Monday, August 29, 2011



  [won-der-luhst]  Show IPA
noun a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.
German,  equivalent to wander n to wander  +Lust  desire; see lust

I have once again been hit by the feeling of wanderlust. 
Such a romantic word it is. 
Can you just feel the words rolling off your tongue? 
It’s like magic.
Can you taste the adventure, the great unknown,
the romance, the immense world of possibility? 

The feeling this time is stronger.
It's the feeling of possibilities.
Of something out there,
though not too far away.
It beckons.

I feel as if I can grasp it, touch it,
feel it, taste it, smell it.
It smells like sunshine and grass after the rain.
It feels like butterflies wings on my skin.
It feels like soft sand between my feet,
like grass in my hair and waves licking my toes.
It feels like soothing wind, filling me up,
twirling me around and then
letting me go gently while I land on my two feet…
I see snapshots of colour, rainbow like, picturesque.
It tastes of ripe sweet sticky oranges and lemon meringue,
of bittersweet chocolate and cotton candy on sticks.
It sounds like laughter, of joy, of smiles, of life.
A concoction of everything loved and so much more.


To see some of my wanderlust hopes, visit

Saturday, August 27, 2011

a walk in the park

The weekend is upon us {can I hear a *woot woot*?}.
And to start the day of we are taking Belle {my beagle} and Moshi {B's schnauzer} to Desa Park City for a walk. It is kind of late in the morning for a walk but the weather is a tad gloomy and a its a little windy... in my opinion perfect weather for dog walking! *smiles*
I am hoping that Belle will be on her best behavior since Belle has bouts of craziness and stubbornness {an uber bad combination}. Belle has been so excited at the prospect of going that she has been nudging my leg to remind  me to bring her out *snickers* She is such a sweet heart. 
Anyways, gotta go my blog friends.
Have an awesome Saturday.

Belle during her younger days *smiles*

Friday, August 26, 2011

A kind of merriment

There is a strange kind of merriment ebbing and flowing around me in the office. It's probably  relief of having astonishingly good financial results this year, mixed with buckets of fizzy joy that the holidays are already at the doorstep and probably thankfulness that we survived a very draining and character testing week. 

Most of the lights are turned off already and I see my colleagues hurrying to pack up to leave. I see status updates about the massive jams everywhere and thank God I will be taking a scenic walk to the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers to catch a train home where B will be waiting to have dinner with me {bless his kind soul}.

A quick peek at The Knick Knack Box will reveal most of my books being sold which delights me to no end {thank you kind people}... but no worries, there are still some left for those of you are interested in picking up good reads with super good prices! *smiles*

So this is basically a short post of release and of thanks to God who has helped me get through the minutes, hours and days. For without Him I would probably be going crazy.

Have a good weekend all! 
I foresee and awesome weekend and week ahead.
Let’s get ready for September peeps!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This will be a quick post. 
Just wanted to let you guys know that 
I have uploaded more books onto The Knick Knack Box. 
In total, I have 6 stashes of books and 
its great that I have already sold 9 books!
*pats myself on the back* 

Hopefully I will be able to sell more in the days to come.
*smiles smiles smiles*

On another note, I feel a tad sad parting with these books 
which have been sitting on my shelves for ages. 
They have been my companions and my comfort 
and a good distraction from the sometimes hard realities of life.
I will miss them and hope they go to good homes.
Happy Wednesday all.

The Knick Knack Box

Dear Readers of My Little Piece of Heaven,

"I turned one of cant's into a can!"
{do I hear a *woot woot*}

I have just opened a little blog stop/shop, 
The Knick Knack Box {of the KKB for short}!

The KKB is divided into three broad categories, 
namely the "Gloriously New", the "Pre-Loved and Will be Missed" 
and the "Crafted With Love" {will hopefully be whipping up something soon}
I have already started selling some My 1st Stash 

I do hope you will enjoy browsing through my little blog stop/shop. Do stay for awhile, enjoy the view, drop by every other day. All proceeds go to the "Project Love Nest" and "Project Happily Ever After" fund *smiles smiles* 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kate Spade theme

Have just changed my Google Chrome theme to a
Kate Spade one ~ I liketh heaps.

Family Sunday

Nasi Lemak: A popular dish in Malaysia ~ super yums!

I woke up today at 6am as I needed to help my folks sell hot dogs at the church cafeteria. Ruby my sister-in-law and I were in charge of the nasi lemak {rice boiled with coconut with egg, anchovies and sambal} stall and we managed to sell all 150 packets of it quite quickly *smiles smiles* In fact, I guess I was a little competitive I guess, wanted my stall to be the first one to sell everything and I guess we did win! *woot woot* I then helped my dad and B to sell the hot dogs and they managed to sell theirs not long after we finished selling our nasi lemak. It was quite a tiring morning and I feel myself slowly falling drowsy...

I just wanted to write this post as I have been neglecting my Little Piece of Heaven for other things {like Project Happily Ever After, TV series and Zuma!}. It was great spending time with B, Ruby and my family working together as a team *smiles* Now, I will head of to my room, cuddle under the comforter, and savour the last few pages of my book 'One Day' {it's almost ending which is such a pity} ~ I can't wait for the movie to be shown here. 

