Friday, July 29, 2005

Mumbo Jumbo-ing

For the past 2 Wednesdays in a row I have been Mambo Jumbo-ing at Velvet, Zouk KL. This is so not *Dream Weaver* behavior and to think that I actually didn't drink alot when there was booze on the house. GAH!!! What is wrong with me???
Pics from Nic's Birthday
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The first Wednesday I went (the 20th of July 2005), was with Nic, Yews and Pinky. It was fun and met a couple of old friends. We had dinner before that in this Japanese in Uptown and all this was for Nic's birthday which was super duper belated! And the last time I went was for the ABBA special with Nic, Tania and the Possum (who scarily agreed to go after watching 'The Island'). Dancing with my friends and the Possum was so fun and on one hand I wish I could do it every Wednesday, but its such a hassle and screws up my whole week.

The sad part in all thie merrymaking would be when I saw this little man in a yellow top. He was sweeping the floor and no one paid him any attention as he made his way in between the drunkards and party animals. I felt so sorry and guilty for partying when this dude and the lady in the bathroom who hands out paper towels have to work and watch everyone around them enjoying or making fools of themseleves depending on which category you are in of course - and to think that they might never ever get to enjoy and dance like we do... I couldn't really enjoy myself and felt just horrid for a good 10-15 mintues. GAH!!! I really dont' like it when my emotions and stuff like this kicks in... makes me feel too much...

Well I doubt I will be mamboing anytime soon since my classes have started... though I do love the mambo jumbo-ish type music... choices choices choices!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I am a Hoarder!

I was at work today and we were talking about hoarding things... and *gasp* I realized that...
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I am sadly a hoarder...

I have been hoarding things for as long as I can remember so much so that now, my room is in complete chaos with dust animals roaming around and I have no idea what to throw and what to keep. The clean neat freak type of person would say... "BIN the damn crap!" but the hoarders would say... "Don't throw it away... you might need it one day!" So I hold on to my precious belongings possessively and wonder how I am ever going to part with my things. What kind of things you ask? Well, here is a list of my "collections" which I am holding on to for that proverbial 'one day'.

Don't ever dare touch my sticker collection, seriously. Happy are the few who have seen the contents of my sticker boxes and books and when or IF you ever get the priviledge to do so, feast your eyes on old school stickers like Sandylion with the prism and fuzzy stickers. Then there is Mrs Grossmans stickers, Suzy's Zoo stickers and a whole bunch of other very valueble stickers in every size and shape and type you can image. There are also the famed Barbie, Little Pony, Carebear, Mickey Mouse, Lion King and Aladdin sticker books, my Super Prized possesions kept above the sock drawer under lock and key for safe keeping. I am still collecting stickers (Yes I know so childish!) and have accepted several collections from people deemed 'to old to have them' - oh well their lost my gain!

Yes, my friends... I have an eraser collection. My late grandma, spoiled me rotten and got me heaps of erasers wherever she went. My mum's sister also made a hefty donation to my eraser collection and for that I am thankful. When I was but a wee little young'in I used to play with my erasers as there were like baby animals and mummy animals... it was all so sweet in eraser land. My brother used to threaten me that he would use them and that would have been the end of their sweet little lives. Now the erasers are packed in an old Hello Kitty box at the bottom of my closet waiting for the time when I can take them out and admire them again. One of my favourites was a peanut shaped eraser, it looked so real... and of course the animal families were pretty cute toos... anyone wants to see my erasers?

Collecting books and magazines are one of my latest obsessions, though I have been reading since I was 3. I love the way a new book smells. I love the glossyness of the cover with its title so proudly emblazed on it. I love the way certian magazines (like FACES) look all glossy and nice. I love the ads although some of them are just "too much". I love the anticipation of reading a book and finding what happens and how the story unfolds. I love books and their different spines and I just dislike books with spines that have lines on them and which have just got creases and stuff thats why I seldom lend anyone my books - I am afraid they will destroy it.

