Friday, May 28, 2004

Guess what? Still freaking waiting!!!

heylo.. guess what? I am still freaking waiting. I hate that.. Waiting.. Waiting.. Waiting.. like gawd!!! I have waited for so many things in life and I still have to wait and I know that as certain as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I will have to do more waiting. Waiting for the results to come out, waiting for an answer, waiting for a phone call, waiting for the bus, waiting for the time to eat, waiting for a chance to shine, waiting for mail, waiting to see you, waiting to hear from you.. I am driving myself mental. Going to go now. Hopefully the waiting will be worth it in the end..
Yeah Yeah, I know that patience is a virture and yada yada.. let me moan for awhile, k? I have been good all morning!


eevon said...

Hey Joanne! Welcome to the blogging world...good stuff you got going! Here's wishing you many bloggity goodness =) Anyway, do visit my humble domain for the unecessary at Do drop comments and give me your two cents worth =) Btw, I'm gonna link you to my site ya? You cool with that? Blog on and I'll hear from you soon. *Hugs!

HabitualDamnation said...
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