Saturday, May 22, 2004

Back Again To Me

Back Again To Me

Butterflies flittering gracefully against the backdrop of the night,
An endless expanse of stars, so blindingly hauntingly bright.
Candles that burn and flicker in the whispering wind
Kaleidoscopes of moments to ponder on, to reminiscence, to think.

Another time, another place where reality and fantasy merge as one
Grass grows and rivers flow under the blazing fiery sun
Always wandering aimlessly, searching and trying to find
Inside it’s empty and lonely, there is no place to run
Nature has its way with us…memories cannot be undone

Time teaches us lessons that our hearts need to learn
Old moments fade away to nothingness; to relive them again we desperately yearn

Me without you, I scream, I hurt, I cry, I smile, I laugh, I sing
Envisioning a flittering butterfly alone with brilliant, glorious wings

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