Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today has been a rather (1) unexpectedly, (2) busy and (3) interesting day in many ways...
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I actually woke up at 8am today to wash my hair and cut my nails and get ready for the long day. Having slept for only 3 and a half hours, I was pretty awake *phew*. I decided to try my luck and called the Possum to see if he was still at home so that he could send me to 1Utama for the media screening of "Goal!" He was home and came to get me. It's really nice to see someone you care for early in the morning.
So off I went to 1Utama and met the rest of the FACES crew and we watched "Goal!". Overall, it was alrightla... better than expected so I guess thats good *grin*. After the movie I met my friend FST who was from SMKDU and he is apparently working at Buena Vista. It has been awhile since I have seen him. Well for lunch, we went to a Japanese restaurant and met up with a mutual friend of ours Justin. After lunch which included alot of hilarious stories and jokes, we left.
I had to go to college and reached just in time for class. There I was told that I basically need not come for class as I had already missed 25% of my attendence and therefore couldn't sit for the exams and blah blah blah. To cut a long and annoying story short, there was a miscommunication and I am now still able to continue doing news editing class. Oh, the stupid college forgot to email me the mid-term exam shedule and I didn't even know the freaking exam was going to be next week *bah bah bah*
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Well, class was alright and I was just glad that everything was OK with regards to my college stuff. Went home by bus and Cat called and we planned to go to 1Utama with Adriel. So off we went to A&W and we had laughs and more laughs. After that, which was like 8 something, I went home and retold the "college horror story" to my parents.
Then the Possum came over and we went to SS2 to buy some VCDs. Also rented a new book from the shop... hehe... Was supposed to go for Mumbo Jumbo tonight. It was a Michael Jackson special but it rained and I had a long day so didn't quite feel like going to dance. So the Possum brought me to Bangsar. It wasn't a planned trip so I was in my normal top but with shorts (nice oneslah) and felt naked. To makes matters worse I realised that I was wearing my "buruk bra" which is reserved for the house *hehehe*
Anyways, went to Alexis for yummmy Pavlova or Meringue but as always they were sold out. So the Possum and I had Tiramisu instead and iced cappucino and wine. Then off we went back... and now here I am. Talked to Spongy online for awhile. Its been awhile since we talked and since I saw the guys. Ayways, Its been long day... I need sleep. Tomorrow we are going to watch "Into The Blue". Hope its good.
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Sweet Dreams & Angels be with yous...

Monday, September 26, 2005


I am just sitting here smelling of blueberries and thinking how fast another week has passed me by. After examining the week (as I tend to do), I find myself smiling for it was indeed a pretty good week. Sure it wasn't perfect, but it was good. Yesterday I didn't go to church (feeling guilty), but instead attended two parties.
The first party was for my little cousin who turned eight, so needless to say there were a lot of screaming excited children high on sugar and chips and junk food. The Possum came along and was helping them get drinks and stuff while I pretended to be invisble in the corner near the fries which I ate every other second... I have low tolerance for ill mannered children and was delighted when the few I spoke too seemed polite and well mannered.
My cousin had a pinata in the shape of Sponge Bob Square Pants which her maid Kahlum made for her. So when it was time for bashing the pinata, the kids all lined up and was blind-folded and off they went hitting and smashing the poor pinata. After many blows, the pinata was still in one piece. My unlce then began to hit the poor pinata and he realised that the material was too hard and proceeded to take a knife and stab the poor Sponge Bob.
I thought the children would be upset to see the knife and the stabbing of poor yellow Sponge Bob in his Square Pants, but they laughed and went literally savage right before my eyes. This adorable girl with plaits and big brown innocent eyes suddenly announced that she was going to rip Sponge Bob's leg off... and her yelling was met by cheers and shouts of joy by the others... GAH!!!
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Then they all became crazyyy and started hitting Sponge Bob... I hastily left the party because it was so not my thinglah! The last I saw the children, they were scrambling around on the floor looking for treats and Spongy was lying in drain, gutted and battered... gah!!!
The next party I attended was actually a charity dinner party for NASAM (National Stroke Assosiation of Malaysia) at the Palace of The Golden Horses with the Possum, his sister and his grandparents and aunt. It was a wonderful affair and made me realise how lucky I was to be able to use all of my limbs and every part of my body.
The presentations by the strokees was commendable as they did a modelling show using their canes and walking sticks and frames. I thought it took alot of courage to get up there in front of so many people to model. A strokee commented that it took a stroke to get her on the catwalk. How ironic isn't it? I was impressed with Anita Sarawak who did the entertaining and was happy that she paid so much attention to the strokees and this guy who had down syndrome. It was touching to see them all try so hard.
I actually wrote a longer entry for the NASAM dinner but I ter-X it and it disappeared and I am too lazy to write more... bah! Anyways, after the dinner, I went home and curled up in bed to read a book titled "Meet Me Under The Umbu Tree". I loved it to bits and was sad to see it end. It had everything necessary to make it a wonderful read. Sad to see it end though... *sob sob sob* but this also means that I get to start on another book. Its called "Name All The Animals" about a sister who retells the story of her life after her brother passed away and went to Heaven.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

