Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I saw a Little Kitty Cat...

I decided that I would be motivated and get myself to college on time today. Thank God that my brother was on his way to work, so he dropped me there and I was early. Ate a solitary breakfast (courtesy of my mum - Thanks Ma!) in the awful green canteen at college and had an interesting conversation with Mr M. Thank God it didn't last long... he loves to partronize me.

Classes were alright though none of us really did anything so we could not discuss anything... hmmm... okay I admit I slept in class... just so tired and sleepy... thank God I didn't yawn. *hehehe*
My friends and I decided to venture out of the college for lunch today, we felt alittle adventurous or perhaps its was just Ayeesha's appealing idea and the constant reminder that canteen food was well... much to be desired for. So on the bus we hopped, Ayeesha, Rabia and myself. We walked in the blazing sun to the hawker centre in Sec.14 and ate our meal. It was then that I saw a Little Kitty Cat.

The Little Kitty Cat was black in colour and oh so tiny and sad looking. Ayeesha pointed out that the kitty didn't look like any normal kitty cos the kitty was cuddling and like acting real wierd "could have cancerlah the cat", she commented. Poor kitty. We gave it some chicken which it ate and then I took a tissue and rubbed its belly. I think he liked it...
Ahhh so cute... black Little Kitty Cat with no home. I wanted to play with it a little longer as it was like near my legs trying to rub itself on me, but I was just thinking of the mites and things on its body, so I refrained from picking it and holding it just like how Tania would. The owner of the shop was like "Angkat baliklah... kasi masuk dalam sarang, bawa balik". I replied "Saya mau angkat dia balik, tapi takut emak pukul". He laughed at me. I walked away with a sad farewell to the Little Kitty Cat.

Hope that someone takes care of it... but I know better. It will probably be dead in a month if no one takes care of it. *shudder* So the three of us walked back to the bus stop and waited for the bus and now here I am in the computer lab with a shitty computer typing this out. I should be actually working on this article which I have yet to do and which I know I must today... but... yeah... I will... soon...

Still feeling out of sorts, but should be out of this come the weekend I hope. Am scared with the amount of work I have to do for my USQ thingy and of course there is the meeting for FACES this weekend where I hope I get good stuff to write. Anyways, I should go reply some overdue emails and then head on to some empty classrooms to study. I hate the library. Not only is it freaky, but they don't let me bring my bag in (not like I am going to steal their idiotic old books) and besides I can't bear to leave my bag outside. Poor Elliot will be out in the cold and dark corridor, so NO way!
So on with studies I suppose and hopefully the rain will not fall today cos I want to get home preferably with dry feet.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ants, Arts and Telly...

I feel better today... not like DAMN great, but better.
Still trying to find the source of the problem which is honestly eluding me even more as I try to find or undersatnd it.

The bloody ants ants ants ants ants are every-bloody-where which makes me just feel icky and grossed out. Don't know why they have to come to my house and bother us. My dad is going to get them - Thank God! Those blasted things. I don't want to kill them, but they leave me no choice.

Had an interesting talk with nopressureovercappucino about art (looking forward to more) though this made me a little sad as those were the days of visual art and art appreciation classes in Australia - thank you Mr PJ for those wonderful classes where I could dabble with all sorts of things and learn about this strange and interesting world of arts.

My mum just got back from work and she is cooking in the kitchen... the smells are just yummy and making my tummy rumble as I only had a little breakfast with the Possum (HK Chee Cheong Fun - yum) and a stale Dunkin Doughnut - chocolate flavoured with chocolate icing... *smacks lips*

Going to go now... telly is calling, the books are calling, the other stuff is calling... I think I am going to listen to the telly - it has pictures, sounds and words... Hoorah!!!

The Miracle of Toliet Paper

THE MIRACLE OF TOILET PAPER (Thanks Nic for the joke - brightened my day somewhat!)

