Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo Pick #6 - Grassy Carpet

Seen @ Simply Grove

This is definitely the look I am going for for the Love Nest.
A green carpet for the living room is on the list of things to buy!
I want something that my toes will feel at ease with *smile smile*
Also kinda makes you feel like you are walking, sitting, day dreaming
on a patch of grass... ahhhh... *bliss bliss* 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea Party and Macarons

I was interweb surfing the other day and came across this lovely post on Love In October. This lovely engagement shoot by Simply Bloom Photography is whimsical as it is beautiful. I love the romantic feel of the field and the soft cosy lighting. The prints on Trang's dress is reminiscence of the photo of the pixel-ish pillow on this post and it blends so very well with the whole mood of the field.

The gorgeous colourful macarons and cupcakes look just super scrumptious and pretty. The books and the picnic are also very very lovely elements. My favourite photos are the first and second photos which show such a tender moment between the couple. The book atop the macarons obviously is a favourite of mine as well and an awesome idea which I could possibly use for Project Happily Ever After *smiles smiles* 

This is definitely a tea party to be remembered!  

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week In The Life of DW...

I have been following Ali Edwards blog for a long long time. I love all her ideas and have really wanted to follow some of her projects namely "2011 Week In The Life Project". So, I printed Ali's free 'Week In The Life Daily' sheets to document my daily going-ons and decided to start along with everyone else on Monday, 25th July. 

Alas, I forgot my camera and left my printed sheets @ home. Today was basically the same thing. Bad bad me. So, I decided, heck, mine's going to be {hopefully} a Wednesday to Tuesday one!! {I know, lame. But I am really going to try this out}. It will be a good start for my 'Project Let's Create' {which is off to a very sloooowww start} ~ *snickers snickers*

Some helpful links are as follows:
The basics of documenting your project  ~ a good read before starting your project
A list of everyday photos that you can take ~ great source of photo ideas
A full list of 'Week In The Life' posts ~ awesome for inspiration

Photo Pick #5 - Wanna Fork?

Seen @ Glo

I think this spoon and fork pair are just so adorable.
My folks however, would not think it cool though...
and neither would my relatives.
Perhaps if I do get them, it'll be just for B and I.
*smiles smiles*

Monday, July 25, 2011

Atria: The Last Visit

Nestled in the busy suburb of Damansara Jaya is the Atria Shopping Centre {Atria}. I will not go into historical details about Atria as you can read bits and pieces about it here... Instead, I would to share with you some of my   fondest memories that have all taken place in Atria.

Seen @ The Star

I remember being about 4 years old and seeing a gigantic glass container which held 100s of jelly beans in different glorious colours. I remember asking for them and  marveling at the colours but I can't remember if I managed to get my parents to buy me some. I remember though that about that age, my parents got me a Barbie bathtub and four-poster bed complete with silk sheets and pretty pink comforter with lace {which has since made me want one!}

I remember the best toy store around in Parkson {the anchor tenant of Atria}. The sales were kick-ass and I would beg my parents to bring me there to buy Barbie stuff. I had a hot dog stand, a mini Barbie car that doubled up as a pencil case, heaps of Barbies and Polly Pockets.

There was also my Sweet Valley Twins phase. I would get my parents to bring me to Times in Parkson which had new editions of Sweet Valley Twins out every Tuesday or was it Thursday... hmmm... Nevertheless, it was a thrill to finally have the RM7.90 book in my hand and on my shelf.

There was also the Bob Dog stuff, the Looney Toons stuff, several coin machine type things and an awesome supermarket where we had our first mini round hash browns {bought by weight}, frozen waffles and ice cream cake! I remember my mum also buying us bacon and Marigold Peel Fresh from there. Strangely there was a little cafe with a very simple deco that was tucked beside the supermarket. I can't recall what it was called but I remember white walls and dark brown chairs for some reason. That cafe closed down pretty quickly though.

Then I remember being in primary school and hanging out with my friends at Kentucky Fried Chicken. That particular KFC had a juke box and I remember playing several songs on the juke box every other Saturday after our extracurricular activities at school. Some of them were 'Summer Time' by Shaggy, 'Can't Help Falling In Love' and 'Red Red Wine' by UB40 and on certain occasions 'Oh Carolina', 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' and other awesome songs. After eating a colonel burger, which was what I could afford then, we would walk around the shopping complex and I will spend my weekly allowance on ribbons, pretty Sanrio or Forever Friends knick-knacks and stationery from Kalms, Barbie, Archie or Harvey comics and of course on tokens for the little arcade 'Wy Wy Wonderspace'.

Later on, when new shopping centres opened, especially One Utama {which continues to grow and evolve}, not many people visited Atria. People {myself included}, wanted more brands, more modern things... not Atria which was so dull in comparison... and look at me now... missing a landmark... missing a shopping centre! But really there are just too many memories that I have in Atria.

