Saturday, December 24, 2016

My 8th One Little Word...

2010 was a year of "Coming Home"… Coming Home to God. Coming Home to the ones who love me. Coming Home to where I belong. Coming Home to my own.

2011 was a year of Preparation”... a year of building foundations. A year of preparing to grow up, preparing to fly, preparing to take big steps, preparing for big changes, preparing to be a wife, preparing to speak out, preparing to capture my dreams with two hands. 

2012 was a grand year of “Exploring” new places, a new relationship as a married person, exploring feelings, exploring ideas and so much more.

2013 was a year to “Create”. Creating memories, creating a business, creating a home, creating an improved DW, creating handmade, creating ways to help others who are less fortunate, creating new and lasting friendships and creating new adventures.

2014 was all about challenging myself to have a life filled with “Joy” and we had the best gift of our very own Sophia Joy.

2015 was a year to “Grow” all areas of my life, growing relationships with God, my husband, my family and friends , growing Hearts & Crafts, watching SJ grow, and growing my collection of happy moments.

2016 was when I needed to “Balance” – an even distribution of weight enabling someone to remain upright and steady. Balance all aspects of my life, relationships with God, family, husband, daughter, pet, friends, colleagues and community, my passions and myself.

For my 8th year, 2017, participating in Ali Edwards #OLW movement [don't quite know how to catagorise this}, the word came so easily and naturally to me. In fact, when I was in Melbourne, Australia walking and browsing alone, I wondered to what word I would choose for the coming year. And I thought about what I wanted from the coming year, I wondered what it had in store for me and then the word came to me “Thrive”. I saw it a few more times in books, on cards, on posters…

To “Thrive” is to bloom, abound, flourish, develop, shine, grow, radiate, arrive, succeed, prosper, increase, bear fruit, get ahead, blossom, boom, progress… Such a rich word with so much meaning and depth.

So 2017 will be this, a year to Thrive. #OLW2017
I am already looking forward to it!
*smile smile*  *grin grin* 

Image from Live.Thrive.Love

HE is Christmas

To say that life has not changed or that it has changed too much would be a an over-exaggeration. But it has changed some...

Most importantly I guess would be the fact that I am writing this post in my home, on my bed with B snoring{ok, that't not quite new} and my amazing, bright and funny 26 month old baby bestie/daughter sleeping beside me.

Two weeks ago on Friday, 10 December, I was at a Coldplay concert in Melbourne at Etihad Stadium, listening to this amazing band play all my fav. songs including Atlas. I am not daydreaming. I have a job that I enjoy and that I am good at and I am thankful for that and I am typing all this on my Asus Transformer tablet which is definitely not RM200. I am also trying my best to make each day memorable and to live life as best as I can.

Christmas has not come. In fact, it is about 23 hours away. I lament about the passing of time occasionally for the days pass to quickly but I am trying to remember to savour the moment and to be present in everything that I do.

It is great to note that I do not have many melancholy things to write about and that I have done well in ironing out bits and pieces of my life... and for the most part, have  come to accept things that I cannot change, have come to embrace life and new experiences, have come to accept myself and to love myself and the person I have become.

So why finally am I dusting away the cobwebs of this blog and putting my thoughts out there in the open? Well, the thought has been nagging at me for sometime, the need to preserve my thoughts, and no matter if no one reads it... it is solely for me. A place for me to record the things I feel, to capture moments, to express in words what is in my head and in my heart.

I miss that... writing, blogging... whatever you want to call it.

I initially wanted to write this in a journal but it would take too long to pen everything down and typing seemed easier and quicker. Plus, I miss this little spot. This little Piece of Heaven.

The real reason I am up typing this when I could be reading, catching up on my TV series while wrapping Christmas presents is that I had to share the gift I just got from an old friend of mine. PL was back from London for Christmas and she said she would drop by and the next thing you know, we were waist high in conversation about society, the world, our self image and of course updates of our life.

It was towards the end of the conversation that we touched on God. I shared that I felt that my relationship with Him had kinda slided and how I wanted to rebuild that, make it stronger than it was before. The next thing I knew, she was sharing what I needed to hear and in fact was along the lines of what my cousin had shared with me when I met him in Melbourne two weeks ago before the Coldplay concert.

Below is a summary of what struck me and brought tears to my eyes, because surely this was Him giving me another reminder, another message to come back to Him... and then I felt it. The stirrings in my heart. The words of the Father gently asking me to speak to Him, to make time for Him. And I am in awe. I had just received one of the best gifts ever. A reminder about the gift of His son. And I felt what can only be described as the spirit of Christmas.

* Time here on earth as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, an employee is preparing you for an internal time with Him
* Spending time with Him and building your relationship with Him will enrich your life in every way possible
* Tithing is not all about money. It is about sacrificing your time, the things that you want

My days have been full and carving time out with Him has been put on the 'To Do' list... and that's where I have been wrong. That is the missing piece. Him. Putting Him first in everything that I do. Spending quality time with Him and listening to His word. Being enriched with His messages to sustain me and give me faith so that I in turn may help and encourage others.

So I will do my utmost best to do just that. Put Him first. Keep Him close.

To say that life has not changed or that it has changed too much would be a an over-exaggeration. But the one constant in life has been His grace, His protection and His love which without, I would not be who I am today and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I feel Christmas. HE is Christmas.
He has and always be in my Heart.

Good night. Sweet dreams.
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