff soon.

32. Delete toxic people from my life
Update: Either I have become more tolerant or toxic people have just become a dying breed. Either ways, I might go through FB and delete some toxic or unpleasant people on my FB.

33. Bring Belle the beagle out for more walks
Update: Ma has been awesome bringing Belle for walks but have instead tried to teach her new tricks. There is this whole conundrum now as my dad wants to give Belle away. Belle to be honest has become to spoilt that she doesn’t listen to them and barks heaps and tries to eat everything that she can get a hold off. Anyways, I don’t know what the future will hold for Belle and us but I know one thing for sure is that I love her and want her to be happy above all else.

34. Learn more about marketing online, social media and branding
Update: Learning never stops. Have to read up on my tech stuff now too!!!

35. Stop comparing myself to others
Update: There are moments when I love my life and am super confident and then there are days when I compare myself with others for the most ridiculous of things and get upset for nothing. Nevertheless, I feel a mass improvement now so the comparing is less *yipeee*

36. Read at least 20 books this year
Update: I honestly don’t know if I managed to read 20 books but I think I hit about 15 or so. I gotta sit down and do a real count. Still a good effort I think. Here’s to 20 books in 2013 *woot woot*

37. Catalogue all my books
Update: GULP! Zilch. Nada. Let’s move along. I don’t quite think this is necessary {not in the near future anyways} .

38. Stop buying new books {unless I really really need it!} *snickers*
Update: How can I resist books? It’s not right. But yar… I did buy quite a number of books but mostly all cheaper or on sale. Books and I will always have this thing together ~ LOL!

39. Try my hardest to fit some form of exercising into my week {walking in shopping centres count}
Update: I need to walk more or to do some exercising that involves me actually physically exerting myself for a couple of minutes. A good thing though, B and I participated in the Terry Fox Run 2012 along with quite a number of the consultancy I work for.

40. Put at least 15% of my salary into the FD account
Update: LOL! I obviously wasn’t thinking right when I wrote this. I have not been able to do this but I think it something I need to inculcate in myself in 2013 if I intend to go on nice holidays or to furnish my home.

41. Start creating my photobooks
Update: Photobooks!!! *gulp* I have a few more to use thanks to my itchy hopeful fingers who bought several Groupon vouchers. Here’s to making more photosbooks for the New Year.

42. Try to do a facial monthly
43. Buff my nails at least once in three weeks
Update: I can’t remember the last time I went for a facial though I did buff my nails last month I really need to work on this beautifying thing. I need to maintain my youthfulness *snickers*

44. Limit my ice blended coffees
Update: BLEH! For the whole year, I did limit my ice blended coffees but come Christmas time, well it is the time when I drink the most Starbucks beverages. The Christmas drinks are just yums. 

45. Drink more water and tea
Update: Have started drinking milk and oats in the mornings for breakfast. I kinda like milk *smiles* but may need more tea. Drinking more water never hurt anyone as well *snickers*

46. Eat more fish, fruit and vegetables
Update: I am not very good with this. Had several new fruit this year though. Perhaps I will need to relook my diet for next year if I truly do intend to go down to a ‘friendlier’ weight.

47. Downsize my wardrobe
48. Go through my shoe collection and discard old shoes
Update: This is an on-going process as I unearth more old things. Definitely an on-going project in 2013.

49. Catalogue my Eeyore collection
Update: huhuhuhu… a pet project that never took of. Perhaps in 2013?

50. Do at least two MAD (Making A Difference) projects {visiting an orphanage, volunteering at a soup kitchen and etc.}
Update: I have not done any projects but have been donating money to random people whom I think need it. Will try my best to do two MAD projects next year.

51. Search and try new restaurants and cafes.
Update: Have been trying new places every now and then but its not quite cheap to eat out in PJ/KL. So instead, I have been trying new dishes in old places *snickers* Will love to continue exploring for new places to eat in 2013.

52. Just be me!
Update: I have definitely smiled more, laughed more, sung out loud more, told more stories and jokes and just enjoyed being clumsy, slightly geeky me. I have become more snug in my own skin and have come to accept myself as I am. I also see myself learning new things and evolving to be a better version of myself *hoorah*

Note: All photos from DW's pinterest collection

In friend-love with you

Friday, January 11, 2013

Loving this collection!

The Sweet Notes & Colour Composition designed by Alison Kreft for Webster's Pages are just "WOW". I love the colours and I love the designs of the patterned paper and embellishments that I am seeing. I can't wait to get some of these goodies for myself. Read more about these collections here and here

I know I should be blogging about other stuff I am supposed to blog about but I just could not help but do a quick post on these lovely finds. Anyone want to buy me these for my birthday? 
Just asking is all...huhuhuhu.
Happy Friday ~ the weekend is just round the corner and mine looks to be awesome. My first book binding class where I will be learning how to do French stitching and watching my first ballet performance {watching the "Nutcracker"} ever and I have wanted to watch one for the longest time. Truly an epic 30th year!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire

Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire

Come on, come on
Put your hands into the fire
Explain, explain
As I turn I meet the power
This time, this time
Turning white and senses dire
Pull up, pull up
From one extreme to another...