*~ Unipegacorn ~*

Anthony A. Fonseka I know you read my blog...
Don't have to preted that you don't 'cos I know you do... hehehe *grin*
~ told you I would write about it ~
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Thanks for calling me a *~ Unipegacorn ~*
(FYI: Its a Unicorn and a Pegasus combined)
And if I recall correctly you owe me what... three coffeess now???
Oh and Hoorah again... lalala ...
I am a *~ Unipegacorn ~*

Friday, September 23, 2005

# Wedding Dinner P|ans #

Had a silly make believe conversation about our “ future wedding dinner” with the Possum before our little snooze just now. It went something like this…
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Possum: Its gonna be a BIG wedding dinner lah… cos I am like the eldest son and all that…

*Dream Weaver*: Is it? How ahh I got a lot of relative’s lah, like 200 something and then my friendsleh. I have to invite them you know… and then my colleagues and my overseas friends… aiyoh how… damn a lot of people man!

Possum: Yeah lah… a lot huh! I also got a lot of people. My father is going to call all his business friends all… aiyoh! Some more my family leh, quite big too.

*Dream Weaver*: I think like that about like 600 people, huh?

Possum: NO la… where got so little… maybe 900.

*Dream Weaver*: WAH! (mouth wide open) 900 you mad ah? 900 people means 90 tables. We will probably KO at table No.59.

Possum: Yeah I know... (worried look)

*Dream Weaver*: Think of all the drunk people that will leave the place. GAH! Think of all the money… aiyoh so much money. Better we just save the money and elope. (thoughtful look)

Possum: WHAT? You want them to eat lok-lok. You madlah. You want everyone to have like a lok-lok buffet thingy ah? Hmmm… actually cheap right. We could have it like “Eat all the fish balls and drink all the beer you can party”. Hmmm…

*Dream Weaver*: Errr… babe. I said ELOPE! Not lok-lok. (Laughs like a looney)

Possum: Oh… hehe (sheepish look). But can also what? (Sounding defensive!)

*Dream Weaver*: You sound crazy and delirious with fever. Go back to sleeplah...

Gawd… Imagine that
“A Lok-Lok Wedding Dinner”
with eat all you can fish balls and free flow of beer (should at least have more than fish ballslah – grrr…).
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The Horror!!! The Horror!!!

* Crossing fingers and making wishes on stars that it would not be like this… GAH!!! I can so foresee wedding pics of me with the black sauce dribbling down my chin… hehe… Image hosted by

Varied Forms of Happiness…

It just hit me a couple minutes again that today was a day with many “Varied Forms of Happiness.” For instance, I was actually happy to see swatches of patterned cloth in Laura Ashley today. In some ways it seems tragic and its proof that I am turning into an auntie day by day… Nic merely laughed when I said that. I have a sinking suspicion that he thinks so too. I know that G does already…hehehe.

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Well I have to say that I was happy when I saw the Laura Ashley catalogue which was really nice though the prices were crazeeee… and they charged for the freaking catalogue toos *bleh*… but it was a good happy day laming around doing next to nothing. A surprise visit from the Possum in the morning bringing me his PS2 (hoorah) and Burnout Revenge (double hoorah) was an excellent way to start my day and he came for lunch too brining me yummy pan mee – talk about happy mornings. It was raining after lunch so a little siesta was in order… its one of those lovely happy days I thought to myself whilst falling asleep with the Possum under the comforters.

