Monday, May 31, 2004

*~* She *~*

She was dressed in a pink frilly frock,
With a yellow band on her hair.
She was going to be seven,
Everything seemed to go her way,
It was her birthday today.
She had a pink birthday cake,
with Mickey and Minnie mouse,
It even had smarties
and for decoration white sugared ice.
When the presents came,
She was so surprised,
She tore the wrapper with glee,
And it seemed that her face radiated with a glow,
This was a moment of pure happiness and joy.
After the guests had left,
And she was all tucked up in her bed,
She said a prayer that everyday would be like this,
Full of fun, laughter and fun,
Sweets, presents and cake
But most of all she wanted everyday to be filled with happiness.

She looks at faded photographs and sees her smiling face
The smile so radiant and so sweet,.
The innocent looks, the wishful thinking,
The hopeful heart and the daydreaming.
She remembers the days of pink dresses and yellow hair bands
Of Mickey and Minnie, sweets and candy.
Of days running around in the park, swinging high on swings,
Nothing to worry about, just dreaming dreams.
Flowers in her hair,
Dolls and teddies picnics in the park,
Coloring books and blowing bubbles in the air.
Everything is different now nothing is the same.
Many things have happened to colour her years,
Patches of black in her rainbow of life.
She looks at the photo again and closes her eyes,
Tries to remember the days when things were simple,
And for a brief moment,
She is in her yellow hair band and her pink frilly dress
Making birthday wishes
Of everlasting happiness….….

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