Take for example my "Memoirs of a Geisha" - a friend borrowed it and it came back in three pieces. The cover and spine with a bit of the book dangling from it, a another little bit of the book and the rest of the book. I was like "what the hell?" to which the reply came... "Its just a book only mah... I buy you a new onelah!" *tsk tsk* so not the right attitude I think. Gawd!!! Dilemma: My bookshelf in my room, is too full and I have to throw some things away... I reckon its got to be the few years old CLEO mags! Finding a day to clean it out and dreading that day!

I don't have a very comprehensive collection of seashells with me. I don't know their scientific names, nor do I know where they came from and blah blah blah. I just pick them when they wash to the shore and buy them when I see them in the shops. If some of you are offended about my shell picking habits - I am sorry... But I love my shells though I find myself parting with them when I use them to make shell frames, or some other ornament. Those lucky few who have got it, you have a treasure in your hands, a gift of the sea and earth. I am glad my little niece if interested in shells too though hers are just a bit... ummm... ugly! (they are all plain and broken and stuff - I am sure this adds 'character' to the shell, but hmmm... its ugly)

Remember those postcards that you could get for free from like shops and stuff, yeah I collect those. My dad is a supper supporter of this collection. He tends to bring home like 5 of the same design and I keep telling him not to do that cos the other postcards collectors might miss out on one , but I am glad he is a hoarder like me! Wolfie also gave a me alot of postcards and they were pretty nice ones. I wonder if he still collects them? Then there is G who brought me a big box full of postcards which were sadly more or less the same, but a great addition to my collection. Anyone wants postcards or wants to trade?

You can sort of blame this habit on my mum - when I was about 7ish, I went with my mum to Petaling Street and there was this shop called Macy's which sold things for 'kraftangan' and things like that. So there I was transfixed in the shop staring after rows and rows of beads, ribbons, feathers and such. My mum bought me a couple packets of tiny miniscule beads in so many shades of colours and I was so delighted with them. When I went home I tried to make bracelets and the like but nothing worked out. I got upset after like the 10th failed bracelet that I took all the beads and mixed them up. It was a BIG mistake and it took me forever to seperate them again. That was the end of the beadslah. The ribbons are okay though I have stopped buying the satin and silk ones (too expensive). As for the cloth, its bundled into a plastic bag and is now at the bottom of my closet and I am super hoping that nothing has made its home in it.

Before anyone accuses me I am not a tree killer! I just happen to like paper. Have you looked at paper... really looked at paper? There are just so many kinds, textures and colours. NICE! I have all kinds of paper, though not all and I go mental when I see a papershop. The best place I have been to date to get really nice paper is "Made With Love" in Singapore. They have so much paper all arranged neatly by colour, type and pattern. *sigh* Can't wait to go there again. I also have the standard normal paper by weight type of paper though I reckon thats like super normal, but some of the colours are just WOW! As for the stationary sets, I have been collecting them since I was young too (I think hoarding behavior starts from a young age!) I have normal ones, fancy ones, scented ones, elegants ones, cartoon ones and etc. and some even come with matching envelopes. So if you ever need some writing materials, you know where to look.

I dont have many fancy pencils at the moment and I stopped collecting them. I still collect pens and have a variety of them in different colours and textures with different nib sizes. The remaining few fancy pencils I have are just a dear to look at... =)

I parted with my Barbie collection but not Polly Pocket. Perhaps it was because Barbie took up too much space and Polly didn't. Besides they come in compacts so its easier to store. Polly Pockets - Ah... I got my late grandma to thank for again. She gave me almost my entire collection. I got the pencil case, a coin keeper, the jewelry box complete with a red velvet finish, the vanity set and a couple more of other compacts. Yes... one day just like my Strawberry Shortcakes, they will be worth a bomb!

Bookmarks go together with books but I just couldn't use some of the bookmarks cos they were so nice. Besides, there were some that belonged to a collection so it was nice to see the whole set of em. Doesn't take up that much space so its okay...