Loving their music.
Loving their voice.
Another great find.

Friday, January 04, 2013

202 on Instagram!

*woot woot*

I finally passed my 200 followers mark on Instagram. 
*smile smile happy happy joy joy*
Yes, it is a very small figure but to me, its really the baby steps, the little milestones that count. Initially I had wanted to past that mark last year, but its okay, having it in the first week of 2013 is just as awesome. If you have not already viewed my Instagram photos {or followed me}, click here.

P.S: The photo above was taken by B and is his current desktop.
He is gotten so good in taking photos *smiles smiles*

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord - A Reflection

I usually don't post articles or thoughts on my religion or about God {other than to say thanks or to ask for something ~ tsk tsk} but I read this post from a priest called Father Michael Chua and I could not help but post it up. It's a very good piece in that it is simple to understand and makes for excellent food for thought especially at the beginning of this New Year. Enjoy the read.

"Last Christmas, it must have come as a surprise (or a major disappointment) to many that our pre-mass programme seems sedated in comparison to previous years, even solemn to the extent of sounding like a funeral, some critics would even claim. There was no Christmas pageant, no wise men or kings arrayed in royal finery, no cute children’s choir belting out a repertoire of carols, which include ‘White Christmas’, ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, ‘Jingle Bells,’ ‘Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer’, or a Boney M number thrown in for good measure. Of course, we had some traditional carols with profoundly deep theology; but no banal stuff, at least not the kind that we can sing or yell from memory without having to refer to a book of carols. Sigh ... I must admit, it was anything but entertaining.

And so I was particularly surprised when a family of visitors, with some young men, came up to me after the midnight service to tell me how they ‘enjoyed’ the mass and found it lively. They were expressing gratitude for the sense of the sacred. It was the last thing I expected to hear. But I guess, I could have fallen victim to the popular mode of assessing the celebration of the mass – the important criteria was whether it was entertaining, creative, exciting etc. I had forgotten that the only criterion is the one displayed by the shepherds who made their way to the side of the crib, or the group of wise men who traversed distant lands braving all forms of difficult terrain and weather conditions in order that they may present their gifts before the child born in Bethlehem. That criterion is simply this: we are here to worship God.

Over a period of time I have overheard people discussing the setbacks of a Catholic mass and the futility of coming to Church. A teenager, talking to a group of her peers said that: "Mass is soooo boring. The music doesn’t rock at all! I don't know how a priest can say the same things every Sunday." A man declared: "I am Catholic, but I don't see the need to go to church. After all, I know a lot of bad people who go to church and I know a lot of good people who don't go to church." A lady stated that: "I'm a Catholic, but I don't go to church every Sunday. The homilies are so bad, I can't stand them. When I do go, I sometimes take a novel with me to read during the homily."
Our initial reaction to any of these statements may often be to offer sympathy and our own agreement. Yes, mass is boring and seems even pointless when we don’t seem to get anything out of it. The argument might be raised that if people have fun, they will like going to Mass. If they don’t have fun, they won’t go. They will think Mass is boring and religion dreary. So we make a list of suggestions on how to remedy the situation – simply, make it lighter, shorter, less painful and uncomfortable, more fun, more exciting, more creative, and definitely more entertaining. We fail to recognise that these statements are actually quite revealing. They suggest that many people do not attend mass because they have come to worship God. In fact, many people attend mass because they are looking to be entertained.

Today’s Solemnity of the Epiphany offers us a realignment of our orientation. The magi, as did the shepherds on Christmas Day, offer us the supreme goal of our lives – it is to encounter Christ our Lord and offer him our worship and adoration. Unlike other astrologers who were busy studying constellations and stars that could guarantee good fortune and ward off bad luck, unlike King Herod who was so absorbed in his own self-importance, and unlike the Jewish priests and ruling elite who were concerned with self-preservation, the magi were able to transcend their own selfish goals and ambitions to discover their salvation in the Christ-child. In this sense, the Mass is a kind of epiphany, a manifestation of Christ in person, body and blood, soul and divinity, calling us to transcend our self-absorption. Epiphany is an invitation to restore the sense of the sacred, to return Christ to his rightful place as the real star of the celebration, and to give priority to worship in our encounter with Him.

