Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Colour Inspiration #3 ~ Cool Blues

This a very 'cool' colour palette. Perfect for a chilled-out bride!
At one time I considered having Tiffany Blue as my primary theme colour but somehow, I think I am a pink girl at heart!{my 14 year old self would kick me in the shins for admitting this!}
*snickers snickers* 

Monday, September 26, 2011

My heart flutters!

It's drizzling outside. Another wet, cool night. 
The kind of night where you can bundle yourself up
 under comforters and sleep in heavenly peace.
And tonight, although there are worries that shroud me
and mar my happiness a little, I will brush it off for now
and focus on God's blessings instead.
Tonight, I will dream about one of my 'One Days'...
Soon... I will be sipping coffee and enjoying the same view.
*does like victory, happy, smiley dance*
Thank you God. And thanks B for agreeing *smiles* 
My heart is fluttering in disbelief and joy!

Another quickie

It's been another long weekend. I feel like I should take some time of to just rest since I don't feel rested at all! Am hoping that the annual report season will end without anymore panic attacks and that the event this coming Friday will be a success. I can't wait for the mini trip this weekend with B. It's been ages since we went away just the two of us ~ we always have such fun together.

Anyways, Project Love Nest is going super well. We bought a reading/living room lamp, a chest of drawers with a mirror for a super cheap price {it's a display unit, but it's so worth it}, a dining room set with 6 chairs {a steal since we wanted to get a table from Ikea which costs the same without the chairs}, mirrors and toiletry holder type things. I can't wait till the new stuff is delivered... then the Love Nest will be almost complete! Next we just need to get the soft furnishings up and of course organising our stuff properly into our walk-in closet and study.

I so want to blog more but my eyes are killing me. And for the record. My body feels like something or someone pounded me with a couple of bricks! Egad. Will try my best to write more soon. Updates a plenty! 44 followers and counting on Pinterest. Book stash has grown. Many weddings to attend. Many things to do. Another book sale around the corner. New stuff for The Knick Knack Box and heaps of new ideas. Daydreams a growing too. Have a good week ahead *hugs* 

Friday, September 16, 2011

truly eventful day

Today is Malaysia Day ~ A celebration held on the September 16 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. 

So instead of going to work today, I woke up at a leisurely 10am and brought Belle to the doggy sitters for a stay over the weekend. It helps her heaps as her interaction with other dogs remain limited and she is relatively shy/afraid of them. I believe in her mind she is a human and not a dog! *snickers* Anyways, am happy to hear from the doggy sitter that Belle has settled in and warmed up and is now friends with another beagle {who is incidentally underweight and of a very pale colour, unlike our dear Belle who is overweight - thanks to steroids that she had to take when she was ill - and tricoloured}. I worry less knowing that she is happy and enjoying herself! 

After dropping Belle off, I followed B to Old Town Coffee cafe in Jaya One and had a leisurely brunch of mee siam + fried chicken + white coffee + a good read. It's a simple joy that I love. Reading and having something to nibble and sip *smiles*

Then {because I can't resist books} B dropped me off at the MPH book sale. So there I was carrying a cardboard box sifting through piles, tables and displays of books. Somehow, the smell of books and the pretty covers excite me and make me happy. I sound slightly delusional and mental, but it's just an awesome feeling! So, I now am the proud owner of several new books. How many exactly? Well... I lost count. *gulp* *snickers* I can't wait to wipe'em down and arrange them on my new white bookshelves!

And as I write this, a drama unfolds. Someone called my boss and told her that someone broke into their house. B and Mic {one of B's best friends} went there to check and report what happened as my boss is on holiday. Long story short, the police {heaps of them} broke down  the front gate and checked the house but no one was there. They may have escaped by the backdoor. *sigh. idiot hooligans will have their dues* Just called my boss just to tell her the news and at least she is relieved. What a way to start her holidays. Poor child.

Anyways, am off for dinner in a bit to savour the delights of Nando's with B and an old friend of ours who is getting married. We will later camp out on the couch to watch movies or Supernatural {which we are recently addicted too}. I was also at one time writing with her at Seventeen Magazine *smiles* Tomorrow, there is a Raya open house and a spa session in the works. This is truly an eventful day. See you soon blogworld.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival
{to read more about the Festival, read this}.
There were only a handful of times that I celebrated this Festival with my family. When I was younger, we used to rush to the little grocery store {the ones that are now struggling to survive among the hypermarkets and 'boutique' groceries that sell imported goods} that sold biscuits in tins, freshly grated coconut and candy in plastic jars and purchase pretty lanterns made out of glass paper {transparent coloured paper}.