Atria was also the place where I nearly got caught with 3 other girlfriends for shoplifting... Yes, those were the days when one was impressionable and could be easily swayed to do crazy things like this. My parents needless to say freaked out and gave me a good guilt trip along the lines of 'why did you have to steal? did we not provide you with enough?'. This of course made me feel even more of a shit, so I cried and ran up to my room and hid. Everything was forgotten thereafter but I think my folks took more notice of what I was doing and who I was hanging out with thereafter. Of the 3 girlfriends that were involved in this life altering event, 2 of them are still my good friends and it is just so good to see how far we have come since then.

I also remember eating my first frozen ice cream with fruit. You could choose the fruit you wanted and they would blend it with ice cream or yogurt for you. I usually opted for ice cream with blueberries, raspberries and lychee to sweeten it up. That stall also sold corn in a cup ~ my first. I was hooked!

There was also an air plant /bonsai shop that my nieces, nephews and cousins visited. At one time there was a craze to get the little coloured animals, bridges and men with long beards, floppy hats and fishing rods to decorate your air plant / bonsai. I remember buying a packet of green frogs... I wonder where they are or what became of them since I had neither an air plant or a bonsai plant *snickers snickers*

After my childhood days, after my primary school days, after life altering events, Atria became the place you went to to get quick groceries or toiletries, KFC, discounted books or computer software {I bought my first PC game in a floppy disk from Atria}. Later when B began courting me, he would bring me to Atria for breakfast while he washed his car in Atria {there was a little car wash company in the Atria basement}. When we were bored on weekends, B and I would also browse through the discounted books and a strange shop which sold all manner of items, from card games to batteries to ladles to hangers and etc. There were always some gems waiting to be uncovered! *huhuhuhu* We would also have a quick KFC from Atria or Nandos's... and now...

Seen @ vkeong

Now after so many years worth of memories, Atria Shopping Centre is closing down. In it's place will be some high rise commercial / residential building *sniff* I am so glad that B took the trouble to have a last visit to Atria with me. Another reason why I love him *smiles*  As we walked around Atria, we pointed out familiar shops {now empty shells} and shared snippets of memories that we had of Atria. We rode the bubble lifts up and down and even spoke to the security guard there. Mr Wong has been working in Atria for 11 years. He was sad that he was out of a job but he says he is blessed as he is 60 and should retire. He thanked B and I for coming and asked God to bless us. I also told Mr Wong that I had so many memories of Atria as I had been visiting since I was a kid. He motioned to another guy beside him and said that that guy was also reminiscing about the good ole' days.

Anyways, there is really so much to say but at the end of the day, Atria will always live on in our hearts and in our memories. I bid thee adieu Atria Shopping Centre. It's been great visiting you.

To view photos of Atria, do visit my Facebook Album titled 'Atria: The Last Visit' *enjoy* 
{photos will be uploaded one day soon I hope}.

Photo Pick #4 - Inviting Room

I heart the clean white and the splashes of the baby blueish turquoise,
the simple prints on the pillow cases and the
vibrant pinks of the picture on the wall,
the rich brown wood flooring...
The room looks so inviting, don't you think?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Seen @ Favim.Com

The truth is sometimes so difficult to spill.
The words sometimes don't flow as they should.
They sort of curdle and turn lumpy in ones throat so that it
takes forever for the words to come up and to form upon ones lips.
Sometimes, the truth hurts and kills
but I reckon a truth unsaid pokes at your insides
like a sharp sword twisting and turning, cutting you up slowly but surely.
I believe too that at the end of the day
even if you have set in motion a chain of events
that lead to sadness and pain and a whole lot of hurt,
the truth is essential to undo your chains and fetters.
So speak the truth even if your voice shakes,
even if the tears flow, even if the blows fall upon you repeatedly,
even if you are shunned, even if your heart breaks.

The truth will set you free.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Colour Inspiration #1 ~ It's A Sign!!!

OMG!!! I have been thinking about themes and colours for Project Happily Ever After for the past couple of months and I thought about 'Spring ~ Love In Bloom' with a range of pinks and just splashes of green here and there and well what do you know? I stumble upon this colour inspiration mood board from The Inspired Bride with the title Romance in Bloom!!! *smiles smiles smiles*

I think this is a sign {I can hear B cringing slightly!}
Although the inspiration mood board is slightly on the pale side {I am thinking of more shocking pinks, rosy pinks and the like}, but I just love the images and emotions capture.
I am super loving and hearting it...