Eeyore can be considered one of my all time favourite Disney characters. I am not sure why I like him with his gloomy ways, but I do. I have about 11 Eeyore dolls and figurines from all over the world and I love them to bits. Again they are all different. There is a wind up Eeyore, there are 2 Beanie Eeyore's, an Eeyore in a cup and heaps more. My other soft toys have been given to me by my wonderful friends and bought by me cos they pleaded with me to take them home (Gloria the hippo is the latest addition to my zoo). The biggest toy I have is "bear bear" give by Adrian my form 1 & 2 best friend (this was of course before he grew tall and super hot) - I don't think he remembers giving me "bear bear".

This particular collection was inspired by some guys whom I met in primary school whom I sadly have very limited contact with. Anyways, those were the days when I used to follow this bunch of guys to the then "comic shop" and heaven knows what other establishments to see b.ball cards. It was then that I realized that b.ball was actually a really cool game. I used to sit for hours just watching them gracefully move up and down the courts sinking baskets after baskets in every possible way. It was like some sort of ballet to me. I loved Orlando Magic and Shaq and Hakeem Olajuwon (was then from Houston Rockets). I saved up my allowance and bought each seperate card their own protectors and it wasn't those flimsy plastics ones too. They were really nice ones. Those were the days when I had the nicest b.ball colletion amongst the guys, and how envious they were when I showed them my cards. My most precious card would be the Hakeem Olajuwon gold card that my then best friend gave me on the last day of primary school. Now these cards are packed in box somewhere underneath my bookshelf waiting for its day to shine!

I keep everything. From ticket stubs, to interesting twizlers from some fancy club, menus, infomation guides and everything else you can name. I even have a satay stick from std six, though it was washed before being reverently put in the "memory box". I love memorabillia. It serves as a flashback and a cue to some forgotten place in time. I got rid of some I have to confess. It was some cards that people gave me... not my past boyfriends or my best friends but cards that were just given because it was the "right thing to do" - CNY cards and birthday cards with just a to: and a from:... anyways, I needed the space for the new cards that were coming. Rest assured my dear friends that the precious cards and letters you guys have given me are kept safely.

For the moment this is all I can think of, but I am sure there are more things that I hoard. Someone need only mention it and I would be like "OH yeah..." and hurry into a neverending monologue about it. Anyways, yeah so what if I am a hoarder? Ok... sure it creates good hiding places for the dust animals but then this is all mine. Everything you see and touch belonged to me or someone important to me, belonged to a special time and place which is gone. So yeah... I am a hoarder and though I am trying to declutter my life, these hoardings of mine might still be around for some time to come.
I am proud to be a hoarder!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Wearing The Right Shoes...

Last night I realized that you can't wear two sets of shoes at the same time. Honestly you could, but not only would it look odd, but it just wouldn't seem right! You have to choose the right shoes to wear and the right time to wear them and whilst you wear them you gotta be proud and happy about them and enjoy them as best as you can. Hmmm... perhaps you are wondering if this is another 'blonde' spell of mine, sadly it is not and if you are wondering if I am intoxicated, I am but not on alcohol *gasp*

I was having dinner with the "guys" yesterday which turned out to be a splendid seafood feast, I felt alittle left out as the "guys" were all on one table and the rest of us had to sit on another. I couldn't help hearing this little voice in my ear whispering that if only the Possum had not come along, I would be there on the "guys" table just as it has always been before, my laughter and chatter mixing in with theirs (Yes, I am a mean selfish person at times - I can't really help it). But honestly I loved the Possum being there and I was glad that he had made the effort to come. Yet there I was at another table, the table without all the "guys" though B was there and Ons and Johan too... but it just wasn't the same I guess. The laughter that rang sounded foreign and alien to my ears and it made me wonder how far did I really drift from them? And yes the little green eyed monster did rear its disfigured ugly head a couple of times albeit only briefly.