I remember having a rabbit lantern one time and several other smaller round ones. Having said lanterns {after pleading with my parents to be good} in hand, we would go to our cousins house where all the families would congregate while we stuffed our faces with moon cakes. Lotus ones, double yolk ones and the ones with mixed nuts and ham. 

Seen @ My Cen 

The tradition to meet up with my relatives soon faded over time ~ exams , tuition, piano lessons, business got in the way and it has been ages since we meet up to celebrate this Festival. 

Today however, on my 29th year, I celebrated probably the best Mid-Autumn Festival yet. I am sure as a younger child I did enjoy my time with my cousins but today was simply awesome because we were all together *contented happy smile* 

My new extended family which included B, Belly and my new sister-in-law Ruby along with my mum and brother {dad was inside checking his Facebook account}, lit the whole front of my house with pretty lanterns and candles. We later danced, sang and played with Belle for a good two hours. It was just awesomeness. Do enjoy the photos below of the night when the moon was full and I danced with arms stretched without a care in the world ~ I thought that I really could fly.

Pretty coloured lanterns!

Hope is delivered.

The front of my house decorated with lanterns + candles.

Belle {who was fidgeting} joined in the fun too.

Seen @ DW's Facebook page

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival All!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zoom! Zoom!

Zoom! Zoom! Went the weekend.
An hour more to go and it's Monday {yet again}.
The weather here has been cool and hazy.
The kind of weather that would make anyone want to
stay in bed to read or to snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie.
{I did both!}
Saturday was not quite that busy but today was jammed packed.
I foresee myself just sinking into bed and sleeping soundly soon.
Belle had a day at the dog groomers and she looks super pretty.
We also got a new Panasonic microwave today.
My first super gadget for the Love Nest!
I am excited and can't wait to begin my journey of culinary delights *huhuhu*
Who know's what the future brings for me and the cooking/baking.

Quick updates:
I currently have 37 followers on Pinterest *woot woot*
Am also thinking of watching "Wicked" in Singapore this December
and of course a quick visit to the shops in Singapore too.
It will be a Christmas treat for myself {just like the Lion King was my
birthday treat to myself!}. Should start planning for this.
Have this brilliant idea in my mind for a business...
lots to think aboutand research.
And once again, too many hobbies, too little time!
*snickers doodles snickers*

Have a good week ahead all!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Emo Crazy Busy

The last couple of weeks/months have just been emo crazy busy with work related stuff and other odds and ends. There have been so many times that I logged on to blogger and just opened a new post and wanted to pour out my heart or to post inspiring photos or just something really... but the tiredness I feel, the writer’s block that crops up and the sheer lack of willpower due to me being emo crazy busy, has resulted in little wisps of cobwebs forming on this Little Piece of Heaven *sniff sniff*  {I have however, still made the time to do my pinning *huhuhuhu*}

I do aspire to make amends and fill this site with lovely lovely posts but even as I type this post at the office, I wonder if it will happen though I am sure hoping that it will! Time management/procrastination seems to be the root cause of a lot of things. That and the fact that we have heaps of impromptu dinners and outings, errands, work, an adorably needy dog, piles of enticing books and addictive TV series! *snickers*

In the future posts, I am going to try my darnest to upload photos of my trip to Hanoi {this happened yonks ago}, my trip to the Philippines where I had my brother’s wedding, fun times I have had with my friends and B; writing and posting photos of our Love Nest which has come a long long way; updates on Project Happily Ever After and just more inspiring stuff I have found while web surfing.

On another note, the sales of my books on The Knick Knack Box has been awesome ~ thank you God and all those avid bookreaders out there. I hope you are indulging in your books now and loving them!

There is really so many things to do and so little time but am trying to love every minute of every day!

Btw, it’s my mother’s birthday today. “Happy Birthday Ma!”.
Here's to good health, happiness and a good life
which you deserve. Love you!!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Today on FB

My status update for today 2011 reads:
Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything!

My status update for today in 2010 reads:
What I like about you, you really know how to dance... When you go up, down, jump around, think about true romance, yeah!


Thank God it's Friday!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Colour Inspiration #2: Pale Pink Pretty

The patterns on these plates are just lovely.

These tea cups are just heaps adorable!

Loving this simple pale pink cake with 
it's little flag bunting!

I love this simple pale pink party inspiration. 
From the dainty, pretty tea cups to the colourful pastel flag bunting, 
to the pretty pale pink cake, cactus plants, lovely china, 
pretty blooms and white brick wall, I love it all.

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