Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wanting to Quit My Job...

At times like this I really really wish I could just quit my job.
I really really detest this client of mine.
I wish they would just go bust and leave me alone.
~ rants of an overworked Dream Weaver ~
Tip of the day:
While crying in the office, make sure you have bring in enough normal tissues. Toilet roll is rough and may hurt your eyes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GAH!!! ...focus focus focus...

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*sobs sobs sobs*
It's 8:32pm and I am still at the office.
so much work...
I haven't packed
*sigh sigh*
~* Am trying to think happy thoughts about beaches, sunshine, waves, pizza and happy happy days doing nothing but fun stuff *~
I so need to think about the stupid-employment-services-industry right now
... think think think...
.... focus focus focus...
p.s: Dear Readers... please pray that when I leave office, I wil leave the problems at the office and not bring them along on the trip. I may have overweight luggage.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunny Days ahead

In a day's time I will be packing my bags and thinking of sunny days on the beach with waves lapping at my feet.

Work has been pretty rough the past couple of days. I am worried that I might just snap at my client one of these days, but that... person... (i can't think of a suitable word to call her) is just driving me and my senior up the wall. I honestly hope I can last a year with her and her nonsense or I pray that someone takes over the account from me. It's tough, giving up something midway but everyone has their limits and I am worried that I am reaching mine soon.

Haven't been seeing Sunshine much these couple of days as well. He started a new job and is busy with that (no more rides home from work *sniffles*), furthermore he isn't well. Hope he gets better soon though.

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Anyways, enough worrying thoughts about work and sickness and horrid people... I am going to put my thoughts on sunny days on the beach with waves lapping at my feet.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

1 Year Anniversary

Here I am sitting at my desk trying to transcribe an interview on IPCC systems I did with my client whilst munching on Biscuit Planta courtesy of my dad who has taken on the role of Mother #2 (on retrospect, its actually wonderful, him being mother #2) and I remember that today marks my
of me working at this hovel.

ONE long year without writing or food reviews.
ONE long year of not waking up at 2pm and sleeping at 7am.

I miss it.

I miss the freedom my life once had.
I miss the adventures I used to have.
I miss it all - even sitting on Bus 99.
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Overall, I guess its but it’s been an alright year.
I am after all still alive ..... right?
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