Image hosted by
After dinner, the "guys" decided to go to G's dads pub to have a couple of drinks and I went with them. The Possum didn't come along and I thank him for understanding that I wanted and in some ways needed to go with the "guys". So the Possum and I said goodnight and I went with the "guys" to the place. It was fun just playing pool (I sucked at it), playing darts (sucked at it too), drank, talked and laughed. To say that things hadn't changed would be wrong... yet to say that they changed so much that the divide could not be bridged would not be accurate either. I would just say that it was different yet the same. It felt like old times, but it wasn't old times. For one, some of us had lost that certain spark , the spark that used to bring and spread carefree-ness, laughter and joy. Then there were some of us who had matured in the way we thought and the way that we behaved, and there were others who were lost and confused with their own matters in life, bogged down and dispirited, and there were some whose laughter was hollow and whose smiles were shallow and even some that had a combination of all these things put together and more.
Image hosted by
* This was then...
Image hosted by
* This is now...

Joanna and I were talking about how things had changed now that we had "other halfs" that didn't quite belong with the "guys" and how we missed those good old days when everyone was unattached and those silly things we would get up to together eg. the "toilet" incident in RSC - they don't happen anymore. Perhaps we grew a conscience, maybe we didn't want reprecussions for our actions, maybe we had to compromise or maybe we just grew up. After that night at about 3.30am when we had left the pub and I was on my way home with B, I realized that these "guys", the "guys" that were there with me through those tough periods in my life, my joys and my tears, my intoxication periods and my dissapointments, were still there with me and the reason why I felt left out during dinner was simply because I chose to wear a different pair of shoes at that time.

I realized that when the Possum was around, I had to wear a pair of shoes that could hopefully make him feel comfortable and welcome amongst my the "guys". I was the middle link in between these two sets of people who are important to me. With the "guys" I had to change into another pair of shoes, the shoes that were so common and normal to them, the shoes that they knew since way back then. I needed to wear these different shoes because like it or not, I realized that I couldn't have the best of both worlds. I couldn't have Possum and the "guys" at the same time... maybe one day but not right now (okay stop thinking perverted thoughts!). I honestly hate it really... having to be changing shoes all the time... but I still care for the Possum and thats why I do that whole 'changing shoes thingy'. Its difficult to express what I feel at this moment in time and its tough to really understand what a person feels underneath it all...

I am trying to be true to myself and I am trying so hard not to wear different masks. Its just that I am merely trying to keep my friendship with the "guys" and to keep my relationship with the Possum who I have to say gets slightly jealous at times (a very human trait). I suppose he wonders at times how he could compete for affections with about 9 guys who has been there for me longer than he has and who has all these history with me, but honestly, he doesn't need to worry about that... he is on a whole different pedestal.
So, now I find that though I go less and less to the mamak and know little snippets about the goings on in the lives of the "guys", it'll be okay for as soon as I put on those shoes of mine which are so familliar to me, everything will be okay. Its just that I dread the day when I find that the shoes are gone or if they don't quite fit anymore. As for the Possum and I, I suppose one day he has to accept the fact that these "guys" are going to be around for some time and he had better get used to it. If not, who knows what will happen... For now though, I guess
I gotta know which pairs of shoes to wear at the right time or risk spraining my ankle or breaking both my legs!!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

- A U$eful Citizen -

Today I felt like a U$eful Citizen... (its has been awhile since I felt that way)
Firstly, I really did work at the office -- @ -- I had a giggly phone interview with the latest MTV VJ for Philipines - VJ Colby Miller (super hot fella), did almost ALL my work for FACES that I had to do which including proofreading tons of material, wrote and compiled "47 Things I Love About Malaysia", called a couple of people and I even had time to email the USQ fella and chat on MSN.

