Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Down The Street

Down The Street

Down the street I walked today
No expectations, no emotions, no words to say
Only my eyes could see the misery and pain
As I walked slowly through the rain

The street was straight
But for the people living on it, it was just too late
They came from all walks of life
Now they live a life of heartache and strive

Their eyes turned away when I reached out my hand
I was a stranger in their land
I could never be like them
I could never ever understand

I knelt on the ground and again I stretched out my hand
My eyes unblinking and unwavering
They looked at me there on the ground
They uttered not single sound
Just held my gaze for some time
And knew that I did not blame them for their crime

Open arms and open hearts were there that day
Suddenly there was so much to say
The heartache, the stories and the pain
Was all spoken aloud in the pouring rain

We were all the same then
Friends yet strangers standing in the rain
Hearts swung wide open
Nothing to lose and so much to gain

At the end of the street I turned
A heart still open, a heart that burned
Knowing that things could not change
A vicious cycle, which would always stay the same
So I said a prayer to my God above
For peace in their hearts
Faith, hope and lots of trust

Down the street that day
I learnt lives hardest lesson so to say
That sometimes no matter how much we try
Something’s were just meant to be that way
Some people live and some have to die
Some take different turns and all we can do is sigh
But all in all we are all Gods creation
We all have the same hopes, dreams and passion
Yet something separated us still
Lost lives, crossroads, a street
And an empty heart only God could fill

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