Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elephants cutie

I think this is just super cute.
I wanted to purchase it for a future addition to the family
but decided to wait and see how things go instead.
So I will just admire from a far for now *smiles* 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I should have done heaps of things this past long weekend {we had the weekend + two extra days for Hari Raya celebrations here in Malaysia}. I had made big plans to do the following:
  • Clean the house {thankfully B helped to tidy up a little and I helped a little too}
  • Plan my honeymoon with B which is btw, just around the corner {am happy and yet worried at the same time because I am not fully prepared - no full itineraries yet - and because B's mum isn't well. I am worried about the what-ifs and I worry about not planning the trip well and a whole lot of other things... you know me... think think thinker, worry worry warts!}
  • Arrange my arts and crafts supplies into a more orderly manner - I didn't do anything at all but instead used the supplies and messed up the mess even further if it is possible 
  • Beautify myself by getting a manicure and pedicure and cutting my hair - I did neither
  • Start packing for the trip - obviously not done yet
  • Blog more - now this is super obviously not done 
  • Watch more TV and read more books - Done the TV bit {we finished the third season of Modern Family which has got to be one of the funniest TV series ever} and even managed to squeeze in 'The Hunger Games' and went to the movies for 'The Expendables 2' which I found to be entertaining albeit  a bit spoofy. Read a couple of pages which is seriously embarrassing!
  • Be more diligent in my Instagramming process. 

All is not lost I guess. I did spend time with my family and B's family as well. I did managed to get my custom order for Hearts & Crafts completed. I did clean up the fridge a little. I did manage to sort out some of the itinerary. I did manage to catch up with friends {which btw, was fun}. I did manage to spend quality time with B. We did manage to ride our bikes for brunch with the family today and drive our new Prius all over. I also managed to do some handmade stuff for a bride-to-be {photos when I get the chance!}.

So I guess although I kinda didn't accomplish very much on my to-do list, I did get a few things done and created new memories in the process. Will update more when I get the chance... hopefully before I leave for the honeymoon. Was kinda hoping to already prepare some posts but so far I haven't had the time and have been super sidetracked when I did get the time ~ story of a procrastinators life *snickers* 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's 4.21pm.
I should be doing a whole lot of other things 
but my mind is helter skelter making lists of
things to do over the long break,
things to see during my up-coming adventure,
things to pack for said adventure,
things to jut get done,
things to pin on Pinterest,
things to do for Project Love Nest,
things to do for Hearts & Crafts...

You get my drift.
Well just thought of regurgitating my thoughts.
It's time to sorta get back to work *snickers*

Must Resist...

Must resist... online... shopping...
Must resist...
Must resist...
but ooooo... free shipping...
and discounts...
and limited editions...

Must resist...
Must resist...
Must resist...

Monday, August 06, 2012

An end

Thoughts and prayers are with the Sikh community in the Wisconsin #Gurudwara shooting. All these violence, robberies, slashings, war, shootouts is just terrible.When will we have the courage to stand up to these awfully sick people who torment and hurt us? I pray that God teaches us to forgive these people and unite together to fight against these people who harm our families, our communities and our countries. And that God will repay them as befits their offences. 

Not a very happy post for a seemingly lovely Monday morning but its just awfully sad. God bless the people who have suffered and are continuously suffering because of what has happened to them and their loved ones. I also pray for an end of this violence and this pain and for a better future for my family, my friends and the world.

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