Monday, May 24, 2004

The Only Way

~ The Only Way ~
Silent suppressed screams echo endlessly
As feelings resurface for an old forgotten flame
Another mocking conclusion to a childish game.
Bitterness weaves gently into my soul
Choking me and hurting me with a nameless pain of old…
A deep burn flares rapidly within my core
And an ancient emotion so primal and cold trembles and roars
A hunger that becomes ever stronger, ever so bold
Overtakes my happiness and hopes that used to soar…
The hunger grips me and I take the glittering blade
Drawing intricate lines that will drip out the beast in my soul
The dazzling gashes on my wrist reveal nothing to the eye
Only an empty redemption that my frayed heart envelops and claims with a long weary sigh..
Forgetting the blade which glistens in the light
I unfasten windows of darkness and I descend into the night
For this is the only way of erasing truths so blatant and real
There are no more ways to piece the fragments of my being or to ever heal
This is the only way to escape the nothingness and anguish that I still feel..

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