Monday, May 24, 2004

~...~ ... Hope ...~...~


It is too late to change the past
Time has gone by ever so fast
And I cannot fight away all your fears
Or wipe away all your tears
Life has to go on as it always has and always will

We cannot live in the past
There is too much happening now in the present
Never look back in anger at the things you have done
Just keep the happy memories
The things that make you smile and laugh
These things are precious, these are the things that will last

Hope is the thing that keeps us moving
The thing that makes us smile when we feel like crying
That feeling which spurs our imagination
And keeps us moving and going

It makes us think about the future
Which holds such great promise
God’s ever eternal grace and the countless opportunities
Dreams we have yet to achieve
Things we have yet to do..
So start living again.. start believing… start hoping

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