Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Merdeka!

Happy Merdeka everyone!

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Hope you have a wonderful one!


I am supposed to be away at a church camp but I don't see how I can
go knowing that my dad isn't A okay!
It is however, such a relief to know that my dad is not suffering
from something incurable and that he is feeling so much better now.
*Thank You God and all the prayers lifted up*

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Last night I went to watch the fireworks with Sunshine, Cat and WJ
at our hideaway in Taman Tun. It was nice to watch the fireworks with
your favourite people beside you.
Cat and I are thinking of going to rent a suite at a
hotel in KL for New Years. I hope it works out...
it sounds really nice and fun.

Anyways, I so now I am finally FREE!
Its really MERDEKA for me!!!
I don't actually feel free at the moment because I was at the
hospital and worrying about my dad and all that,
so it hasn't really sunk in yet that I am FREE!
Also my last day there was pretty shite to be honest.
Will blog about it soon...

Thanks again everyone for the prayers.
Have a fantastic long weekend ahead.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thank God

Dear All...

The prayers did work...
My dad is better now and has been discharged from the hospital
though he is not 100% healed, he is feeling much better.
He can sleep now and has stopped vomiting.

So thanks all of your for your prayers
and your kind SMS, msgs on my blog and phone calls.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Thank you God...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My dad is going for another neuro scan now.
I pray that everything is going to be alright.
Dear God,
Please be with my dad and protect him and keep him safe.
Calm his fears and give him the peace which only You can provide.
Send Your Angels to watch over my father, brother, mum
and myself and fill us with faith and hope in You.
Please pray for my daddy and his speedy recovery.
I just got back from visting my dad at UH.
He said that his head was painful too.
They gave him painkillers which helped to ease the pain.
When my bro, mum and I left, he was drifting slowly to sleep.
I pray that he gets a restful sleep tonight and
that the pain subsides and disappears altogther.
Tomorrow we will get the results of his latest scan...
If that doesnt work than he has to have his spine punctured
so that they can test the spine fluid.
*sob sob sob*
I feel scared and sad...
I wish that all of this was a bad dream that I will wake up from.
I will even exchange my whole Eeyore, sticker and book collection
just to make my father well again.
The fishes aren't eating as well...
and the tortoises are on their best behaviour.
I miss him when he is not at home.
The house seems emptier...
Get well soon Pa.
Dear God,
Please take care and
watch over my dad...
We need a miracle.

Dear Father God

Dear Father God,
I pray that my father will be cured from all his pains
and that the doctors find out what is wrong with him.
I pray that you will take away all his throbbing pains
and console him and my family.
I pray that you will cover him with your Precious Blood
and Your Tender comforting embrace
so that he maybe able to sleep in peace.
Thank you Father God for everything.
I put my trust in Your hands and have faith
that You are already at work healing my father.
May Your will be done.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Weekend is Here...

The Weekend is here!!!
I can't believe it is here already... again.
I remember on Monday after lunch when I told Jess and Alicia
that it was just four and a half days till the weekend and now its here.
*Hoorah Hoorah*

The past week has just been Happy.
It has been a blessed week with things going smoothly
and if there were any glitches, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

I have been more smiley too.
More happy's, more laughter and more chatter.
There was also some delightful surprises thrown in this week.
Surprises that left me grinning like a loony.

Yesterday I went to 1U and I wanted to go to this art shop near Dome in the old wing and as I was walking towards the shop I realised that it was boarded up. My heart sank when I saw this because I had quite liked their products. Then suddenly almost instinctively, I turned to my left and lo and behold there was a brand new Scrapbooking shop!

GAH! *I nearly wet my pants in pure joy and happiness*

I scrambled into the shop and saw Mr Choo who worked in the small art shop, which I thought had closed. He explained that this new shop was new and had opened only a month ago. I walked around the shop in a daze touching the paper and embellishments in a trace like state.

YES! Another shop to muddle around and "oooo and ahhh" in.


After walking around for about 15 mins and drinking in the sights, I went to meet Sofian from my Stamford days. It was strage to see him in work clothes as I had only ever seen him in jeans and bermudas. It was also strange to talk about work when before we were the class clowns, famous for disrupting classes and annoying our lecturers *feeling slightly guilty*

Sunshine joined us later for dinner…

(CONTINUES in the next post...)

