Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The monsters and me

I have stumbled upon all kinds of monsters.
The ones that repulse me
The ones that I loathe
The ones I long to slay with my blade
Manically slashing them lest they get away…
And then watch in twisted fascination as their wounds and gashes
Ooze blood thick as tar
And as black as sin.

Then there are the monsters in my dreams.
The ones I cannot see
The ones I run away from
Unknowingly and blindly stumbling through darkness
Through places I know not.
I run from the monsters that haunt me at night
That makes salty tears fall silently from my eyes.
That makes me toss and turn in my sleep
Till I wake up with a start
Trembling and wishing for dawns light.

Interestingly the monsters that I fear the most
Are the monsters that are merged and entwined within me.
The ones that emerge at the click of a finger
Or a blink of an eye
The ones that can ruin and destroy.
They are the monsters that are disruptive, dark and deadly
That lashes out at innocents unsuspectingly.
That wishes only for the worse
The ones that I inwardly curse.
Of all the monsters out there
The ones hardest to kill would be the monsters such as these.

So we live in a sick and twisted world
Vilely joined and seemingly symbiotic
That’s how we are the monsters and me

Hints of Despair

There were hints of despair
In the way that she sighed
In the way that she walked
In the way that she spoke.

There were hints of despair
In her glittery teary eyes
In the crooked broken smile
In the stance of her face.

There were hints of despair
Painted in her pictures
Written in her words
Sowed into the earth.

There were hints of despair
Around her
With her
In her
Just hints and threads of despair…

Saturday, November 01, 2008


DW is rethinking the choices she has made.
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