I left the office at 7.20pm and went home for dinner with my folks. After dinner the Possum and I went grocery shopping (I felt so domestic!) and I got some good buys from Giant as Jusco was closed. After shopping, I got home and had to fold a whole pile of laundry and yet here I am at this ungodly hour blogging. I am going to work tomorrow for awhile eventhough I don't need to but my boss is panicking and thinking that the August issue wouldn't be out on time. So anyways... yeah... I feel so useful today. I did all the things I set out to do (opps... forgot to cut me nails) and more toos - Hoorahs!!!

Also I wanted to start a new blog for my photos and nice pictures of fairies, butterflies, bunnies and those cutesy sickening things that make normal people gag, but the blog got screwed up and I spent like 2 hours trying to make things better. Therefore, as it is NOT bloody working, I think its a sign to just stick to this *Little Piece of Heaven* and be content with it. So I will be posting more photos and pictures now I suppose - please bear with me dear readers.

The photos I am posting now are not new photos but after reading numerous blogs namely KinkyBlueFairiesBlog, I have been inspired to actually edit my pics. {Joyce if you are reading this - these photos are such a weak editing attempt - I need lesssons}
So here they are, my little collection of photos and *Fleeting Moments *... Laugh and enjoy 'em...

Image hosted by
Itallianis Food is just super Yums!!!
Image hosted by
~Angelique, Possum's and My Birthday Party~
Image hosted by
Photo Ho'ing *tsk tsk*
Image hosted by
3 Mawar Renunion
Image hosted by
~ My Birthday Cake '05 ~
Image hosted by
The TeaCup Ride with Yew Wen
Image hosted by
The Almost Magic Cable Cars
* I am happy to be a U$eful Citizen today and hopefully tomorrow and the days to come will see me being even more useful... Hoorahs!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why Do You Blog?

For those amongst you that blog, have you been asked why you do so?
I know that a few of you have been asked why you so readily spew your emotions on to the world wide web which can be accessed by an tom, dick and harry. Why don't you just write all these sickening thoughts and feelings in your journal and safely put away that journal in some secluded place where no one can find it like underneath your smelly socks or something? Well, again we go back to the question... why blog?

Random qoutes on why one blogs:

"I blog to write about my feelings"
"To build friendships"
"To put down my thoughtslah..."
"To keep in contact with my friends who are overseas"
"To inform others about the shit I like which they don't like, but I like lah so who cares"
"I blog because I don't have anyone to talk to"
"I blog because I want people to read what I write and therefore this will influence them to think and see things my way. If not, then they will have something to argue with me about and I like that too. I just want people to read my bloglah..."
"To boast about my conquests and wonderful life"
"A blog is a place to post my wonderful pics of me darling and my friends and my doggie"
"Blogs are just stupidlah... I did it only cos everyone else was doing it..."
"I blog because I don't want to do my assignments"
"Nothing better to dolah"
"Just try try see I can write or not"
"I think I have something important to say to the lost souls out there"

Hmmm... such a vast difference in opinions, huh?
As for me... Why do I blog?

~ I blog because I want can't keep writing emails to my friends overseas and even local friends who are here all the time - so the blog lets them know how I feel. If its a pretty bad post, they will call or email and see if I am alright and that cheers me up considerably.

~I blog because I want to let out all my feelings because when I "WHINE" and "BITCH" all the time about my miserable life... I feel better and somehow there are some people out there that really understand and feel the way I do (mostly womenlah!)

~I blog because at times no one is there to listen to me and I need to let everything out.
~I blog because I don't want to do the things that I have to do like assignments and work stuff - its a momentary escape which buys a little time a away from my work.

So, the reasons we blog may vary, but in the end its
"OUR BLOG" our own little space in the world wide web which is solely ours. Random people or friends might come to our sight and trash it and say all kinds of mean things about our blog and honestly for once with all my heart I say "I don't give a rat's ass". Why? Well, my blog can be "TOO GIRLISH", have "TOO MANY COLOURS", is just "TOO WHINY" or just plain "BORING", but all in all...
The BLOG is *Mine*
and no one elses.
Image hosted by
Yup... *My Little Piece of Heaven*
I don't force anyone to read my blog and it is solely that persons choice if they do, so no crticisms please - save it for someone who cares. If one does not like to read what I write or moan about the things I write, go to someone elses blog which might be more appealing to you.
To the rest of your bloggers out there who have wonderfully interesting blogs that I love to read, keep up the wonderful writing.
Happy Blogging everyone!!!

