Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A brief glimpse of the years gone by & the years to come..

Was looking at some of the surveys on my friendster bulletin board and I noticed this particular survey and decided to post it up.. I think that its interesting as it made me think back to the past and to the future. Well hopefully all that I have typed will come true. So here it is, a brief glimpse of the years that have gone by and the years that will come soon enough..

10 Years Ago, I...
1. was 12, and was in SRK DJ (1)
2. First time I beat up a guy (he bloody deserved it)
3. Said goodbye to the best teacher I ever had
4. won a prize for an art competition

5 Years Ago, I...
1. prepared to go to Australia
2. a car accident robbed me of a good friend
3. got my first real boyfriend
4. realized that everything was going to change once I left school

3 Years Ago, I...
1. was in the student council at IACT
2. finally got good results
3. was 17 kilos heavier and I was a fatty
4. had to readapt to my life back in Malaysia

2 Years Ago, I...
1. lost someone I loved the most
2. realized that was so much more to life than what I was living at the moment
3. got my first job waitressing
4. got interviwed by the Star for World Poetry Day

A Year Ago, I...
1. got my heart broken
2. met some really wonderful people
3. saw a possesion and subsequently didn't have a good time on a trip
4. was lost and didn't know what i wanted in life

So Far This Year, I...
1. have started at Stamford college
2. had my heart broken but survived
3. got to know a wonderful Possum
4. have learnt to Love myself and to be just ME

Yesterday, I....
1. watched TV with my mum for 5 hours
2. had my 2 first classes for this new semester
3. ate an evil custard bun
4. had lunch with an old friend and a new friend at SEED Cafe at 1 Utama

Today, I ....
1. drank a cocktail with leaves floating in it =)
2. met a Chinese boy who asked me if I wanted to learn Mandarin
3. played virtual bowling with Possum
4. watched "TROY" again with friends

Tomorrow I will...
1. be attending my first 'critical thinking' class
2. be seeing the Possum
3. hopefully getting good results
4. having a wonderful day

And in 10 years time I intend to...
1. be married and have 3 wonderful children
2. drive myself around
3. have my first book published
4. have travelled to atleast three countries

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