Why we are great together :)

After dinner, Sunshine accompanied me to Craft Haven as I wanted to buy some stuff (btw, Craft Haven is on sale till 2 September). While I was looking Sunshine said the most amusing thing. Our conversation went something like this:

*Dream Weaver*: Wah Da… See so many nice things Da *drools and a new shipment of epoxy stickers*
Sunshine: Yea…
*Dream Weaver*: See Da. They have so nice metal embellishments. Wah… got 30% some more *hyperventilates with joy*
Sunshine: Ok… You know what, I think next Saturday we will go to Shah Alam and Sunway and I can go and show you all the car accessory shops. Just think of all the hubcaps, ribs and tires you can find there. We go ok? It will be so fun. Then we can also stop by the go-kart track for a quick spin.

*I start laughing a nervous and some what amused kind of laughter *

*Dream Weaver*: Da, you are so funnylah…

*I am totally distracted by new chipboard alphabets and pretends that the short conversation involving car accessories did not happen ~ ignorance in times of sarcasm is bliss*

Sunshine continues to browse around the shop and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye; I see that he is at the front of the shop near the counter. I felt a little suspicious but was too engrossed with the metal embellishments to ask him what he was doing.

As I walked into the shop I noticed a rows of stickers *shivers* and there it was two packs of EEYORE stickers. They were 3D and screaming out to be bought. But the prices were alarming! Then I noticed a 40% label stuck to them and I realized that even with the discount I would have to spend about RM20 something.
As I was deliberating and weighing the pros can cons out aloud to Sunshine who popped up besid me again…

Sunshine: Do you hear something?
*Dream Weaver*: Yea Da… The Eeyores are asking me to take them home but I don’t know how to tell them that I can’t.
Sunshine: You don’t have to worry cos you have this…
And he suddenly pulled the one of the Eeyore stickers out of a bag he was carrying.

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Needless to say I was crazily happy and was rambling on like a mad women, thanking him profusely. After buying some embellishments and paper, we left the shop and I decided to ogle the Eeyore sticker again *Yes, I am crazy like that* and it was then that I noticed a slight imperfection to the sticker. I was afraid the owner would think me ‘super anal’ *which in a way I am in some ways*, so Sunshine went to change the sticker while I waited several shops away.

Sunshine took awhile coming back and I was worried that the owner was giving him a hard time and I was on my way to see what was taking to long when Sunshine walked out.

*Dream Weaver*: Why so long?
Sunshine: Well something was calling me and I had to stop.
*Dream Weaver*: HUH?
*slightly dazed and blur*
Sunshine: Well this was calling me…

And Sunshine proceeded to surprise me yet again with the other Eeyore sticker.
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*starts jumping around and attracts strange stares from other shoppers*


Another new addition to my Eeyore collection.
Thanks Da...
for your wonderful surprises.

Its no wonder we get along so well...
You can hear the Eeyores too.

*grin grin*

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Sam is having problems.
He hasn't been doing so well *sniff sniff*
But he will be undergoing another major operation soon
and hopefully this latest op will make him much much better.
Get Well soon Sam...

Monday, August 06, 2007


This is the first post that I am typing in the confines of my bedroom. It's lovely *smile*.
I should technically be asleep at the moment, or reading a book hoping to fall asleep. I fear a cough and flu is at my doorstep and have taken a super strong dose of vitamin C to ward it off and am hoping it works.

Well, the reason I am blogging now instead of reading is because I had an interesting conversation with Sunshine. I am a thinker! I always knew that but in my conversation with Sunshine, it became apparent that should I continue to be just that, a thinker, that WAS ALL I would ever be... a thinker. A thinker thinking about "what-ifs" and worrying about the said hypothetical "what-ifs" and just wallowing in all the hypothetical "what-ifs".

So Sunshine shared with me a story (we will not go through it here) about T.P.E.
Now T.P.E stands for Think.Plan.Execute. Most people might know about the importance of T.P.E but for me, although I too knew in theory what T.P.E was and practice it everyday at wok, I never did quite implement this vital theory in my daily life and I realised that this was where some of my shortcomings lay.