Fresh from my shower, I stand in front of the mirror, complaining to my husband that my breasts are too small. Instead of characteristically telling me it's not so, he uncharacteristically comes up with a suggestion:

"If you want your breasts to grow, then every day take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between your breasts for a few seconds. "

Willing to try anything, I fetch a piece of toilet paper and I stand in front of the mirror, rubbing it between my breasts. "How long will this take?" I ask. "They will grow larger over a period of years," he replies.

I stop!!!

"Do you really think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make my breasts larger over the years?" Without missing a beat he says,

"Worked for your butt, didn't it?"

He's still alive, and with a great deal of physical pain and may even walk again. Stupid stupid man!!!

Monday, March 28, 2005


I did'nt like today.

Perhaps it was because all the things I had planned didn't come to pass.
Perhaps it is because I know that I am so behind in my work at the moment.
Perhaps it is because I suddenly feel unmotivated and strangely disconnected from everyone and everything.
I feel lost and just so tired of everything. Possum called and I didn't even mind when he said that he was too tired to see me... infact honestly, I didn't want to see him. This doesn't happen often and makes me realize that 'yup' something is the matter with me.

I have stuffed myself with enough M&Ms to last me a week and am feeling slightly sick from it really... Took a look at my pile of books and shivered and wished that I could be one of those gifted people and just touch the books and know its contents... but alas... I am just a simple girl with a whole lot of baggage at the moment and a mind full of questions and a heart full of l0ve.

How I wish I could witness a scene just like that. I think I need more beauty in my life... I wish I was at this beautifully serene place with the Possum... maybe then I will be better and finally get my ass back on track. But... I will have to make do with what I have and hope that this sudden phase of wierdness leaves me for good. I can't afford to feel like this, there is too much at stake.

I didn't like today, but I know that tomorrow will be better...

The Weekend

I went for Writers for Women’s Rights Workshop which was organised by All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) on Thursday till Sunday and missed out on a lot of events as well as time, but it was well worth it. I was lucky to be in the company of some really wonderful people. The facilitators of the camp were women who were empowered with changing the world and it was hard not to be affected by their enthusiasm and their passion. The other participants which ranged from the ages of 18-30 instantly bonded and we had jolly good times making up ‘interesting’ things to do in the hotel as we were slightly bored. There were the “elevator series” we created and the of course the “awesome adventures on the 13th floor”. I will write more about them in the days to come as I am rather stumped for time at the moment.

Being away from home this weekend seemed extra long for some reason. Perhaps it is because there is much to do at home and I was just leaving them all hanging till I got home to attend to them… or perhaps I have been too attached to my home, my family and my friends and of course the Possum. Possum came to visit me while I was at camp and we went to RSC club where we proceeded to talk about gender issues and stuff over JD’s and Black Labels’. I was actually surprised that Possum came all the way to see me… he didn’t seem the sort who would. I guess things are really changing for the better for us.

My hand phone is currently having problems so I reckon I have to start saving for a new phone or something soon. *sigh* (unless there are really nice people out there wouldn’t mind helping me to get a new phone) =) Anyways, it being Easter yesterday, I went to my aunts house after the camp and had a late lunch with my folks and then my mum who said she missed me decided she wanted to go to 1utama with me. Surprise surprise! It is like our weekly ritual and I can’t say that I don’t miss it. I actually look forward to these outings. Funny how 1utama seems changed in some way… didn’t help that almost everything was on sale.

Got new hair accessories, craft supplies (pots of glitter, small notelets and sparkly blue pipe cleaners) and of course new books (MPH was having a sale)- I finally bought “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” by Ann Brashares (which I wrote about in one of my previous entries) and “Through A Glass Darkly” by Jostein Gaarder the writer of “Sophie’s World”. (I have yet to finish this book too). There are 2 other books after “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and I can’t wait to read and buy them as well. Doesn’t help that there are about 6 other new books from my fav authors which has recently been released. Books… gawd… I have been spending so much money on them this week and I know I will be spending more. Will perhaps write about all the books I bought and of course things that have been happening soon. Ahhh more things to do… buggers.