Then I went window shopping with Nic for the 3rd consecutive day at 1Utama and we had a nice talk over cappuccino chip and green tea milkshakes, wasabi pita bread thingies and spring rolls in SEED cafe. Then I got home and had a delightful conversation with my mum for a bit and we had a fun time cleaning the outside porch at like nine in the night - No thanks to the idiot cats who are starting to kill little animals and bringing them to my house as surprises for us every morning = blasted cats! Sadly, my daddy wasn’t around to help us clean the mess as he went bowling… *sniff* didn’t see him the whole day.

A phone call came and it was Cats and she said she was coming over… Hoorah! I was happily talking to her about Ron Jeremy and Anabel Chong and just talking about stuff. It was an interesting conversation (can you tell?) and then the Possum called and he wanted to come over too. So there we were the three of us talking and laughing. The Possums mum gave me some yummy minty chamomile-ish type tea and the Possum and I had some. After that Cats went home and the Possum and I had a snooze (Possums not feeling too well!) and then before he left he gave me a super wonderful back and head rub --- triple hoorahs! And then I go online and find happy emails and new games on Yahoo!!! *grin*

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Was a really wonderfully happy day though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it too or how I envisioned it to be. But the Varied Forms of Happiness I felt the whole day which was derived from the simple things in life were just wonderful. Thanks everyone for making this a pleasantly happy Thursday. I wish everyday would have this many happy moments and don't forget to smile and make others happy tomorrow and the other tomorrows after that... *smiles*

Thursday, September 22, 2005

--- | am |nSp|red ---

Today was one of the most relaxed days I have had in a long long long time. Was supposed to go for the media screening for "Flight Plan" with the FACES crew, but the Possum was sick so I had to teman him for awhile before class started. Had a leisurely walk to Keens restaurant to tapau lunch and enjoyed the breeze and light sunshine *grin* Bought rice, sparkling Ribena, peach and apple Paddle Pop jelly ice cream (damn nice!) and chocolates.

After lunch, we played Burnout Revenge and was a little disappointed… but it has its good points as well but I sort of liked the Burnout 3 better. Anyways, the Possum then sent me to college and class was alright though a little boring… but then again how interesting can News Editing be??? Well after 2 hours of class, I took a cab to 1Utama for the J-Card sales and fought my way in between menacing aunties with sharp heels and knobby elbows. My loud “ouches” were not entertained and my bruised foot was whining to me in pain. So I reluctantly gave up and announced my defeat and went to Starbucks for a drink with Su Yin. FYI: I only bought a couple of boxes to store my crap and an Eeyore photo frame.

My folks picked me up after that and we went for dinner and here I am just clicking on the computer keyboard with a bag of “things-to-do” which I am ignoring for today. So semangat before… wanted to get my things sorted out and all… BAH!!! --- Just want to have a little bit of relax and chill out time for awhile.

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Back to the inspiration part…

Well this sudden BURST of Inspiration hit me and I had this urge to go and do some artsy thingys … I used to love doing arts and crafts stuff in those good old days of long ago… and since my dad allowed me to buy some things online (first time and the max is USD10 – don’t laugh, quite poor thing…) I surfed along the vast ocean of the web to get some good discounts on my arts stuff and suddenly I was inspired… *grin*

My heart swelled and I felt so happy thinking of the whole pile of stuff I had and all these ideas kept popping into my mind and my hands were itching to get going. The thing is I can’t do them now. I need to concentrate on my studies and stuff… but I just feel this BUZZ! This happy feeling of being Inspired… *grin grin grin* I talked to Pinky and she didn’t think I was strange (thanks for that Pinks) and instead encouraged my dreams. Hoorah!!! Who knows one day I might be famous… and even if I wasn’t, I would be happy doing what I like.

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* So if anyone of you wants some handmade one-of-a kind bookmarks, gift tags, cards (for any occasion) and etc. call me or leave me a message and I will make you one with all the passion and love I posses for arts and crafts.