The primary importance of Jesus Christ within the liturgy has been a constant theme of Pope Benedict’s teaching during his seven-year pontificate. He has often expressed concern that bad teaching can lead some Catholics to view the liturgy ‘horizontally’ as the creation of a parish or group in which the community celebrates itself. “The liturgy is not a kind of ‘self-manifestation’ of a community,” in other words, it is not an Epiphany of man. Rather, it should always be an Epiphany of God – Christ who manifests himself not only as man but under the form of bread and wine. Pope Benedict noted that when priests or parishioners reflect on how to make the liturgy “attractive, interesting and beautiful,” they can “risk forgetting the essential: That is the liturgy is celebrated for God and not for ourselves.”

 If God is absent from our celebration, then we are lost – without a star, we become the stars. “If the centrality of Christ does not emerge in the celebration, then it is not a Christian liturgy, totally dependent on the Lord and sustained by his creative presence,” the Pope adds. The Mass, therefore, is a bridge between heaven and earth, a serious business which can never be taken lightly. The Mass was never meant to be a form of entertainment, any more than the sacrifice on Calvary was meant to be. The whole point of Holy Mass is not to create a human experience, but rather to encounter mystery. Our experiences at Mass must be conditioned by and predicated on these goals: we are here to discover Christ and worship Him.  

Sometimes, the young are cited as the justification for introducing innovation and ‘fun’ into the liturgy, in the form of livelier music, relaxing the rubrics and rules regarding decorum and dressing, and turning the priest into an entertainer. This is the argument many self-described pastoral types make: and see how it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If, week after week, our young people are given the message that the Mass is supposed to be “fun”, entertaining, rocking, etc., then they will expect it always to be that way, and they will learn to judge it according to these malformed standards. Giving the kids a ‘good time’, is a tragic short-changing. The idea that a Mass must be entertaining and must hold the attention of children by means of gimmicks is a mistake. We will create a kind of spiritual blindness and deafness in the young. They will come to mistake their subjective experience for the voice of God.

In the three gifts offered by the wise men to Christ, we are invited to restore Christ’s rightful place in our liturgy.  The gift of gold symbolises our acknowledgement that he is king. The gold in our sanctuary is not a symbol of human opulence but the glory due to the King of Kings, worthy of our humble submission. The gift of frankincense symbolises our worship and adoration due to one who is not just a mega rock star or super-hero – he is God worthy of our praises. Finally, the gift of myrrh reminds us of the solemnity of our celebration which is a re-enactment of his sacrifice on the Cross. The cross is hardly entertaining because the cross demands that we deny ourselves of the need for amusement and stardom. Christ must suffer and die in order for the world to be saved. This is his destiny. We as his followers must also be prepared to follow his example and accept his fate. The way of the cross leads to heaven.

Today, as we pay homage to the King of Kings, the Lord our God, and the Saviour who died on the cross for us, let us never forget that he is always the Star and focus of our celebration. He may have to suffer this injustice whenever we can’t tell the difference between what we sing in a bar, in our bathrooms, at a concert with what we do in mass. A renewed sense of the sacred in Church would allay such fears and provide a sensible distinction between what we are doing in the Church and what we are doing in the Hall next door."

Seen at MichaelCKW

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2nd day of January

Hello! Just wanted to say hello and that
the 2nd day of January and it has been pretty good.
I spent time with B, my colleagues, a friend, my family
and Belly! *smiles* It's been a good productive day.
Let's keep having awesome days in 2013.

Avicii - Best Music Vid EVER!!!

Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (Nicktim)

If I could select a music video which I thought was
super epic and very "DW-like".
I would choose this video.
In fact, I would have liked to star in it too!

And its all the better since it is from Avicii whose
music I listen to almost on a daily basis.
Enjoy the video folks *smiles smiles*

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

~* Hello 2013 *~

Hello 2013 and goodbye 2012!
*happy happy joy joy*

"Despite the disappointments, the heartaches 
and the lost of loved ones... 
2012 was filled with adventure, exploring galore, 
happiness, many blessings and 
lots of wonderfully epically awesome moments. 
Thank you God for everything."

My Facebook status update above pretty much sums 
up what I want to say and how I feel about the close of 2012.

I love the 1st of January every year. Everything feels new and fresh.
Like life has given you one more chance to mend your ways.
You get to turn over a new leaf. 
The old year with its unpleasantness is gone...
but yet, although I enjoy opening up a new diary, penning things
down on a new calendar and buying new stationery, 
I realise that every day, every hour, minute and second is new.
So really, we don't quite need a new year to start afresh. 
We can begin anytime we want... all you need is a willing heart.

Having said that however, I will still be churning out a new
'list' of things I hope to do in 2013 along with my selected 
'One Little Word' for 2013. There are also several posts
that I will be developing which just recaps 2012.

Till then though, I wish all of you a very 
Blessed and Happy New Year. 
I hope and pray that God will grant us
a wonderfully, epically awesome 2013!

I love new beginnings.
It's awesome to be able to start all over again. 
The past erased and put away... 
the future out there, waiting to be explored.
It fills me with such hope, excitement and joy.
I ljust love new beginnings.

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