After 1utama, my folks and I went to eat bak kut the (my 5th time) at Kepong and we managed to get lost but eventually found the place and had a hearty meal of BKT. Then back home it was… unpacked and found a whole load of ants which found my stash of sweets in my room (bloody ants). Anyways I have to go now… just wanted to recap my weekend and what I did though I need to write more about the issues that I learnt about and of course about the “elevator series” and the “awesome adventures on the 13th floor” which I will write more about soon. 5 text books have been lined up on my table to be read and understood, a couple of assignments beckon to me with their shrill annoying voices which have become hard to block out and my room has a fine coating of dust which looks some what like snow to a creative mind like mine… much to do and so little time management. (See I am taking responsibility for my procrastination and not blaming it on ‘no time’) Well see you all soon, if I do and if I don’t. Know that you are all missed. I finally have links… gawd… =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Its been a year?

I can’t believe that it has been a year that Possum and I met rather unexpectedly again after about 4 years of not seeing each other. Not that we were close at that time… we never even used to talk to each other at all, we jkust knew that the other person existed somewhere and never bothered to know more.

Now here we are… together. Its been a year that we went to Meng Tien with CKM and LSY. It’s been a year since Possum called that night and said “oh just to let you know that this is my phone number… just in case you need anything”. Today we were both tired as Possum just got home from an outstation trip and I had a long long day at college, so I just went to the Possum's house and we hung out there. Hopefully there will be more years to come. I still can’t believe it has been a year

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

A Coming of Age Adventure based on Ann Brashares' best-selling novel about a special summer in the lives of four lifelong friends who are separated for the first time. On a shopping trip, the girls find a pair of thrift-shop jeans that fits each of them perfectly and they decide to use these "magic" pants as a way of keeping in touch over the months ahead, each girl wearing the jeans for a week to see what luck they bring her before sending them on to the next. Though miles apart, the four friends still experience life, love and loss together in a summer they'll never forget.
Thus goes the plot for the movie "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants." I can't wait to see this movie simply because I am the sort who loves these type of movies (heck, I love all sorts of movies - spent hours today online searching and viewing trailers of up-coming movies). Made me wish though for a sisterhood of my own. I have only one 'sister' at the moment who is too far away... and I doubt I can fit into her pants. *sniff* I need more girlfriends... will write more later.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

~ Believing In Me ~

I met the Kak Azah today the Minister of Youth and Sport at Astro. A team of teens (apparently I am still one!) was invited to have a dialogue session with her as she wanted to hear our views and what our problems were. It was interesting to hear the different views from everyone else. No promises were made by her, thank God... but she did say though that if we really believed in something we should never give up and should continue to believe in ourseleves. I

f we kept on shouting and talking about the issue, one day someone is going to hear about it and something will be done. In the dialogue, she asked us what made us special... I said it was my empathy to feel for others eg. Migrants, illegal immigrants and the like. She said that although sometimes viewed negatively, empathy is what can drive me to do wonderful great things and I know that in time it will come to pass that I wil do great things, either for myself, or for the world or community at large... or atleast one personlah.

This couple of weeks have been packed with things to do, this week being the most full. On Monday, my mum and I went for a photo shoot for Marie Clare magazine for a mothers day special thingy. On Wednesday I went for a corporate video thingy for Stamford (they are actually paying us - yipee!) and today was the dialogue for the minister thingy. Then there were the FACES deadlines (I actually handed them all up before the deadline!) and the KL Lifestyle deadline which I also send on time. AMEN! I also just passed up my first USQ (University of Southern Queensland) assignment and did a quiz for Social Psychology which I studied for a good 15 minutes after remembering on the bus that I had a quiz that day. Whoppsss!