As mentioned above, I tend to just Think. Never moving on to the Planning or Execution stages. I linger on at the first stage, progressing perhaps to the second stage but never quite reaching the final stage, on most occasions anyway.

I believe that because I tend to rationalise things too much at times, I may have missed many good opportunities in the past. These opportunities could have been right in front of me but because I was still dwelling at Stage #1: Thinking, I was unable to move forward and thus the opportunity slipped away.

I don't know why I am such a thinker but I suppose I am like this because of my irrational fear of failing or of making a mistake. I really hate that - making mistakes. I try to avoid them and thus think about ways of how to avoid making said mistakes... perhaps I just think for too long a period. I don't know... but at least I know where one of my shortcomings lie and will try to rectify it (part of my revamping project).

It honestly was quite humbling to have Sunshine point out my shortcomings but better he than someone else do it really and I know that it is only for the betterment of myself. I like the way he spoke to me about it as well. Not trying to sound like a self righteous pompous know it all. We did not fight and we did not argue. Instead we talked about it civilly. Both trying to understand each others point of view... and one realising that she had a lot things to learn in life and feeling glad that she had a ray of Sunshine helping her to do just that.

Have a good week ahead everyone.
Guess who is on leave tomorrow?
*hoorah hoorah*

Sunday, August 05, 2007

like we used to...

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For that two and a half hours,
it felt that you were sitting right next to me...
talking like we used to...
laughing like we used to...
joking like we used to...
doing our accent thingy like we used to...
but you are several thousand miles away ~ grumbles...
But I guess it was better than nothing.
In fact... it was great.
You are still missed.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

I was on leave.....

I was on leave last Thursday and Friday.

*hoorah hoorah*

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I spent almost eight hours in 1Utama on Thursday. What was supposed to be a quiet afternoon reading and indulging in perhaps tea, cake and Marian Keyes’ book Further Under The Duvet, was spent with TheSexyDave just walking around1U, trying out Carl’s Juniors Portobello Mushroom burger (Quite expensive) and talking. This was then followed by a movie – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I hate it when they change the story and leave out entire bits) with Sunshine.

Friday saw me meeting up with Shawn at The Curve. We had a late lunch/tea at The Apartment (the food was pretty okay) which was followed by a movie (The Simpsons – enjoyable and brainless), doughnuts and coffee at Big Apple (This meal was inspired by Homer Simpson) and ending off with a delicious Sangria at Laundry. Then I had a nice chat with Sunshine at home to end a what was supposed to be dull day.

I am on leave today as well *hoorah hoorah* and I managed to go to the scrapbooking shop in BSC as planned and it was GREAT!!! For the first time I got to use the Sizzix machine and all the fancy craft punches that I have been eyeing but am unable to purchase (any offers by some kind souls out there?)

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It was amazing just sitting there at the table with the cutting mat and my scrapbooking materials surrounded by all the wonderful scrapbooking stuff. For awhile I even pretended that it was all mine *sheepish* I ended up spending two and a half hours there and did not have enough time to browse the goods in the shop which is a good thing really. I plan to expand my scrapbooking tools soon (any offers by some kind souls out there?)

Then I had tea with Dira and I am envious of her as she I getting my dream car, the Mini ~ grumples! Oh well… maybe one day I will have a Mini of my own… Anyways, after tea, I got home and got sorted out some of my scrapbooking stuff and then had a relaxing shower(Having a hot shower is always super therapeutic). Sunshine came to teman me while the ‘hypocrites’ came to my house ~ grumbles! Then I went to Centrepoint with Sum Ye and Yin Yin. Its been awhile since I saw the both of them so it was good to catch up on things. And then it was home for me and back to my blog which I should update more often… *smiles smiles*

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I wonder what Monday and tomorrow has in store for me……

Lovely surprises and happy moments I hope.

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THE Sweetest Escape

It comes as no surprise to many that I have resigned from my job *hoorah hoorah* (does victory dance), after all I was never ecstatic to be there in the first place and it was a matter of time before I actually called it quits. A minuscule part of me (smacks self for even saying this) feels that perhaps I should have stayed there longer, to acquire more knowledge or whatever it is I was acquiring in the first place… but it seemed that the more I stayed there the unhappier and more irritated and tired I felt.