At *Luna Bar*

Luna Bar was WOW!

I felt like I was on top of the world.

The music canteen awards night on Sunday (18/9/2005) was pretty good and I met a lot of old friends from SMKDU... its a small small world *grin* The food they served seemed like aphrodisiac food; they had oysters, strawberries and marshmellows you could dip with liquid chocolate, fruit tarts and more, more stuff. The sad part... no Long Island Tea or hard drinks -- in a way I guess it is a blessing in disguise.

I am so going to go back and drink till I am more merry and I will look at the glitterting lights of the city (they were like Fairy lights) and Genting in the distance (like a FairyLand in the middle of no where) and I will be super Happy and be drunk on yummy stuff and the beauty of the city.

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A pic from Joyce's camera... here we are all together... The Poser, The Fairy, The Care Bear and The Possum *grin* I like this picture toos Joyce *grin grin grin* but the Possums eyes a little bit the sepet... Poor Child... hehehe... ~ Possum your eyes are oklah... *muaks*

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just My Ramblings...

There are so many things I want to talk about...
So many things that are on my mind.
Yet I find it difficult to sit down and actually get my thoughts down.
Its as if my I momentarily forgot how to write.
I miss those days when I could just pluck words for the air and make myself a poem or two. Gone are the days when those poems were printed almost weekly in The Star Youth2 as well.
I bearly have time to write these days though for the next couple of days, I am slightly free... 1/3 of my uni life is over but I have 2/3's of it to look "excitedly" towards and am TRYING so hard to make it through the 2/3's optimistically (its not really working - can you tell?).

My computer went all wonky today and as always I got blamed for it... so my life story! Was so upset that I couldn't enjoy my yummy dinner with the Possum and his folks. I logged on again and thank God everything is here though they are like all over the place at the moment - bleh! Make me panicky for no reason = bugger!

Well hopefully this writing block, rash and extra kilos will just leave me for good and I will those be so creative and write wonderfully, have flawless skin and be lighter... hoorah!!! One can certainly wish for small... okay quite large mircales once in awhile... *grin*

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Anyways, its lates and I should be asleep... long day tomorrow...
Anyone going for the J Card Day sale at 1 Utama tomorrow??? Call me I need more shopping buddies... hehehe...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another 1 down...

Just completed another assignment for Journalism Publication. I had to write about scrapbooking and blah blah and make it into a coherrent piece which could be publishable in a magazine. It was a pleasant assignment as compared to the other shittier ones that I have been doing and plus I do like scrapbooking. Makes me want to get out all the stuff and start on a project really.
Now that's one down and ... something something more to go...
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I really need sleep by the way...
Been sleeping really really late everyday which is bad. My dad even sent me emails telling me how unhealthy it is... hehe... felt wierd recieving emails from my dad.
Oh yeah quite disappointed as the guys in Rooster aren't that hot in real life. Their photos online make them look soooo hot...
They lie!!! and right got no free CD also.
Well atleast I had fun though momentarily... hehehehe...
Oh yeah, thanks Ma, for the pizza... I so needed
"Happy Food"
~ I wish I could write more lengthier stuff... time time time... have less of 'em.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Up at 3.42am


The work pile NEVER seems to lessen.


I sense a burnout coming soon...

So I am going to think Happy Thoughts... lalalalala

Happy Thoughts...
Happy Thoughts...
Happy Thoughts...
Happy Thoughts...
Happy Thoughts...



Maybe I should just forget about it and go get some sleep... Yeah that option sounds so tempting... a nice hot shower and my nice cool bed and my pillow which feels like cloud. (Everyone should get one of them!)

*Maybe tomorrow will be better yeah?*

~ Thanks Possum for the Ribena and ice cream... just what I needed *muaks*

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Ledge Of Choice...

These days I find myself peering over the ledge of choice, wondering about potential consequences and weighing all the various options in my head. Occasionally, I still succumb to jumping down into the unknown; sometimes on a good day I land feet first, but more often than not I have been falling flat on my face or flat on my back feeling more like a tortoise on its back wondering why their world has suddenly turned upside down.