To think that it is all over and that my plate is clean for the rest of the month was a mistake because as soon as I handed up the assignments for school and work, they piled up. I got an assignment "Caffeine and its effects on your body" to write about for FACES/Wanita and some other quizzes and things and then for KL Lifestyle the boss wants me to do an interview with someone - Simple Plan??? I wish... And then there are the other 7 pending assignments for USQ and the AWAM camp which I will be attending this weekened (byebye weekend trip to Singapore with the Possum). Oh yeah... I got selected for this AWAM camp thingy which is a writers for womens rights camp. I think this will do me some good and hopefully fill this little emptiness in me and make me feel complete. I hope that this camp will really teach me stuff. Its a 4 day 3 night camp and I will be in hotel in KL for that period of time. Planning to bring my books to study at night - little nerd that I am.

Been missing the mamaks as well. Went to Williams mamak today - with my parents for dinner... hehehe... Not been out much as well, due to $ shortage. Possums birthday is in a few weeks time so I have got to save. My cheques are slow in coming *sniff* Haven't seen Possum in awhile as in quality time. Saw him for 15 minutes today when he picked me up and sent me to Menara Star, that was all. *sigh* Work is really doing him good though I think... so much more mature and serious (quite scary really!) yells at me for being messy and unorganized (which is quite truelah) but its like calling the kettle black. =) I have to admit I am really happy that he is a working man and he is actually pretty dedicated to his work. Way to go Possum.

Today has been my day of chilling and doing what I want and surprisingly it involved no one except myself. Read books and took much needed sleep and watched telly and of course the internet. My eyes hurt as well due to the lack of sleep and hope that and the back aches will be gone as well as those other health craps I have. A highlight of today is that The Star Youth2 editor actually told the minister person and all present that I wrote good poetry. So bangga my face turned violent shades of red which made everyone laugh and clap and hoot louder. *blush* I have to learn how to take compliments.

With everything that has been happening though and the little breather I have today, I still feel something missing. Perhaps its my friends who have been missing from the scenes as well. I actually had to turn people down - gawd! Its so unlike me... but I guess things have to get done and the only way I can finish my work is to say No to the invitations which suck. As the grownups like to say "suffer now so that you can enjoy later". Perhaps they are right in some ways. Missing Possum as well. Its gonna be worse when he moves *sniff sniff* thank the lucky stars that he lives close by at the moment. Aights will be going to sleep now... Its been a long long week. Take yous all and hope to see you all soonest. Nites nites. Sweet dreams and may you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

p.s: Try not to plan out door activities this Monday as they say it will be the hottest day so far. Thank God for little blessings like air-cons and not having classes on Mondays.

p.p.s: Thanks Eric for help with the blog thingy. Was so pissed of with this damn blogger problem. Thanksss... =) The Sepet Mouse says 'thanks'.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Did I tell you that I downloaded my first MP3 program thingy... the one you can use to download MP3's. *hehehe* Its wonderful and I have been addcited to it and have so many wonderful songs now... ahhh... so nice... Possum says I am way way way behind the times, but am grooving to my own rythm, so its ok. In other words "Poor Child!"

I love Limewire!!!

* Kiss the Rain *

Its been awhile since I kissed~ the rain... I used to do that alot when I was younger. Just stand out in the drizzle and face the heavens. It was wonderful.

Of course I didn't stand in the pouring storm type of rain... more the light drizzle. Perhaps that is why something is wrong with my little brain... maybe the cold entered my heart that way as well.

So why kiss~ the rain you must be wondering? Yet another silly thing this girl does... Well, there was a boy, a very strange and gentle boy (hehehe) and he had the nicest eye lashes ever. He was the boy who gave me my first kiss~ *blush*... he's not around anymore. In Heaven I suppose, looking down on us all. Well one day when it was drizzling outside, he asked me to go and kiss~ the rain, as he was going to do the same. Kiss~ the rain... whenever you miss me... the song by Billie Meyers goes that way too. I guess he got it from there. Outside we went and we kissed~ the rain and sometimes when I am missing him or when I miss someone and when it drizzles I kiss~ the rain.