"Super rajin right?"

I woke up this morning thinking that I could have the whole day in bed reading my stack of lovely lovely new books (ahhh the glorious smell of books) or having a solitary movie marathon... ahhh... bliss......
It was then that I remembered I had work.
So I jumped into the shower and rushed to get ready. Hopped in a cab and got to work...
and here I am at work...
and here I am in front of the computer...
and here I am talking to Joyce and Kenny...
and here I am its 7.20pm
(and to think that I am not even like a full time staff here... )

"What you doing here? So late already..." my boss asks me. (I wonder myself sometimes!)
"Super rajin right?" my boss says on his way to the pantry.

I beg to differ... I am like super MSGing now on MSN with my friends, updating my blog, emailing old friends, looking online for interesting articles to read, playing ZUMA online and okay... so I do actually do some work... I wrote 4 articles. There are 4 more to go and a whole lot of phone calls to make and 3 more food reviews to go for.

*tick tock* *tick tock*

I am still here... everyone is offline at home tucking in their dinners... Possum is having dinner with his clients, Joyce is shopping with Adam, Dira is out with friends and the rest are just OUT or at home.
I am still here... and funnily I like where I am!

You & I

You & I had a talk...
AA: You angry ah?
GF: Should I be angry?
AA : I had a valid reason for not coming....
GF : Uh Huh...
AA : Don't be like that... Please understand.
I have my own things to do
AA : Are you there?
GF : Yeah...
AA : Please don't be angry...
GF : We aren't like how we used to be......
AA : Huh?
GF : We are't like we used to be lah... what happened to us?
You promised me...
AA: I had things to dolah. It was important...
please understand...
GF : Ok...
AA : Are you there?
GF : Yeah...
AA : I miss you, you know...
GF : Not as much as I miss you....
AA : Why you like to say things like that
GF : Cos its true...
AA : Well I better go... gotta pack
GF : Ok... Go
AA : Bye... you take care
GF : Yeah you too...
*toot* * toot* *toot*
(whispers to the deadline...)
GF : I dont think I can talk to you anymore... It hurts somehow...
Can you make things better?
~ An intepretation of a series of SMS's... for the purpose of creative writing. I find though that this sort of conversation is apparently normal for a lot of people...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

L|fe's Litt|e Dissappointments

For most of you who know me, you will not be surprised when you see me with my jolly smiles, my slightly off tune laughter and my sparodic 'blonde' moments... Well at the moment, ife has just turned a little bit wonky to put it mildly. My so-called "perfect" life which many people apparently envied (they didn't know what went on under the exterior), was in actual fact disintegrating and falling a part and it seemed that no amount of super glue or elephant glue or cement of what have you would work... and then I thought to myself... "NO". This is my LIFE and I jolly well only have that ONE LIFE to work with and since life is so fragile, I got to hold extra carefully in the palm of my hand.

"Ahhh" you nod to yourself... "Finally she is getting to be abit more optimistic about life." True, I do see things in a much more positive light though sadly at this moment in time, my little bout of optimism has gone on vacation and there isn't a note or a farewell. Ungrateful thing it is!!! I think this crappiness is due to me feeling a lot under the weather, not having enough sleep and having crappy stupid shitty arse results. So here I sit infront of the computer screen clicking the keyboard and thinking about all of ife's ittle disappointments. You must be wondering why I wallow in this nonsense... well I am going to bare it all with the hopes that it would make me feel slightly better...

Actually you know what... I think I don't need to bare it all... its all on my blog... and talking about it for the 1926th time isn't going to help...

