Monday, May 24, 2004

`Virtual Insanity`

`Virtual Insanity`

Hyper Bowling – Gawd!!! So so damn addictive. After 23 games of virtual bowling with Eugene, I have come to realize that I not only love this game, I am quite good at it. What a way to spend the last day of my holidays.. playing game after game of virtual bowling. To make things more interesting, the loser had to be the ‘slave’ of the winner for a day.. and guess who won?!? ME.. whoppie!!! Hmmm.. still thinking of things that I want him to do for me.. any suggestions? *Grin* and to add more ‘life’ to the game, we actually went to taupau food like goring pisang, nasi lemak, those malay pancake thingys, vanilla coke and normal coke and apple pie. Gawd! I had so much fun. It was actually like damn tension at one time.. the 2nd game will be soon. Hoping that I woop this bum again this time, hehe!

I do declare though that these virtual games have become such an addiction for me. Ok ok.. so I don’t like those main stream games like CS or Diablo or whatever. I like arcade games. Silly games from yahoo. Yes yes!!! Sad little me, but I do like them and I play them happily whenever I can. I can see you all shaking your heads and wondering why why why??? Hehehe.. oh well I hope that this is just a phase, my whole obsession with the arcade games.

Yeahs insanity, craziness, madness, and lunacy.. Guess what I am actually wearing my Shrek ears as I type this down. My family thinks I am a bit sick in the head, but I think I am just happy that’s all. So if anyone has the urge to have them Shrek ears, you can call me and I will loan them to you for a day or two. *Grin* gawd I thinks I should go to bed now.. Tomorrows gonna be another long day in the real world.. but I will be ready for it!!!

* Smiles and more smiles to everyone, May you have a wonderful day today and tomorrow and the tomorrows to come... aight? See you alls soonest..

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