*Yes Possum, I miss you too*

There is no real symbolism to this action... perhaps its a little nutty and strange, but you know me. Strange little thing that I am. *grin*

I was in the drizzle again today... rushing for a movie - "Robots" (it was real good by the way!). Possum was in the driveway and I ran to the Riberry (his jeep) but while I was standing in the rain, I looked up and I kissed~ the rain. The rain plastered my fringe to my forehead, wet my cheeks and created little pools on my glasses. I didn't stand out in the rain kissing~ it for too long as we were late... but it just brought back a couple of wonderful memories of a boy who I miss.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Cute Little Mousie

Cute little mousie...
By *Dream Weaver*
Isn't this the most cutest little mousie ever.I so want a mousie thingy like this... *sigh* One day maybe... see mousie got 'sepet' eyes *hehehe*

"What Law?"

I just got home not too long ago and on the way back from Bangsar (Possum and I went for nasi lemak with chicken and extra 'serbuk' - triple yums) when we got stopped by 2 bloody dodgey policeman. These two ppl were in the SHELL petrol station preying on innocent happy ppl - they looked like Laurel and Hardey (though I can't remember which was thin and which one was fat). The thin arse was smoking in the petrol station - ARSE HOLE!!! Tak boleh baca ke? Bodoh!!! Somemore he asked Possum and I to accompany them to this lorong (they took Possums drivers license) and asked where his new road tax was (which expired ont he 4th of March) and Possum got it in the other car as he had just gone to the post office in the afternoon and hadn't stuck it on yet.

So the ARSE... asked for moneylah then... 20 bucks somemore... IDIOT!!! He politely told us that he was just doing "his job" - my my my... such a "hardworking"
man. Following the rules apparently and I guess the smoking in the petrol station was ok... I mean you only endangering everyone around there only what? No big deal! Stupid!!! After insisting that we slip the money in his "summons" book (following his little rehearsed act), the fat one and the thin one, got on their little motorbikes and drove off... ones license plate was BFT5335. So if you guys happen to see this motorcycle on the road with a skinny dude on it... please give them a "friendly" nudge! (I don't believe in violence, but I am just being "friendly").

Gawd... what has happened to the law? Which someone no doubtly would reply "What law?"

Saturday, March 12, 2005

My Saturday...

This was my Saturday ~ I got woken up by Adrian Wong today, "Where you? You said you coming.." In my head I go... "where?" and then I remember. The IACT open day. So I tell him I will call him when I get there and hasten to the showers to get ready. Showers are good - not only do they clean you and make you smell really nice, they relax you. I love showers and have like more than 15 different soaps to use. Different ones for different moods. *hehehe* Today I used a blue one called "Kool" cos it smells fresh and light. Just what I need for a hot sunny sticky day.

So I changed and took my bag and said goodbye to sleeping dad on the floor. "Eat the Ang Ku!" "Okay later!" I say... standard conversation we have really. He offers me food before I step out of the house and I say later I eat - but I usually never eat it! So out into the SUNSHINE I went. Before I reached the park (where the IACT thingy was being held), I was drenched. Oh my!!! Anyways, met up with my old lecturers and my old friends (the juniors) and some odd friends here and there from different phases in life. I looked thinner apparently... sigh... I can never get a right answer... Someone told me that I put on weight last time... I'm trying to forget about this weight issue!

I had fun though today (something I seriously lack). Forgot momentarily about homework, assignments and deadlines... had fun talking to my friends and watching the performances and doing my grafitti on the boards they had there (yep, did my share of destroying the ozone layer - whopps!!! sorry!). Got 2 goodie bags instead of one... thanks to the staff there that remembered my lil monkey fes... hehehe *grin* Saw the principle there and he came up to me and brought me around the place and lectured me on studies which made me think about all the work at home (shudder). He is a nice man. My dads friend actually.

