Wednesday, November 30, 2011

baby steps

When stresses abound. 
When vendors make me want to scream and cry and break things
that you consider quitting your job or eloping...

When you are scared and worried
about someone you care about and
feel small and useless...

When you feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things
and are not sure what you can do to make a difference...

When everyone tells you to give up
but you know that you can't... that you shouldn't...

Just remember...
take it one step at a time.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Extreme Parenting

Just read this article about parenting Extreme Parenting and I think it's just that -- Extreme! In some ways, as sick as it may sound, I totally understand the need to discipline your children and to get them to have better grades and to excel in life. I guess deep down, these Tiger Moms and  Wolf Dads just want the best for their kids and hopefully through these methods of theirs, they hope to secure a good future for their children. Being Asian doesn’t help either since we have the “always want to win” syndrome or “kiasu” as it is popularly known here in Malaysia and even in Singapore.

I sometimes feel this way too, kiasu… but then I look back at the way I was brought up and I think “hey, I didn’t turn out so bad!”. And it’s true. I may not be the brightest apple in the basket but I have pretty decent job and I have a fulfilling life. I may not have gotten any scholarships {apart from a student exchange one that didn’t quite need us to have excellent grades, and book scholarships and partial ones to study aboard} but I learnt heaps about growing up and about people. I have not excelled at sports or music or art or in studies and etc. {the list is too long for this} but I played in the park with my friends, cycled around the neighborhood, stayed up late to watch tv, had imaginary games of “masak masak” {cooking} with my dolls and had a lovely childhood. 

When I was growing up, I was allowed to go to parties, hangout at friends houses, go to shopping complexes, movies, bowling and all sorts of fun things. In college, I freelanced for magazines, hungout till the sun came up, drank, kissed, partied, laughed, loved, dated, went for trips and lived.

I guess that’s the crux of it. I lived.

I lived. I breathed. I held life with two hands.
I didn’t sit on the sidelines and watch as the world went by and others lived and breathed and danced.
I am not reckless don’t get me wrong but I did things and for the most part, I never regretted the things that I did. They shaped me to be the woman I am today…
And for all these experiences that I have been through, I
 thank my non-tiger/wolf parents 
for giving me the freedom to experiencing it all.

Thank you ma and pa.
I love the both of you very much.

Monday, November 28, 2011

please pray

"Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, 
all you who hope in the Lord." 
Psalms 31:24 ~

My dad is in the hospital again.
They don't quite know what is wrong with him.
Tests and scans are being performed.
Am trying to be a big girl about this.
Am trying not to get emotional or cry...
but its tough.

Please pray for his speedy and safe recovery. 

Update (29 Nov): The test results came out clear.
No clots. No cancer. No cracks.
The doctors are still trying to figure out
what is wrong with him. Please continue to pray.
Much thanks.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I subscribe to this 100%

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy SII.

It is the first impulsve buy of my LIFE 
that costs more than 200 bucks.

I am typing this while hyperventilating 
and grinning at the same time.
*smiles grins smiles grins*

I can't believe this.
Am going to be in the Android family now.

I still don't know how that happened.
It's a high.

I don't think I am going to do this again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

naked nails

It was supposed to be pretty straightforward. I leave work slightly early - take a cab to my nail salon and get my manicure and pedicure done for my pre-wedding photo session on Thursday.

but NO!

My nails are not done.

Firstly something came up at work, so I left slightly late. Then I couldn't get a cab and when I finally got a patient nice cab man to send me to Taman Tun for my nail appointment, I get stuck in a jam. And then it rains. And the meter for the cab is running. And running. And then  the nail salon calls me and tells me that if I don't reach in 5 minutes I have to reschedule ~ I am in fact very far away. Very very far away!!! 

So, I don't have an appointment, 
can't get my nails done and am stuck in a jam. 
I feel down and angry and sad and annoyed.
I want to laugh at the situation. I want to scream.
But instead, I called Drama Dave and we go to Decanter for a drink.
I feel better after the very ladies vodka.
But my nails un-coloured ~ they feel strangely cheated and naked after I promised them a pampering spa session. I reckon I gotta go find myself a nail salon tomorrow during lunch to get my nails done. Pray I manage to get them done.

Am now frantically getting my props ready for my pre-wedding shoot while trying not to think about the wedding invitations that have yet to be done and the guest list which is 300-ish people too many! 
Ahhh... thoughts of eloping did cross my mind several times over the course of these two weeks but as my best friends remind me, it will be all worth it at the end of the day. I will try to remember this in the next 2 months or so. *tick tock tick tock* the so called 'big day' is just round the corner ~ egad!