Friday, July 22, 2011

World's Apart

Some day you will find me
I haven't gone too far
I miss the way we were back then
How we laughed
I can feel you in my heart

There's a world in your eyes I can see it getting brighter
All the hours that we turned into days
We were young seemed like life would go on last forever
All I had was you by my side

Some day you will answer
Remember how we were
When all our hopes and dreams
Floated in the air
I feel it in my heart
I can feel you in my heart

That's the way that it was in the past you remember
When we ran through the wind and the rain
We were young seemed like life would go on last forever

Now everything has changed.

The opening song from the 2011 movie "Waiting For Forever".
Written by Damian Katkhuda
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Will Worsley at Trouble Studios
Additional Vocals by Ange Boxall

A Brave Boy

Seen @ Favim.Com

I have found a brave boy.
*smiles smiles grins grins*

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I totally agree!!!

Seen @ Lotta Agaton

Some days you just have got to embrace the
lion's mane, bird's nest, flat as, messy hair
and just LOVE it. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Stylin #9: Tea Party Weddin'

I just love the styling of this wedding ~ a tea party for a wedding is just a wonderful wonderful idea. 
I just love the choice of deserts {especially the lemon cake bites}, the platters to hold the deserts, the pretty bird, the white cage, the unfinished, bare look of the red brick wall and of course the gorgeous tea cups!

It's a pity to note that we will not be able to have wedding like this due to the sheer number of guests that I will be inviting. Furthermore, it will be quite costly to have a themed, pretty wedding such as this {I can imagine the costs for the cakes and sourcing for materials ~ super killer!}... however, I might still be able to pull of a desert table with some of these elements *smiles smiles* {I need to think and plan pronto!}

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lesser Magic in the World

Seen @ The Numbers

Seen @ The CIA

It has been 10 years since the first Harry Potter movie "Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s / Sorcerer’s Stone” appeared on the big screen and I can’t believe that 10 years later, it is all over. The End.

It is indeed an end. An end of an era. An end to anticipating the movie and the books. An end to wishing that there really was a school called Hogwarts and that there really is magic in this world or so the child in me would like to believe.

I watched “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” on Sunday with B. I savored every minute of the movie and even had misty eyes at certain parts to be honest *chuckle* Imagine growing up on the set with the whole team from Harry Potter… how weird to have it all end just like that. And I reckon that there will not be a story that will be able to top this. It's a freaking phenomenon! 

And JK Rowling. Gosh. She is a genius. I wonder where she came up with this wonderful wonderful story. She is just amazing. Right there with Tolkien though Tolkien was a super duper genius!!! *smiles*

Seen @ Ize Stuff

Seen @ Contested

I will miss waiting for another Harry Potter movie 
and seeing all the magical creatures...
but I guess all good things must come to an end.

Seen @Zolayossa

Seen @ Hyzmyn

"Journey Beyond Your Imagination"
What an awesome awesome line.
There is lesser magic in the world now.
Long live the story of the boy wizard and his friends.
This is the end of an era.

Photo Pick #3 - Pixel Pillows

Seen @ Architonic

Hearts. Hearts. Hearts.
Would love to have a couple of these for the Love Nest.
And I just love the way these pillows are suspended in the air...
as if they were endlessly falling.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beautiful Italy

I have been MIA for a while now. Work has kept me on my toes. Project Love Nest is really taking off. Project Happily Ever is moving along... slowly but steadily. And The Princess Project and Project Let's Create is just there... stagnant like stale muggy water! *lalalalalala* {I try... I try}

Anyways, I saw this beautiful pictures of Italy and marveled at the bright and happy colours of the buildings and I am hoping that one day I too will able to visit this lovely country of pizza and pasta and bright coloured buildings *smiles smiles* I will update you guys soon on what's been going on and a sincere thanks to all my readers for continuing to read this Little Piece of Heaven.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cant's Into Cans!!!

Seen @ Favim.Com

The She, is going to be me!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I heart you B!!!
*smiles smiles*

Saturday, July 09, 2011


i reckon i would look upon this day 
and wish that i had done more instead of just typing.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Kate Spade Neras

I don't know when I started falling in love with Kate Spade stuff. I think it was on one of my inter-web surfing trips when I saw her pretty things!! *smiles* After that, I regularly stalked the Kate Spade site *blush* to look at all the new stuff that she had. After all the said inter-web stalking and gawking at the pretty things, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a Kate Spade store was opening in the up-market shopping centre, The Gardens. 

I surfed the web and looked at prices and knew I could not afford anything... so I stayed away from the store. Then about two months ago, B and I were at the Gardens, so I thought I might as well finally visit the store and finally get to touch and feel these pretties. I may have even secretly hoped that I would walk in there and find something that I could afford.

In I skipped and ooooo-ed....and ahhhhhh-ed at the pretty things. I touched and put down. Touched and put down and just basically gawked like a geek at the pretty things. It was then at the shoes section that I saw her.  Sitting so shiny and prettily on a shelf --- The Kate Spade Neras!!! 