4 hours there and I was truly enjoying myself but Possum called and suggested we go to Megamall for pan mee... yummy... I couldn't resist. So we went. Did some window shopping and some actual buying. ARGHHH... went to see the Little Ponies in Toys R Us there and there were not many... *sniffles* Possum might get me another one if I drop more hints. He is getting smarter *dang!* Back to his place we went about 7ish and then I played 3 house of SXTricky3 on his PS2. He had a snooze. Then we went to Bangsar for Nasi Lemak panas... yum yum... then... read the next entry... Aights!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Hole in my wallet

I have burnt a hole in my wallet. The mullah I was supposed to use for my text books have been used to develop photos and to buy my nonsense and to pay for my transportation. So now I have to dig into the piggy bank to get me mullah to pay for the text books that have been waiting in the printers for the last 3 days, they must be lonely.

Anyways, my grand plans to study and to do my work this morning dissappeared like biscuits in hot chocolate... all that was left was just a few half hearted notes scribbled... yum just like the soggy crumbly biscuits bits at the bottom for the cup. Just fragments of a once wonderful thing. (so drama) Went for my food review at "Delicious "and was screwed up the venue (both my fault and the fellas fault). I went to 1 Utama's outlet when I should have been to the one in Bangsar Village (gee... didn't even know they had one there!).

Well went there and the manager welcomed us in and gave us yummy yummy food and drinks and deserts... my friend Joyce took the pics whilst I sat there savouring the food hoping to remember how it tasted as I would have to write about it later. At the end of the meal, I needed a crane to lift me up and send me home... Alas there was none. My friend dropped me at 1 Utama again where I had to pick up my photos and window shop (its good therapy). Managed to get some lovely candles at a wonderful discount (the original price was RM9.90 but I got it for RM1.90) - goodleh! Saw some new Little Ponies and was tempted to get one with blue hair, but remembered I had a hole in the wallet *sniff* Pony will have to wait till my next pay check or if someone nice *hint hint* would buy it for me as a surprise... hehehe =)

Am at home now with the fan blowing right in my face and the speakers on full blast. I keep reminding myself to do my work... but... yeah soon... I know I will regret this sooner or later. Oh... going for BBQ soon... hope there ain't too many mozzies... I HATE them. Bugggers!
Well its been a good "food-filling" day. Have to babysit my mother today for awhile... hehehe...

Ho hum... its back to work and studying for now anyways... *cheers*

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Little Bits of *Magic*

Little bits of *magic*
They float aimless in the air
The sort of *magic* that glitters and sparkles
The kind that’s so very rare.

For *magic* isn't for everyone
Its only for those who believe
Its the sort of *magic* that leaves your heart aflutter
And gives you wonderful iridescent wings.

Little bits of *magic*
I try hard to capture them,
Though they slip through my fingers
Like tiny grains of sand.

Little bits of *magic*
How I yearn to have some of it
For then I can fly and be alright
With those wonderful glittery wings.

These glittering wings will take me far and wide
To places that I’ve never been
It will be then that my heart will soar
And remind me of the child within.

So I close my eyes reverently
And I wish on a lone shooting star
That once again I will find the child within
The child with those wonderful bits of

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Disney Magic

I went to Disney On Ice today... and it was spectacular. The costumes, the ice skating, the dancing, the props, the lighting... just about everything (oh, excluding the seats for they were uncomfortable). For that 2 hours, I was a kid again munching on pizza and sipping on root beer, singing along, rather off key to well loved Disney tunes and watching transfixed at the ice where the skaters pranced and danced so magically and I sat there high up in the RM62 row slightly off centre and wished that I was a kid again and that after the show I could retain some of the magic.

