Friday, May 28, 2004



Every morning when I awake,
I lie in bed and try to capture
The tangles of dreams like cobwebs
That lingers about in my head.

They dart around in my mind,
Teasing me, taunting me, making me mad…
I search in vain
And try so hard to find
These dreams which seem so real
It seemed that I lived in another place and time.

A collage of dead ends,
Mazes and prisons,
A sprinkling of hope and passion,
And those ominous prophesies and visions.

By the time five seconds have passed,
My mind starts to forget whatever I have dreamt,
I feel they are important,
There is some meaning I cannot find…
But I just can’t tell you what or why.

So could someone please share with me…
Some ways and means to make them last
So that I wouldn’t have to lose them and say goodbye…
Oh dreams, such a joy and such a torture
Always there in the future, the present and the past.

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