Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blessedly Happy Day!

What a truly awesome {and tiring} day it has been 
but I am truly truly blessed with so many wonderful people 
{both old and new} in my life. 

Thank God for the decent weather and the wonderful people 
who came to support me and also to my awesome husband 
B who sat with me the whole day at the booth, 
bought me food and helped me with the errands, 
setup and takedown and for being my 
number #1 supporter. 

Also, my day was made all that more special
when a reader of this blog actually stopped by
and supported me. I am truly touched that you 
dropped by and said "hello".

Do drop me an email, would like to keep in touch
and chat more with you about happy things
and everything in between.
Have a good week ahead all  and
thanks again.

I am indeed blessed.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

FUYOH Art Bazaar Oct 2012!!!

Hearts & Crafts 
will be participating in my 2nd ever bazaar
at the FUYOH Art Bazaar October 2012
at Publika Shopping Centre tomorrow
{28 October 2012, Sunday}.

A few butterflies fluttering around my belly at the moment
but am super excited. Here's to a happy and good day
tomorrow. Hope to see all of you tomorrow.
Please do drop by to say hello and have a peak or two
at the handmade goodness and happy craft supplies.
*smiles smiles*

Thursday, October 25, 2012

FUYOH Art Bazaar - October 2012

Dear Friends of Pieces of Heaven.
Am pleased to announce that my little craft business
Hearts & Crafts sells stationery, crafts supplies and
handmade items {photos up soon}.
FUYOH Art Bazaar {my 2nd time} this
28 October 2012 at Publika
from 10am - 6pm 
*smiles smiles*

Hearts & Crafts sells stationery, crafts supplies and
handmade items {photos up soon}.

So if you are in the area do drop by with a hello.
There are candies and treats to be given out! :)
And if you could, show some support by 
"liking" my page on Hearts & Crafts Facebook page.
Thanks heaps for the support.
*smiles smiles*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

De-stash Giveaway

Have decided to join in the fun and try my hand 
at winning some de-stash goodies from A Dog's Life blog
I sure could use more supplies *smiles*

So if you would like to win some of the lovely items
below, click here to join in the running to win.
*enjoy just some of the eye candy you can win* 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hobbits on NZ coins

Seen here

New Zealand is to release special commemorative coins depicting 
characters from JRR Tolkein’s The Hobbit. 
They are being issued to coincide with 
the premiere of the Peter Jackson film of the book. 
The coins will be valued between $25 and $3000.

Would love to get some of these coins and even the stamps
which honestly looks super "wow". Yes I am being all geeky but 
"The Lord of the Rings" is seriously an epic movie and book!

True story.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I would like "Blog Inc." please

Seen @ Oh Joy!

Joy Cho’s newest book is called Blog, Inc., and it gives 
the 411 on how to create and grow a successful blog. 
Joy has given hundreds of consulting sessions and dozens 
workshops on the topic, and this book summarizes 
everything about blogging...from coming up with a name and
concept, to creating unique content to monetizing, and more. 
The book is also filled with interviews from more than 15 
of her favorite fashion, craft, design, and personal bloggers 
as well as from companies who work with bloggers. 
You can order your book on Amazon.

Would love to get my hands on a copy of this book as this 
blog sure needs some work *snickers* 
Perhaps new content, a new layout, or a new way
of writing and presenting my thoughts...
Perhaps I just need more time to write each day...
Hmmm...Anyways, enjoy this trailer of the book by 
Joy – the animation is pretty cool. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apartment Loving #1

Seen @ Simply Grove

 This Sydney apartment owned by Gemma Cagnacci 
and Andrew Meehan resonates with me.
I love the simple furniture, the pretty bursts of colour in
the framed paintings/prints, mats and rugs, sheets and etc.
It's the kind of homey feeling that I want to achieve
with the Love Nest. Here's to trying *smiles*

Friday, October 19, 2012

Interior Ideas #12: Kid's Rooms

It's quite apparent {if you follow my blog long enough}, that I enjoy
interior design and I love colours. So, it is no surprise I am sure, to
see me trawling the interweb in search of pretty kids rooms.
I stumbled upon Design Dazzle and immediately saw some
interiors that I like. 