*Dream Weaver* gathers all of "Life's Litte Dissappointments" and heads to the loo and


"Life's Litte Dissappointments" down the toilet bowl...

Image hosted by

... good riddance.

Strange Strange Day...

After getting the results and moaning and ranting and raving about the results online and with a selected few... I went for my ice cream review in 1Utama. Shaun came along with me and Joyce and we had all the flavours of ice cream plus take aways... yums... thanks Mr Ice Cream Man. He even invited us to his factory to see the process of ice cream making. *grin*

Was still feeling a little low (ok... ok... Very Low) and so the Possum decided to come to 1Utama and be with me for awhile before dinner which was really nice of him as he was tired already and he also got me Star Dasher who is none other than my L-ittle P-urple P-ony. *hoorah* I felt like I didn't deserve it but he said that I did cos I got one A and one B... (tried to make me feel better - worked alittle!).

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Image hosted by

Anyways, with the P-ony in my hand and my Tiramisu in the other hand (thanks Mr Ice Cream Man) I went home only to be told by Yue Neng that Spongy was in hospital... So the P-ony, dinner and the ice cream was momentarily forgotten as Yue Neng said they weren't sure if it was HIV Positive or not... of course being me I was super scared and worried about him although he doesn't know it and NO it was not HIV it was just bad bad bad stomache poisonning. (And if you ever read this Spongy - know that yes... I do care!)

Image hosted by
Get Well Soon Spongy

So off we went (me, G, YN and Hanna) to Assunta to see him. Spongy looked not so Spongy... I hate it when any of my friends and family get sick or are admitted to hospital. He was so weak I just wanted to like prop him up and like give him some sunshine... *sigh* I hate the smell of hospitals and the sad weepy eyes of the people there who know they are losing someone they love, the tired eyes of the people who have been up at night worrying and hoping for some sign of recovery, the smell of antiseptic, the stark white of the nurses uniforms and the creepiness of hospitals... I hate knowing that there is so much sadness in that building as well as a little bit of happiness (only on the maternity floor)... sigh... hope Spongy gets better soon. God bless him.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Small Decisions

So the question here is, what inadvertent decision did you make that seemed small at the time but ended up changing your life?
(Got that from a friend who was talking about small decisions that change your life...)

Image hosted by

Here's My Small Decision...
I walked away from you...
and that ended up changing my life...

Goodbye Cruel World


Image hosted by


For those of you all who called whilst I was checking my results and had the unfortunate task of listening to all that colourful language being babbled, I am sincerely sorry... and for those wonderful people who gave me moral support and told me that it was all in my mind and that I could NEVER fail... HAHAHAHA... I am not as smart as you think or I think or anyone thinks. The last time I bloody failed anything was maths in form fecking 5!!!

I feel so stupid...
I feel like an arse...
My parents might ask me to stop working at FACES now...
*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*
I want to crawl under a rock and just sleep and pretend this never happened...

I hate fucking USQ!!!

It was just ONE FUCKING MARK!!!

I feel so upset with myself.
I let myself down...
The ultimate lowest moment this year......

okay okay...
I will take it all back if you just give me that one mark...

Please GOD...
I am so begging...
I will give up my chocolates if I have to...
(see how desperate I am?)

Picks ups the phone... and dails secret GOD-SOS-hotline...

Hello God... its ME again...

I need DIVINE INTERVENTION right about now...
God can you hear me???

*toot* *toot* *toot*
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I am having a bad case of Monday BLues...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

These coupla days...

