Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Inspiring Interiors #15 - Super Stylin' Feature Cupboards

A well styled book case is never easy to achieve.
There are many things to consider, namely the look and feel of your
bookcase the types of items you would like to display and if you are
going to coordinate the display items
i.e. with a certain theme, colour, etc.

I know I haven't blogged a lot lately at this Little Piece of Heaven
but really, really, much has been happening and one of the biggest
news of the year {no I am not preggers} is that we will be moving in
about two months time *woot woot*

This time, we don't have to hunt for the right furniture {we managed
to find all the right pieces over a weekend!} but we would
need to do some minor renovations for the new place. At present,
I am going through several quotes and would dearly love for
this whole process to be over to be honest!

Then there will be the packing *shudder* and
more packing *double shudder*
and then the final move and then sadly,
saying goodbye to our little apartment...
the first home that B and I have together. I will miss it heaps...

Anyways, more on the reno and etc. later on...
 there will be plenty of time for that I am sure...
I will leave you now with some inspiring ideas
on styled book cases. Remember though that the
styling has to be entirely about you and not about
whats in and trendy or in fashion at the moment *smiles* 
Enjoy these awesome pics. I am surely inspired {plus its been awhile
since I shared any inspiring interiors, right?!}

Photos and insights above from SAS Interiors
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