The first pic has all the colours that I am gravitating
towards these days. In fact, my arts and crafts room cum library 
cum study, is painted in a similar colour. I am also loving the pretty 
bunting in the first pic. The second pic is pretty and simple which is 
always good and the third pic is just a lovely, fun colourful combination.
As for the fourth pic, striped walls is something that I would like to
explore whilst the fifth pic is lovely, a little bit under the 
sea/nautical inspired, but its pretty, clean and comfy. The last two pics are 
Just so pretty with the last pic having lovely French windows.

Ahhh... kid's rooms. Gotta love them!
Happy Friday all ~ the weekend is almost here!!!
*grin grin smiles smiles* 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interior Ideas #11 - Shelf 'Em Up

Seen @ Simply Grove

I have always wanted to showcase Project Love Nest
and it's rather shameful to note that my home,
a.k.a 'The Love Nest' is in no fit condition for a photo
shoot or for parties. I have heaps of things that I have
yet to do for my home, namely unpacking,
cleaning, hanging, drilling, organising... the usual
things one needs to do when they move or setup a 
new place. The thing is that I have been constantly kept
busy and distracted by books, blogs, crafts, TV series
pinterest, Zuma and cups of coffee, shopping and the like.

Anyways, I have always obsessed over shelves.
I love thinking of the kind of shelves to buy, where to
place the shelves and most importantly, what to put 
on the shelves. Anyways, hope you liked the round-up
of shelves. More round-ups and shots of inspirations
to come. I have missed posting about them immensely. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Colours of Nature

Seen @ Cool Hunter

I love colours and its just so inspiring and amazing to gaze
upon such beautiful and colourful scenes of nature.
I have not had the chance to view such colourful displays of
nature but I am sure those of you in countries that have the
four seasons, would be able to catch glimpses of such
beauty, and when you do, remember to thank God for
His wonderful handiwork and to just pause for awhile
and enjoy the beauty around you.

Happy Wednesday folks!
It's mid-week already *smiles* 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Absolutely Pinwheels

Craft dates/parties are something that I have always
looked forward to attending and I chanced upon this one
from The Handmade Movement and I knew that I just had to
join it. I love pinwheels and can't wait to learn how to make
some. However, I think the best part is just being with like
minded people who enjoy crafts. Am going with Cherrie
and before the pinwheel party, we will be discussing our ideas
on how we can work together. Something is definitely 
happening here folks. So wish us luck and if you are free
and want to know how to make pinwheels or just want to
spend an afternoon with crafty friends, visit The 
Handmade Movement site to find out more info.

Have a good week ahead folks!

Monday, October 15, 2012

In God's hands

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow;
 it empties today of its strength. 
Let us try to let go of our worries and 
entrust it in God's capable hands.

Seen here

Btw, this is my favourite picture of the Divine Mercy.
Every time I look at this picture, it fills my heart
with peace and I feel calmer.
Thank you God for your blessings and your peace.
I love you and trust in you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I heart Lawn Fawn

Introducing Lawn Fawn, one of my favourite 
clear stamp brands.

Critters Ever After

Gnome Sweet Gnome Clear Stamp Set

Critters On The Farm Clear Stamp Set

You've Got Mail Clear Stamp Set

Critters In The Snow Clear Stamp Set

Say Cheese Clear Stamp Set

Ever since my mum bought me my first acrylic block
for clear stamping some years ago, I have been
earnestly collecting clear stamps.
Now being in Malaysia, its kinda hard to find
clear stamps that are nice and cheap. The ones that are nice
are usually really expensive and the ones that are cheap are
well not very nice. So, after surfing the net and browsing through
craft magazines, I resorted to buying them online and what a new
{and dangerous} world this has opened up for me.

Anyways, after imposing a ban on online purchasing for
clear stamps and craft supplies, I stopped visiting my fav.
online craft stores, but one day boredom {and curiosity}
got the better of me and after several pages of browsing,
I found myself at Lawn Fawn's site.

Now Lawn Fawn's products are not carried in Malaysia
{what a shame!} and are a little bit more expensive when
compared to other brands that make clear stamps, but I have
to say that I do enjoy looking {and hopefully one day, owning}
at their clear stamps. The pics above, are just some of the
clear stamps I hope to one day own *smiles smiles*
Don't you think they are uber cute?
You can checkout their blog here as well.
Happy reading and browsing happy things.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Butterfly Food prints

and enjoyed looking at her pretty prints which
are for sale. They are somewhat like the prints
I am planning but till mine come about, feast your
eyes on these pretties {or buy some?} *smiles smiles*

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