I find that as days go by and I realize the severity of the actions and consequences in my life and the set responsibilities I have, I pull back gentley from the ledge and peer slowly below instead; afraid to disappoint or hurt those who care for me, those who have put their hope in me and also to avoid hurting myself. There is after all so much hurt and damage you can do to yourself before you realise that enough is enough.

I also realise that sometimes when there seems to be rough patches in our life, we tend to go on self-destructive modes, and it is only much later when we look around at the wreckage of our lives and wonder what provoked us to do the unthinkable. For me, I find that there is always potential risk and gain at the ledge of every choice in life and it’s up to the individual to discern what lies before them.

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Mistakes can’t always be rectified, the past can’t be changed, words said cannot be recollected back, missed moments and opportunities fade away… that is what we have to remember. So the next time you are the uncertain ledge of choice, remember to make the right decision and whatever the outcome, never regret the things you have done, but think instead that everything happens in our life for a reason.

#@~ Party Nights ~@#

To ease the tension of the blardy assignments and to reward myself for not going out the entire duration of these assignments, I went out partying/clubbing. *FYI: I don’t do clubbing much and going clubbing is a big night out for me (So kesian, kan?)

- 3rd September 2005 -

The Possum and I went to BarFly in KL to celebrate his friend’s birthday. I didn’t really know the birthday girl but she seemed perfectly happy to divulge her feelings to me (She recently ended a 3 year relationship and was pissed at the ex and it was the whole “Men are scum of the earth type talk!”) over Black Label.

After being there for about 15 minutes, the phone rang and I was pleased to note that it was my ex D (we are really good friends still) and that he was at BarFly too - (Finally an escape from the sob stories I was listening to). His ex (the gf after me) was also there and both of us and his colleagues hung out. Some people might find it strange but D (my ex) and I have always had a good friendship after we broke up and N (his ex) get along pretty good as well.

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Anyways, after a couple of vodka shots, a couple of Black Label and cokes, JD and cokes, half a jug of Long Island Tea and beer (it was a little of it)… I was a happy person. I was so chatty that I ended up at the table of a bunch of Aussies who were from Toowomba (where I am doing my distance learning from) and having a chat with the birthday girl’s new boyfriend and his friends. *FYI: The Possum was talking to the birthday girl's new boyfriend and ex who showed up!

It was about 3am when the Possum and I left BarFly and made our way home. Thank God there were no road blocks and I remember hazily that we were chewing a lot of mints and the Possum was driving at about 40km/h. the next thing I knew, I woke up the next day with a massive hangover and felt super sick for the entire weekend.

Image hosted by

As a remedy, the Possum and I went for sushi @ Oh! Sushi in MidValley whilst my mum was getting a makeover from Christian Dior (her birthday present).

Yuppers… that was the first night of fun this month!

- 10th September 2005 -

I got an SMS from Ons in the evening saying that we were having a farewell-party-thingy for Carmen at this new club called “Soda Club” in Hartamas and I thought that since I hadn’t met up with the guys in awhile and since some of the blardy assignments were completed, I decided to go.

Before that I went to watch “All About My Dog” at the international screens in Midvalley with Nic, and was surprised that I did not bawl my eyes out as the show was quite emotional. This led me to wonder if I was becoming too hard and bitter… perhaps!

Anyways, Nic dropped me off at Spongy’s. Met Spongy’s dad who asked me if I had lost weight… before I could say something…
Spongy retorted…
“NOlah… its just that she’s wearing black!”

(Actually quite truelah…but don’t need to say right! *Geeess Louise!*)

Anyways we took a slow drive to Hartamas as the other guys were on the way. We managed to catch up on things and it was good talking to him after so long. At the club, we met the guys and we all sat at the 2nd floor and just chilled out there the entire night though I did nip down to the lok-lok man to buy some of his goodies - (the foodlah ok?).

Image hosted by

Well to sum it all up, we had a BLAST! Well I did anyways… and for once I was not that drunk, but was pleasantly high. We danced the night away (or I think we tried to dance anyways), had many "cheers" and we had many good laughs. The only thing missing was a camera to record these memories, though honestly I think I will remember this night for some time to come.
Thanks guys for the fun fun fun night!
And now as I sit here and write this, I thank God that I don’t have another hangover *grin*, and that I did atleast have 2 fun nights so far... though at the back of mind, I can't stop the nagging thoughts of up and coming assignments and the like *bleh*.