For magic is rare in my life now. Everything seems grownup and real. Deadlines, meetings, betrayal, jealousy, hurt... sigh...

I wished then fervently before I left the place and now as I type that some form of magic, some sort of fairy dust will make me believe in the simple things that life offered me before and to have that same faith and childish awe that i had as a child.
May you all have magic in your life...
Perhaps it is true... all you have to do is believe sure, alittle bit of pixie dust helps too.


This year so far has been a blessed year... not forgetting a wonderful eating extravaganza!!! =) (though this has sadly left me with excess baggage in unwanted places - darn!) Food... I don't eat alot of it (much to the surprise of some people), but I love to try new food and new restaurants (another reason why I love my job, I get to review food sometimes.) Back to the topic at hand... MANGOES...

yeah... I have been very fortunate to have a very loving dad who buys them for me regularly from the pasar malam or the markets. Lately my kitchen fruit basket has been overflowing with fruits and you guessed it overflowing with mangoes. Possum's dad gave me several different kinds of mangoes that he had bought whilst he was in Thailand and I got to try them all - Amen!

There are the soft ones with no fibers, the slightly harder ones with fibers, the crunchy ones with a slightly green tinge and of course the soft fiber ones. The colours are all varying from dark oranges with hints of brown (cos they were too ripe - thats the way them sometimes), deep yellows with tinges of deep oranges, light pale yellows and some just a mixture of yellows and oranges. I just had a mango when I logged on (sorry Angelus, I had mango juice dribbling down my arms - I had the seed) and the sweet nectar was wonderfully cool as I bit into the flesh and licked the juice. (ok... this sounds rather 18SX, but its NOT!) Its just delicious really... especially if its icy cold. The bad part would be when the fibers get stuck between your teeth (yeah I have slight holes in my teeth thanks to the gum prob I have) and you also tend to get a sticky mouth and sticky slimy fingers... =) *grin*

MANGOES... yum yum... I read this book by an Indian writer called "House of the Blue Mangoes". It was alright... but they had this desciption of blue mangoes... I want to try a blue mango... anyone going to India soon??? Well I must be off now... I hope I don't get a tummy ache from consuming too much mangoes at 1.28am in the morning - plus the heaps of duck and prawn I had just now... (gawd... so much food!). Tomorrow is Disney on Ice - hurrah!!! My bro and his girlfriend and Possum will be coming toos... YIPEEE!!! Hope all of you have a mangolicious Sunday.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Illegal immigrants

I have been the papers rather frequently these days... ok, so I don't really read all the stories, but I am trying to get into this habit of more fruits, more milk and more news. Lately it seems that there have been alot going on about the illegal immigrants and how there is a 'crackdown' (there seems to be many of them happening) to send all these people back to their homelands. What do you all think of it? (there will hardly be any replies - but no worries!)

Illegal immigrants are people just like you and me. On the contrary I think that they are people who are even better than you and I. They are brave souls who have risked everything they had to come to a foreign country to have a better life. Sure they did it illegally, but what choice did they have? They decided to make a difference in their lives and to find hope in another land. I think it is one of lives difficult things to do - uproot yourself from familliar ground and go somewhere new for the search for a better life. You leave everything behind and hope that all goes well. It seldom does for people like them.

I feel sad when I hear about the plight of the illegal immigrants (and a whole host of other plights) and I feel sad that they are being deported back to their own countries. What do they do when they go back? The thing is we sort of rely on these people. Maybe I am being just alittle too naive but who is going to do the jobs that they once did? I don't think that many people actually want to do the jobs that they do, simply because it is just dreadful work, hard back breaking work and humiliating work as well.

Honestly am not sure why I am writing about these people, just felt sad that they had to leave. I mean sure the country is being overpopulated and some of them are unsavory people, but not all of them are like that. How sad... how sad... I guess there is nothing much I can do... just felt sad for them thats all. Me and my ponderings on a boring dull slightly hazy Wednesday...
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