Well, here's to an awesome Sunday ahead ~ might be going for an Elvis tribute night {btw, B was asked to guest star as a tribute artist but he didn't take up the offer this year ~ maybe next year he will do the King proud!}. We have a long stretch of holidays coming up and I am super glad for it {let's hope I get to blog more, meet up with old friends, start on 'Game of Thrones', work more on Project Happily Ever After' and finally post up the photos for my 'Week In the Life of DW'}.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These feelings and emotions

There are a couple of feelings and emotions
running through me today.
There is the green-eyed monster that reared its ugly head.
There is anger that boiled beneath my skin.
There is pity that bubbled in me.
There was a sense of justice in me that is waiting for be unleashed.
There was a sense of purpose, of knowing what I was doing.
There is a sense of loss knowing that friends
don't always stay the same.
There is a feeling of helplessness
when I hear you say the things you say.
There is a sense of responsibility to do the right thing.
There is a feeling of just wanting to think about living in the now.

They are all just feelings and emotions pulsing in me.
Let's hope these feelings and emotions fade
and don't bring me way down. 
I pray I will be able to have a strength to face all 
these feelings and emotions.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Game of Thrones

After having a mini marathon with B to watch 'Game of Thrones' on Saturday, I became a bit to engrossed with the show and decided to google and wiki it. This then led me to wonder about 'A Story of Fire and Ice' {'Game of Thrones' is the first novel in the series} by George R.R. Martin and so I googled and wiki-ed a little more and I couldn't help but want to read the books.

I have seen this series of books previously, but never bothered to pick it up to read through the synopsis or anything. However, I think after watching the series {I am halfway through and savouring it bit by bit} I became more convinced that I needed to buy all the books and read them as it would be heaps good.

So my darling B decided to buy the books!!! *smiles smiles smiles* I have 5 neatly wrapped books {I have not bought 'A Dance With Dragons' yet as it is still in hardcover} in plastic waiting to be devoured ~ yay yay! There was also a 20% discount on the books which was uber awesome. So here's to more months of fantasy and reading and to 5 more episodes of 'Game of Thrones'.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Memorial for Dane

These beautiful photos were taken by Timothy P Ongley, a friend of Dane's who incidentally also captured the photos of Dane riding. These photos were inspired by Dane and I just had to post this on my blog as there were some really good photos. 

Tim also managed to take some photos at the memorial service for Dane which are below. So as you see these few photos, say a prayer for Dane my little brother, the Eaton's, Maija and all of Dane's friend who miss him.

Sometimes, I look to the sky and wonder if the ones who have left us for a better place, smile down upon us.
I would like to think that they do.

He can now fly with his Angels wings.

Maija and Lee {our elder brother} plant a magnolia tree in memory of Dane. May the tree grow strong and tall and bring shade and comfort to many.

Till we meet again on that beautiful shore Dane. Rest in peace.

Monday, August 08, 2011

August beckons!

See in my mind I wanted to have a super awesome first blog post for August. A post so super it would blow your socks off dear readers... but I had nothing much to really say or write. It's not that I did not do much of anything, but to be honest, I just am having trouble keeping up with time.

I mean can you believe it, it is already AUGUST!!! OMG! I can remember just thinking it was June an
d I was freaking out 'cos it was already mid-2011... and now its August! 2 months past June! *egad*

Project Wedding is just around the corner and I have yet to really do anything about it. Project Love Nest at least is moving along slowly but surely {but I still find it hard to call it home without my stuff and without my family though B is my family too} ~ I have yet to go about taking photos as the rooms are bare and mostly empty.

A Week In The Life of DW has come and gone. I managed only 5 days as I left my camera at home *sniff sniff* but I think that 5 days are better than no days {or so I keep consoling myself!}. Will be uploading them soon though I may be one of the last people to finish or more like start this project.

Well, some of the major highlights would be finally starting Pinterest  and I am hooked. It is an awesome way to store up ideas and to look and gaze at pretty pretty things. So do find me {and follow me} on Pinterest, I am sure you will not be disappointed. I particularly like the 'It's A Zoo Out There', 'Tea for Two' and 'She Hearts Words' boards! *smiles smiles* 

Celebrated my father's birthday and had a very good dinner {spending time with my family gets better as I get older strangely enough}, met up with an old boss for Japanese brunch and a girly chit-chat session {she came to pick me up in a chili red Porsche and I was super excited to be riding in one for the first time!!}, watched heaps of TV and movies {love The Big C, likes Game of Thrones, enjoyed 'Arthur' and was afraid of the movie 'Insidious'}, worked hard @ work as I should and of course I surfed the interweb and pinned away! Btw, I think I will be buying the book 'Game of Thrones' as it sounds super interesting! *smiles* {Yes I know, more books? But really fantasy gets to me}

I am honestly quite knackered today, so I think I will call it a night. Have an awesome week ahead all. I miss this Little Piece of Heaven. Must make an effort to write more! *smiles smiles*

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