Anyways, the boiling point came when I got yet another nasty email from my senior, which was really uncalled for and irrelevant . So without thinking much about it, I requested to speak to my boss and informed her of my intentions to leave. Needless to say she was shocked and so was everyone else when they found out. Some of my colleagues knew that I was unhappy, I mean we all were unhappy but never did do anything about it… but I guess I had enough of all the nonsense that was going on and decided to bail. After all, talking and bitching about something was never going to change it.

So NOW it’s finally done. My last day is on the 27th of August 2007… anyone wants to party wants to celebrate the sweetest escape with me?

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Since the news of my leaving my job, several people have voiced their opinion… that I am crazy and irrational for not securing a job before I leave the current one. Its not a *Dream Weaver* thing to do after all they say. I suppose they are right. Its not a *Dream Weaver* thing to do… to just up and leave without having a back-up plan.

Once upon a time, I used to plan everything and knew what I wanted to do and where I was heading to, but… lately I feel a little lost and to be honest, I don’t quite feel like jumping into the rat race so soon.

I don’t feel like climbing up the stupid corporate ladder and kiss some fugly bosses ass or kowtow to the fecking pecking order.

I don’t want to be a fecking millionaire by the time I am 30 and I don’t want to retire in five years time.

It’s just NOT what I want to do…

I bet you will be thinking… “So what does she want to do then?”

Well to be honest… I don’t quite know.

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Don’t worry; I have got some form of a back-up plan. I am freelancing for a few mags whilst I look for a job and am taking my time scouting for a job that will suit me. I want to read my novels, smile a little more, do my arts and crafts and just LIVE a little more than I used to.

Somehow these days, I realize that although money is important and essential, it can’t buy me the happiness, joy and peace that I am searching for and which seem to have depleted since I started working. Since leaving, I feel as if a burden has been released. I know that in time I have to “wake up and smell the wretched coffee, etc., etc.” but while there is still time and there is still enough cash in the bank for me to live off… this is what I will do.

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I believe that the world conspires to bring us the things we desire and I truly believe that in time I find a job that is meant for me… in the meantime for those well meaning friends of mine who offer me jobs and advice, thanks for the help * hugs * (but for those of you who are constantly giving me advice about getting back into the idiot rat race, please do LAY OFF! before I give you a Rodriguez to shut you up)

P.S: I was offered to work in BURSA and was quite happy about it until I found out what the job entails and decided that it was not my thing at the moment.

P.P.S: My current company has asked me to stay back for awhile as a part-timer to help out with the accounts. I said I would consider it and wait to see the new package they are offering me. I hope they are going to pay much better than what they are paying me now which is the by the way according to many people… quite pathetic. Their mouths gape wide when I reveal the measly sum and offer to foot the bill for the meal we are having. So donations are most welcome in the form of invitations to the movies, food, money and arts and crafts supplies. A trip to Australia is even more welcome *smiles*

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P.P.P.S: I was offered to work for this lifestyle magazine (its quite a crap mag to be honest) as well. It sounded like an interesting job (the job scope and etc. as I was going to be given the task of revamping the mag as well as doing A&P for it) but when they asked for my current pay and I told them the pitiful amount, the women said “WAH so high ah?” I in turn said “No. Its actually pretty low.” To which she replied… “Ohhhh…”

I figured they couldn’t afford to pay me half of what I was going to ask for… so changing her tactics and tone she said, “*Dream Weaver*, we are actually a small company (minutes before she was boasting about all the things that they did and how BIG they are) so I don’t think we can afford youlah.” I said okay and thanked her for her time and she said she would call me if something else came up… hmmm… I am not going to waiting for her call.

Oh well what a waste… I would have revamped the mag to be something brilliant (or so I would like to think) *snickers*

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*CHEERS* to The Sweetest Escape I have ever made!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Happiness Curve

I am not afraid to admit it, I have The Happiness Curve
*hysterical giggles*

Do you have the Happiness Curve?

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