This blardy 2 weeks...

These past 2 weeks have been... shitty!

Image hosted by

With a part time job (which I love) and 4 external papers done via distance learning, I barely have enough time to do the things that I want to such as read, my arts stuff, watch movies or just hang out with the Possum or my friends at the mamak; and now the admin staff announced that I have to take another subject (News Blardy Editing – HATE it!) or I will not be able to graduate as planned in April 2006.

Blardy Hoorah! (Said sarcastically mind you…)

Then there are the assignments. There is one every blardy week and you hardly get time off before you have to start on another one. The past 2 weeks has seen me rushing for deadline after deadline and sleeping a maximum of 5 hours a day. *triple sigh*

It certainly doesn’t help when your tutor tells you on the day of submission that your assignment is full of shit and is nothing but crap (a first for me!) and flings the thing in front of your stricken face! –

So there I was blardy panicking about the blardy assignments and praying to God to just let me get this over and done with. I just want to pass now. I don’t need the A’s anymore!!! Really… (Of course I am still crossing my fingers and toes that I WILL do well but it’s not very likely from where I stand at the moment – but then miracles do happen, so there might be a slight chance…)

The blardy assignments are still pouring in and I am freaking out and being all blardy jumpy and strange. I tripped on the staircase one morning on the way up to my room and I nearly fell backwards and there was this thought in my mind ‘Yeah just fall… it would put your out of your blardy misery!’

Image hosted by

Needless to say I was freaked out that I could think that way. I mean I have contemplated suicide before, but it’s weird when suddenly you just want to let go like that without having thought things through. Then there were those times crossing the freaking blardy busy road to get to college and I thought to myself that maybe if I was a little slower I might get hit and wouldn’t have to do the blardy assignment.
I sound so messed up and demented, kan?

Anyways, the worst is over (or so I think) and I am slightly more relaxed now. I should be at mass now but I didn’t have any transport… okay fine… I am blardy lazy. Bleh! I feel so sinful and crazed now… but I guess God sees me the little looney here in the computer rooming tapping on the keyboard and He feels this wave of compassion for me and will forgive me (More wishful thinking!).

Image hosted by
** Do something nice for someone today and remember the victims of 9/11 and pray that terrorism and all forms of war and oppression will end. **

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Merdeka came and went and the sense of patriotism that I briefly felt whilst watching commercials on telly and hearing those 3 words "MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!" on the radio disappeared like the remnants of the fireworks that sparkled momentarily in the night’s sky over certain areas in the city.

I sat with the Possum, hopefully awaiting Ekano's repeat of the previous years spectacular display of fireworks but was sorely disappointed when the only fireworks I saw that night came from somewhere quite far of.

So there we sat dejectedly in the car somewhere near Damansara Perdana, a can of Shandy between us and a cold large thin crust aloha chicken pizza from Domino's in the backseat waiting to be consumed. After moments of waiting for... something... anything... we left. We went to the Possum's house and watched "Duece Bigalow: European Gigolo" and played Burnout 3 on PS2 till 5am in the morning. Filled with pizza and juice and sinful bittersweet chocolate, I curled up in a ball and slept.

I suppose I never fully appreciated what “MERDEKA!” really was all about. After all, I am blessed to have been born and raised in a country which is relatively peaceful. Even when riots rocked us and made us fear the unknown future, I was safe; protected in this shell where nothing could harm me. So I suppose I was never really thankful for living in a peaceful country and for appreciating our forefathers/mothers for fighting for this independence. the sacrifices they made seem foreign and too far back in ‘sejarah’ to even be thought about.

Image hosted by

Even before I wrote the article '48 Reasons Why I Love Malaysia’ I already had realised that though not exactly perfect, Malaysia was indeed a wonderful place to live in.

Although I did not wave the Malaysian flag from my roof top, hang up unnecessary amounts of flags all over my house and car, or cry emotional whilst screaming “MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!” on top of my lungs not participate or go for any celebrations or parades, I am truly thankful for being a Malaysian.
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