Sunday, May 23, 2004

Between Darkness and Wonder

Between Darkness and Wonder
*Dedicated to the Angel from my nightmare* (wink wink)

Between darkness and wonder
There is where I met you
A surprise I must say
A pleasant ending to a horrible day.
Out of the dark and into the light
You emerged like a shinning knight.
An invisible stranger back from my past
Will this camaraderie last?
I never thought I would see you again
Nor let you try to erase my hurt and pain.
But you wormed your way into my heart
Two halves joined, never to part.
Could this be a mistake?
Another cruel twist of fate?
I cannot contemplate what is to come
I know though that this time I will not run.
So now again between darkness and wonder
I stand unguarded with arms spread out in sweet surrender.

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