Thank God for B who keeps me sane and who puts up with the craziness. 
I am so glad that he is back... things are back to normal.
Off to bed I go *smiles* I hear rain and thunder.
Sweet dreams all.

Btw, it's B's birthday today. No big celebration.
Just a quiet dinner at his home, Gossip Girl series on the telly.
And slices of black forest cake and a catch up session.
*I love you Boo, Happy Birthday*

Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Stylin' #11: Pretty Wedding

I really really love the photos I saw on My Sweet & Saucy. The photos were for a couple called Audree and Matt and man were they lovely photos. I would have liked to be at this wedding. 

Everything looked to pretty and coordinated and when I see photos such as this, I get a pang of something I can't quite name. I love the desert table the whole coordinated look and feel of the wedding... something my wedding will not really have. I know I should be thankful and oh so blessed because I am already getting so much but I guess when you surf the interweb and see such pretty things, your heart kinda wants it too...

Anywhos, enjoy these beautiful photos and I hope you will be inspired by them and that you will find a way and people to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Loving the soft pastel bouquet 
against the bright pink of the dress.

A simple dress. A cute hanger.

A letter pressed wedding invite.
I like letter pressed stuff.

An outdoor wedding setting.
Complete with sofas and other furniture.

The table was set up so beautifully *swoon*

Loving the little customised gifts, the flowers 
and the pretty arrangements. 

The awesome desert table
*loving it*

A lovely wedding indeed. 
Don't ya think so? *smiles*

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Am not feeling well for some strange reason.
My head feels like its floating. My body feels bashed.
I feel tired and I would love to just curl up in a ball
and hide under the covers and sleep 
the day and night away.
My heart is troubled. My mind spins around.
The answers evade me.

I can't wait for you to be home. 
I miss you.

Guilty Pleasures

During my short holiday at Pangkor Island, my friends and I asked each other some random questions like "if you could change your past, what would it be?" or "how would people describe you?".  Now one of the questions was "what is your guilty pleasure?" and we had good fun discussing this. While thinking for my answer, I realised that I had heaps of guilty pleasures *snickers snickers grin grin*. Today, I will share one of these pleasures with you. 

It is a rather simple one. The guilty pleasure of being a couch potato and watching TV Series! I only starting getting super hooked when I stopped hanging out so much at clubs/pubs and the likes and decided to stop drinking like a fish and instead spend more time at home. It's also super awesome to just vegetate on the couch and just be immersed in someone else's life. I also love it when B and I snuggle up on the couch or on the bed to watch endless episodes of our favourite series. 

I thought I would share some of the series that we love and are currently watching. Btw, we love TV hence why we watch heaps of it plus, it really is an awesome relaxant after a super bleh day at work. So read on and Enjoy!

Gossip Girl ~ super drama. awesome clothes. hot guys and pretty girls. I love the super drama-ness about it. The parties. The dresses. The fashion. 
The crazy romances and of course Chuck + Blair! 
*am still rooting for them to get together*

The Vampire Diaries ~ vampires. witches. werewolves. ghosts.
hot guys + pretty girls. a very deep story which keeps me guessing.
the guys in the movie are better looking than the girls *grin*

Supernatural ~ the title says it all. all kinds of weirdness.
two cute brothers + one hot father. *yums*
you learn a lot about how to kill supernatural beings... 
creepy. entertaining. like a drug you crave.

Subergatory ~ Suburbia + Purgatory. just started watching this and it ishilarious. full of laughs. enjoyable. perfect for dinner.

The New Girl ~ LOVE this! It is super hilarious and makes me think
of me sometimes. Kooky. Silly. A keeper.

The Lying Game ~ confusing at times but it has an interesting plot.
watch it with my family.

Pretty Little Liars ~ I watch this alone and like it heaps for the
drama. the suspense. the dresses. the girls.

Hellcats ~ both B and I liked Hellcats then but after awhile it got boring. would not mind watching it again but then its not our top top TV show.

Make It Or Break It ~ I watched this alone for hours on end. I loved
to catch glimpses of the lives and sacrifices of gymnasts.
Their routines amaze me.

So... what about you?
What are some of your guilty pleasures? 

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone.
I hope all of you have a lovely day.
As for me, I am going to louge about and watch tv,
read and snooze *smiles smiles* Perfect!

Back from the island

I am back from the island. 
The flues has not left me and it kinda dampened my holiday a little
but I had a good relaxing time with my friends.
{more updates on the trip soonest}.
Holidays are just so different without B.
And, it is so good to be home.
There is no place like home!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beach Holiday

At an island resort. Too bad the flues have not gone away ~ hoping it will soon. But heres to a long needed break.

