Monday, June 30, 2008


I find myself in the same predicament as before. I have so many things that I want to blog about but time does not permit me to really write, to pour out my thoughts and feelings. Not only is time an issue but inspiration seems to have deserted me as well.

I took the day off today to get some stuff done and managed to do several of the things I planned yet I feel as if my day was wasted. I should have woken up earlier and completed more things. It is weird how previously I could just squander away my days and not feel guilty about it and now I think about how I could have done more instead of waking up at some ungodly hour and just lazing in bed with a book. But as always, we can’t undo what’s been done.

As the Punjabi saying goes, wakt noon hath naen phar-da. There is no hand to catch time.

I would like to do a more meticulous update about what’s been going on with me but I reckon it would have to wait. I want to write more poetry and get my scrapbooks going… but that too will have to wait until inspiration decides to visit me again.

The new financial year is tomorrow as well; I hope that it will be a fantastic one.

Have a good week everyone. *God bless*

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Frontera on the Weekend

So here I am sitting at the bar at Frontera...
I am supposed to be at home, sleeping perhaps... but here I am once again... drinking with me mates...
:) Sweet

~ Ramblings of a slightly happy dreamweaver who realises that the weekend is almsot at its end

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hey You...

It’s 11:14am.
I just realized how difficult it is to pretend that I don’t know you.


It’s amazing how my heart raced with anticipation knowing that I had free tickets to a fancy dinner and movie that I have been anticipating, for I had thought that my heart would have forgotten such lovely childish delights such as these.
I thought excitedly of how perhaps I could ask you along for this excursion of sorts as I used to do not so very long ago…
It’s astonishing how my hand automatically reached for my hand phone and how my fingers nimbly found your name in the address book and hastily typed out a message to you.
It’s equally astounding that my mind screams at me at the same time my fingers dance on the keypad, telling me… screaming at me to NOT press the send button, to not call you, to not speak to you… to go on pretending that you don’t exist… to go on playing this game of charades… for this is what you want is it not?


But soon with the passing of time, I fear that my heart will not race with the exhilaration I once felt when I think of you and how it felt to just hangout with you, eating and drinking, talking and sighing. I shall miss that feeling…
And should similar offers come my way, or should a weekend or night drag on before me, my hands will as they always do, reach for my hand phone… but my fingers will be idle on the keypad and my thoughts will be drawn to the boy I once knew, the one I could call or SMS without reservation or doubt at all hours of the day, the one who strangely gave pretty decent advice and listened to my strange thoughts without judgment, the one who sighed with me and 'layaned' my ramblings… and perhaps then I will sport a grin when I think of him and the moments we shared.


Hey you,
I can’t help but wish it didn’t have to be this way…
I miss your friendship.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I was just telling B (who I incidentally don't love in "that" way) this evening
as we drove home that I was so excited
to be able to go on home and blog about the things that have been happening...
...about the books that lured me with their magical song,
about the supplier who thought I had 2 children,
about the boss who spent half of my WIP meeting talking to me about pimple/acne creams,
about the boy who broke my heart,
about the dreams that I have been having,
about the vomiting and nausea I feel almost daily,
about the photos I took,
about the urge to up and leave,
about the voices in my head that have come back,
about the champion night when I puked nine times without the aid of alcohol,
about the new stuff I bought,
about grinning on my on accord,
about the “re-awakening”,
about praising God and feeling parts of the old happiness and peace return,
about the party that wasn't quite like a party,
about growing up and growing old,
about a boy who thinks I am in love with him,
about the bookshelves and cupboards and SB room and heaps of other stuff that I want,
about the emo songs I love and try to sing along to...
about singing with a passion that comes from some unknown place in me,
about what I have learnt in this short time about love and relationships,
about the wedding that might not have been,
about learning to let go,
about learning to plant your own flowers without waiting for someone to give them to you,
about the banking summit,
about the dangers of pretending to be someone else,
about telling the truth although the truth hurts painfully,
about advising your friends when you know your decision could
change their lives forever,
about smiling eventhough your heart is breaking,
about the bar where almost everyone knows your name,
about eating too much salmon and its effects on you,
about my cool family,
about the big boss who seems almost human at times,
about my insecurities,
about JT and how he writes awesomely crappy emails,
about the man who occupies my daydreams,
about my new passion,
about saying 'I am sorry' and actually meaning it,
about drinking apple juice in a Hello Kitty container and not cringing,
about dropping chocolate cake with a "SPLAT" in front of your big boss
and pretending that nothing happened,
about learning to be happy for your own sake rather than anyone else’s,
and about everything else that has happened since...
But the words fail me tonight.
The books have been luring me once more but I can't read...
Piles of books stacked up, one on top of the other bid me warm welcomes
and entice me with their stories of which I can only imagine
as I hastily tiptoe pass them to get to my warm slightly cramped bed.

I reckon I need sleep more than anything else... (I can’t believe I just said that!) It is lovely in my dreams more often than not... Everything is less complicating with more happy endings and in my dreams, I am able to say the things I really want to say out loud *smile*
So to bed I shall go...
perhaps I will be able to write tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In Your Hands

I have done the best that I can...
It's all in Your hands now

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Barrel

I read in the Economist today while waiting for B in the car that...
"At the end of the barrel is Hope"...
How apt a saying for today...
a day where Hope was playing hide and seek with me.
A month has gone by so quickly.
I would have liked to change the way things turned out this past month...
but like a game of Texas Hold'em you get what the dealer doles out to you
and you can't quite change your cards for better ones...
you gotta just make do with what you have, lie about it to make it seem really realy great
or you can fold and cut your losses.
One part of me tells me that I should have not gambled
and cut my losses at the very start of the game
... but its a little too late for that.
You can't quite erase memories or perfect moments
from your mind or your heart...
I have lost quite a far bit in month... but its okay.
I have done the best that can be done with the hand that has been dealt
and its not too late...
...cos at the end of the barell is Hope.
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