Thursday, May 05, 2005

Singapore Part 2

Been busy so couldn't really blog about my trip to Singapore with the Possum... =) Welll... it was a wonderful trip and we had good fun there. My quest for Suzy's Zoo and my scrapbooking things was a success as I found more than I was bargaining for. Hoorah!!! I also found a whole shop selling scrapbooking things from UK and the US which just was like a dream come true. The Possum says its i like my mecca... perhaps it is! But whatever it is it was wonderful and honestly it was devine intervention that led me there.

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The shop was tucked in a really secluded place and if it was in Malaysia, I wouldn't have gone exploring, but I couldn't help it... Something was urging me to go forward to look and looky what I found "MADE WITH LOVE" scrapbooking supplies... Hoorah!!! Bought heaps of things and had a wonderful conversation with the lady there... the Possum was super patient as well and let me take as much time as I wanted which was alot of time... thanks Possum!!!

We had a wonderful time at Clarke Quay at this place called Elephant. The Possum, his friend (a semi vile person) and myself went there and had drinks next to the waters edge. We had long conversations about everything and nothing . I have to say though that the drinks sucked. Wasted my $$$ could have bought nice cocktails here. *sigh* The next day was Orchard Road and shopping... nice nice nice... we stopped for a drink at the Coffee Club which had wonderful cakes and a delicious Tiramisu Latte... (pics up later!) It was in one of the shopping complexes that I spotted TACO BELL... I have always wanted to have a Taco Bell meal and so I did eventhough I was super stuffed with BKT.

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Me: Possum... TACO BELL!!! (I gesture like a looney)

Possum: Ah... Oh... Ok...

Me: Possum... TACO BELL la... Faster... come we must go... (drags reluctant Possum!)

Possum: You said you were full...

Me: Its TACO BELL la!!!

Possum: (looks at me blankly)

Yes TACO BELL!!! Yum Yum Yum... offered the Possum a bite and promptly ate the whole thing in a couple of minutes. Was telling the Possum that we should have a chain of TACO BELL's in Malaysia. He then launched into a whole business blah blah and I wish I hadn't mentioned it.

Anyways, the drive home was good (we talked alot about stuff) though we were really tired when we got home. It was an awesome trip and I just wished that it had gone on longer. One of the best parts of the trip was the pillows which were goose down... absolutely heaven. That was one of the bestest sleep I have ever had in my life. Then there was the scrapbooking shop, the Suzy's zoo stuffs, the toy shops and finding out that my StrawBerry Shortcake collection is worth like RM3500 something... Yipeee!!! (my apparently "useless" crap is not so "useless" after.... thank you Ama!)

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Sigh... sometimes I wish these happy moments would not end... but alas it did... Oh well... the Possum has said that there will be Singapore part 3, so there's something to look forward too... aights! Hoorah!!!

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