Hello beach. Hello sea. Hello relaxation.
* toodles poodles*

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1st Party @ the Love Nest

"And Lord we want to lift your name on high
And Lord we want to thank you for the works
You’ve done in our lives
And Lord we trust in Your unfailing love
For you alone are God eternal
Throughout earth and heaven above".
{One of my favourite songs}

The weekend was aweseome-busy-tiring-blessed.
B & I had our first 'open house / party' at the Love Nest on Saturday and invited our relatives and friends over. For the first batch {since the Love Nest is quite compact in size}, we had B's relatives over - we had a 'happy house warming' cake and a birthday cake for B whose birthday is next week. After that, I had my friends over. 

It was good to get everyone together and I am so thankful for the lovely presents that we recieved ~ the 500 bucks Ikea card is just so awesome as I can finally start putting up the soft touches to the Love Nest with photoframes and the like *smiles smiles*, so thanks guys ~ both B and I appreciate it and let's share the wine soon while we toast to our first holiday away in what 11 years? Lastly we ended the day with poker night at ours {pizza, poker and all kinds of drinks!} with the guys ~ I love winning at poker though my hands were pretty good. So, there we were... from 8:30am {woke up scrambling to get the house spick and span} till 2am {watching videos after a night of poker}. The only thing I regret was not taking enough pics but its hard playing hostess and taking pics at the same time ~ maybe I shall remember next time.

Sunday dawned upon me wayyyy to early. I went to church, had lunch and then B and I went to get our wedding bands at Diamond & Platinum. I had initially wanted a rose gold number with a small row of diamonds but then the rose gold ring next to my white gold engagement ring didn't quite jive, so we opted for white gold wedding bands but the designs that were simillar to the rose gold ones that we wanted. I love the ring already and can't wait to wear it *super silly grin* After ring/bling shopping, B and I had our first Christmas Starbucks of the 2011 and we bought each other Starbucks tumblers ~ mine a Christmas number with pretty snowflakes and B a Starbucks lookalike {photos to be uploaded soon...ish}. Was a little annoyed at the girl who served us as she didn't inform me of the new redemption mechanism for the 2012 diaries and because of that, I lost 3 stamps ~ bleh! 

Next we had two weddings in a row. A ROM (Registration of Marriage) and another wedding reception at a local country club. It was good meeting up with friends. So at the end of the day which was 11:30pm, B and I were both pooped and due to the lack of sleep since the weekend I am now having the flues and feel jaglaggish or how I imagine jaglag to feel like. Plus my new lenses on my specs make me feel as if I am floating. Am going to give it another week to get used to and if my then I still am not used to it, I will be going to back to the shop to get it sorted.

On an awesome note, my dad who had a minor operation about a week ago just got word from the doctor that he is cancer-free and that everything is going A-okay! *Praise & Thank You God for your goodness and mercy and for hearing my prayer* He has some back problems but not much can be done for that since it is mostly due to getting older. {getting older kinda sucks at times}. So, while I mop up my leaky nose and try to get pull myself together for the day ahead, I wish all of you a happy Tuesday. It's a short week for me as I am off for a short island holiday with my friends while B goes to Vietnam with his friends. One of the first times in a long long long time since we are going for a holiday without each other but I am sure the days will pass by in a blur and in no time it will be Christmas and then our Wedding Day *woot woot* {saying it aloud makes me feel antsy as we don't have everything sorted just yet ~ working on it really!}.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Calendar Swap 2012

I got to know about the calendar swap through Marta's blog. Curiousity got the better of me since I love calendars {and am actually in the midst of looking for a daily planner ~ I usually buy one at least a month before the new year}. So I clicked on the link and reached Design Crush's site and post for the Calendar Swap. Long story short, I have now got two calendar swap mates ~ Ariel from New York and Noella from Dubai {loving her blog}. We have been exchanging emails and its pretty cool to find other like minded people out there who loves kinda the same things that you do *smiles smiles grin grin* 

So, what is a Calendar Swap ~ its basically selecting and purchasing a calendar for someone else. You can decide if you want to swap locally or internationally. There isn't a catch of anything, just that each calendar has to be about $20-$30 and that you have to send the calendars out by Thanksgiving. So am going to be calendar hunting for my two Calendar Swap buddies ~ super excited! I think Calendar Swaps are super!

Have gone interweb surfing and here are some pretty calendars for your viewing pleasure... who knew calendars would be so trendy and interesting?!? *smiles* 

Seen @ Paper Crave

Seen @ Design Crush

Seen @ Paper Crave

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