Tuesday, May 25, 2004

- Custard Buns and Bus Rides -

- Custard Buns and Bus Rides -

It beckoned to me with its little voice.. It was creamy and yummy, about 6centimetres in diameter. It had powdered sugar on the top and was chilled just right..”YumYum.. a custard bun”. I heard its loving voice and looked at it and I couldn’t help but reach out rather suddenly(thanks to its hypnotic little voice) and pulled a little to hard on the sliding glass door that separated us both and grabbed at it.. unfortunately I forgot rather conveniently about my poor finger which happened to be at the edge of the other sliding door, so WHAM! went the glass door on me finger and I yelped in blinding pain as I literally saw stars and spots in front of me. Shitters!!! I wanted to scream but could only nurse the injured finger and ego and swear under my breath (since it was a public place after all) whilst clutching the freaking custard bun, which after all was the source of all my problems, then and to come - I know that its beckoning and calling me will do me no good whatsoever and will no doubt contribute to my ‘growth’. So I paid for the custard bun and left the confines of the shop, my appetite and the appeal of the freakin custard bun forgotten as I moved my injured finger to see if it was in working condition.. thank God it was. When I reached home, I put that vile little custard bun into the fridge and promptly forgot about it.. until today when I got home after college and decided that I needed to eat something, anything. I opened the fridge door and low and behold I heard that annoying voice again.. so to put it out of its custardy misery, I ate it.. and boy oh boy did it taste good, “YumYum… a custard bun”. By the way, the finger is alright now… *grin*

Today, the start to my new semester. I must say that getting up early is proving to be a horridly unpleasant task. Thanks though to the Possum who lovingly sends me to and from college and everywhere else. I think I have become rather spoilt by the Possum. Anyways, class was filled with students from China, who greeted me with “Nee How!” (did I spell it right?) and to which I dumbly replied ‘hi’ and they thus proceeded to converse with me in Mandarin whilst I stared at them blankly and confessed rather foolishly that I could speak only English, which they proceeded to ask me “You Chinese, No??” I just said.. “Huh, sorry no speak Mandarin”. I wanted to crawl under the table and hide there as choruses of laughter rang around me. Then the voice of my savior rang out, “No worry, we speak Engrish!” BLESS the kind soul!!! I looked up and beamed at him and then started talking ‘engrish’ to my new friends.

General psychology I have to say seems to be interesting and I am looking forward to learning it, though I have to fork out 80 bucks for a text book which as the leturer says is worth it because it comes with a FREE CD-rom. Whoppie!!! Just what I need a psychology CD-rom. After the class, the lecturer asked the class if they understood what he had just taught them, he was duly greeted with blank stares and solemn faces. Poor students couldn’t understand a thing. Poor lecturer who kept repeating what he said over and over again. Poor me listening to it over and over again and wishing I was somewhere, anywhere..

Oh well! That was my first class. A scrumptious lunch followed soon after at SEED Café with an old friend and a new one. I did have fun, though I think I was a little spaced out thinking about possums and studies and a whole host of other things on my to-do list. My second class of the day was a complete and utter disaster. The lecturer was so soft spoken that none of us could make out what he was mumbling. He proceeded to then ask us our opinion on television and about its effects and yada yada. Basically that is what the whole course is all about.. television and your opinion and critic on it. Gawd!!! Oh well, I like it, but I really don’t quite fancy the lecturer. Everyone was so not paying attention to him and I was half asleep praying that 5.50pm would come soon.

It did, and I got on the Stamford school bus and went to the LRT station only to see the bus 99 disappearing round the corner. Sigh! Just had to happen today of all days. So sleepily I trudged to the LRT with my band of friends who were equally as sleepy, and I headed for Taman Bahagia station. I waited in queue and luckily for small blessings, the feeder bus came 10 minutes later. I got my sorry ass on the bus and chose a window seat and the next thing I knew, there was this lady sitting next to me talking to me about her job which had to do with management and house keeping and pest control – interesting combination, no? she proceeded to talk to me about the various houses she lived in which was incidentally all near my house. Soon after that, we reached the uptown area and we got off at the same spot. Good bye and see you soon was what she said and I realized that I did enjoy my ride home on the bus. I also realized that it has been ages since I actually sat alone on a bus or LRT alone. I guess it was nice to sit alone again and be able to think and watch the people go by and the cars whiz by without having to talk to anyone. I missed that.. yeah, I miss that! How strange. But really being driven around by my wonderful friends all this time was excellent, sure saved a lot of time and money for me. I think it was more of the feeling of being cared for that I like the most when I was in their cars *smiles* thanks from the bottom of my heart (you know who you all are!) – and to the Possum, really why do you wake up so early to send me to class??? You don’t really need to you know..

When I got home, it was just like old times you know.. walking home, saying ‘hello’ to the people I know down the street who were usually out watering plants or sweeping the yards – felt slightly fuzzy. I opened my gate and did my usual chores of taking in the clothes, harassing the fish and sweeping my own yard. Oh yeah, a family of birds just built their nest and laid their eggs in one of my dads hanging plants. Hope they survive this time without the idiot cat coming to disturb them again. Eating the vile custard bun whilst reading and laying on my bed with the air con on never felt so good. So was standing under the showerhead feeling the warm water splash all over me.. heavenly, and watching tv with my mum for 5 hours straight, that was fun.. miss doing that with her. Glad that I didn’t go out with my friends tonight, realized that I didn’t spend enough time with me mum.. Well it was wonderful.. Every little thing that I did today was wonderful. From last night’s custard bun, classes with boring ass lecturers, lunch with friends, bus rides, tv and everything else – I do wish I could have spent more time with my friends though, would have been the icing on the cake.

* P.S * To the Possum, thanks for everything, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and everything else in between. For the rides, the smiles, the hugs and the laughs.* Muaks Muaks*

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