The day started with me jumping out of bed after pressing the snooze button one too many times and rushing to get the bus to college. Watched "White Chicks" in class and had to do a critique about it (so technical - not my thing!) but couldn't think about what I wanted to write as my classmates and I were discussing other movies we had watched so told my lecturer that I would hand it up next week. After class, I realized that it would take too long to get to my house from my college as A was picking me up to go to Hartamas to review TNT. So I took a cab and was fortunate to get out of it alive as the cabbie was a little strange - but then as a friend commented, all Malaysian cabbies are slightly strange! - How true that is...
Anyways, managed to shower and change and A was at my doorstep waiting patiently and off we went to Hartamas. Accompanied A for a drink while he ate and then I decided to hunt for my scrapbooking shop which was literally round the corner. Found it and was in semi Heaven. Was riffling around the shop and found Flower Fairy stickers... hoorah!!! If I spent XXX amount of money, I would get to be a member and since I already was going to go all out to buy the album and what nots, I decided to come back another day and buy it, but remembered to reserve the fairy stickers... I thought the album would still be there (it was a super nice one) and I should have reserved that too... but NO! I never learn about purchasing the things I like at once.
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Anyways, after "ohhh-ing" and "ahhh-ing" at the scrapbooking things I went to TNT to do the review. A was super nice as always and talked to K, the head instructor there. Then my partner in crime (Joyce) came with her bf in tow and took pics of the place and then off we went to Mont Kiara for a food review at Khana Peena, a restaurant which served Northern Indian cuisine. ;) Of course we had to say goodbye to the cat called Dog before we left. (Please DON'T ask - but then again I think its cute - a cat called Dog)
The food was good at the restaurant though we had so much food, as the ppl there really spoilt us (or perhaps they wanted favourable reviews) and between the Possum and I and Joyce and Adam there was still so much food left over. The best dish I had was the mango ice cream and the BBQ platter. (Look out for the food review in FACES October!!!) So home we went, super stuffed! A slightly long day but it was a fun day and not to forget so very productive! *Grin*
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Had horrible nightmares and woke up feeling super bothered again... continued reading book which is now Jostein Gaarder's "The Solitaire Mystery" . Then off I went to FACES to meet my partner in crime. Waited a good 25 minutes for a cab and luckily found one... we nearly got into an accident... but yeah... I am in one piece. So me and my Joyce made our way to Rahsia Bistro & Wine Bar We took a cab, an lrt and we walked... the long way... to the place and arrived there feeling hungry, sticky and tired (just not a good way to meet someone!).

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Anyways... the place was wonderful. SO my type of place and didn't help that the people knew just what we liked. I had a couple of drinks and lets see... 2 appetizers, 4 main dishes, 2 deserts and 4 cocktails!!! This of course was shared between me and Joyce. We were there for 3 and a half hours and the cab we called didn't come. It was already 11.10pm... and luckily the manager drove us to where we wanted to go. The ride back to Bangsar was just freaky. There was virtually no one around... arghhhh.... but all ended well... Went home and read my books and had a raging headache. I think it was due to the mix of cocktails though I highly recommend the Mango Tia Maria (super delicious!!!) Overall, I really enjoyed myself there with the food, the company and the atmosphere... 5 stars from me!!!
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Today I had a FACES meeting and got briefed on my work which I will be doing for the next couple of days (I am helping out the office and when my boss told me the amount of money I would be paid... my ears nearly fell off... hope he remembers!). So anyways, the meeting was pretty good, everyone is starting to warm up to each other and having more laughs and disscussions. Got 3 more food reviews to do... One this Monday at One Utama - Ice Cream shop and I have to find one vegetarian and one organic food shop (any suggestions?).
Then I went to the scrapbooking shop in Hartamas with Possum and well what do you know... the freaking album was sold to someone else that very afternoon... ARGH!!! and it was the ONLY one I wanted... *grumble grumble* Got my fairy stickers though... I guess better than nothinglah. Asked the lady to order me another album but she said might not be able to... lalala... WHATEVER!!! Sorry sounding so biatchy! Possum brought me to RSC and we met some old classmates of his from SMDU and we ended up having drinks with them. It was home for me then as the Possums house is super super messy and I so do not want to clean his freakin house. Anyways, am super sleepy now... I reckon its the screen lights. Gonna read my new book... "At the Rainbows End" - isn't that like SO a *Dream Weaver* type book... hehehe... :) Nights Nights peeps...
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