Seen @ ShoeperWoman

It was heart at first sight and without even thinking about it nor flipping the shoes to check out the price tag {it's an awful habit I have - but one that is necessary to ensure that I know how much I am spending before I buy the item}, I almost reverently put the pink pair of flats on the ground, slipped of my rather dodgy, dirty slipper and slid my feed into the flats.

It was HEAVENLY!!!
My feet sighed with pleasure and I strutted up and down feeling like a million bucks. It was like walking on a cloud while felling pretty... oh so preeetttyyy!!! *snickers snickers like a geeky teen*

After having my feet snuggled into these beauties for what must have have felt like an hour {but was more like a minute}, I reverently slid them off my feet and slid them this time into the black Nera's. They still looked heaps good on my feet I have to add. Then reluctantly, I slid them off and stuffed my feet back into my scuffed loyal comfy slippers. I held the beauties in my hands and shyly handed them back to the salesman. I sheepishly asked him the price of these beauties and hoped and hoped that he would say "Oh, these? They are on sale... only RM300.00." I would then say. "Really. I will take them. Now!" but instead, he said "RM1,4..." I never did hear the rest to be honest because when a pair of shoes starts with a thousand blablabla, the logical thing to do would be to put them down gently and run away!
Seen @ Style Feeder

I did not run but said 'thank you' to the kind salesman and took a last longing look at the beautiful pair of pink and black flats and promptly walked away. I felt proud I did not turn to look lingeringly at the flats but instead walked away quick quickly. I guess it was also because I was afraid that I would do something drastic and crazy like whip out my credit card and say to the salesman "OK. I will take these. They were meant for my feet!"

I don't know why I am talking about these beauties again {and to be honest, I still don't know which pair I would have bought ~ the black ones or the pink ones}. Maybe it was because I happened upon a Kate Spade post or because I felt like buying a new pair of flats. But really... a thousand plus bucks for a pair of flats? They are gorgeous and was oh so comfy but a thousand plus bucks!!! *tsk tsk tsk* 
I can think of several things to buy with that money instead of a pair of shoes. 

So, the Kate Spade Nera's will just be there... in my memory and recorded on my blog. Perhaps one day there will be an uber good sale {90% off perhaps} I will buy these beauties and I will joyful and proudly strut around in them and feel like a million and one bucks!

Monday, July 04, 2011

whizzing weekend

The weekend has come and gone. I did not manage to play with my pretty paper nor clean my closet nor edit any photographs nor go to church which is just BAD!! I did however have dinner with friends, spent some time with B and his family for lunch, finally met with Baby Lauren {who is just tiny adorable}, spent time with the adorable Belle, slept away the cramps that the crimson rivers brought and wrote several articles for Home & Decor magazine. I am tired. And moody. I reckon I will be going off to bed now. Will be going for an Adobe Illustrator class tomorrow - please pray that I don't fall asleep and that I retain all the info learnt *snickers* 
Good night for some and good morning to others.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

a year halved

Seen @ Banksy Prints

OMG July is here, can you believe it?!? I have barely started on my 2011 to-do list and I only have half a year more {egad!} to get things sorted. Then there is the Project Happily Ever After which I have to yet to really get into and Project Love Nest which is dragging along ssssllllloooowwwwllllllyyyyy. Project Let's Create should now be called Project Let's Just Start and Project Self Improvement a.k.a The Princess Project is not really working. 

Work has been keeping me busy. Wanted to yell at my colleague for wrongly accusing me of something but decided to hold it in and be the better person. Have been getting a couple more articles to write for Home & Decor, so that's been good. Compliments from the Editor makes writing all the more enjoyable I have to say *blush blush * grins grins*

Oh yes... 
  • My best friend in the whole wide world {the sister of my heart} gave birth to a cute little girl called Lauren {I can't wait to meet her!!!}
  • I had a spot of good news yesterday so am just very happy. A lot of prep work to be done but it's all good - Thank you God!
  • I finally bought the book One Day and yes, it will be the first book I start reading in the Love Nest!

Anyways, it's a warm sunny afternoon and Belle and I are going for a shower - Belle was such a good dog at the vet today *smiles* {I kinda sound like a proud parent don't I}! Then it's off to play with my pretty paper or to clean my closet... pretty paper... messy closet.... pretty paper.... messy closet.... tough choice indeed! *snickers* I also have dinner plans with a bunch of my old friends - it's always great to hangout with the lot of them - laughter usually ensues. Hope all of you have a good weekend ahead. Am trying to fit in some time to edit some photographs of my trip to the Philippines, my trip to Hanoi and loads of other random pretties I have taken. Till then, toodles poodles. 

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"  

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