Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Awhile Back...

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Awhile back when I was 16 when I remember the bread man coming around my place about 4.30pm. He would toot his horn a couple of times and I would run outside to collect the bread which would be lying sometimes near the potted plants, or somewhere near the shoes. This was because the roti (bread) man had a bad aim. There were times when I was early and would be waiting for him... those were the days when I didn't have lunch and waited eagerly for my 30 cents Bun Kelapa (coconut bun). I remember the wierd smell it had... wierd but nice. I would usually buy 5 buns. 3 for my lunch and tea and one for my brother and one for me to bring to shcool the next day.

The roti man is different now. He comes at 6pm and he we don't need his bread anymore. We buy it from the supermarket or 7-11. Those were the days when we needed a loaf of bread everyday. We always packed lunches and has bread breakfasts. I tired the bun kelapa a while back and it didn't taste the same either and was no longer 30 cents. *sigh*


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Awhile back I remmeber how I would sit outside my balcony and blow bubbles in the air with the radio blasting out aloud. The neighbourhood children would beg me to blow more and they would run all over the place to catch the bubbles. I had with me also, the automatic bubble gun which did save me alot of time blowing them bubbles. I loved to watch the bubbles floating aimlessly sometimes. Then there were the bubbles that somehow seemed to know where they were headed too. I loved those bubbles that flew up high... they were like little adventure bubbles.

The children don't run on our street anymore. They have grown up and sit infront of the telly watching the SImpsons or whatever is on at that time. The automatic bubble gun has broken into 3 pieces and I don't feel like opening the balcony to sit there staring on the street, blowing bubbles aimlessly with the music blaring behind me. Sometimes I do get that urge but there is hardly any time... besides the neighbours would think I was crazy (Big SUrprise that would be!)

Awhile back I was still in secondary school with my green uniform which used to get unnessary stares from idiotic males. It was the times when Eastpaks and BodayPacks were a must and when everyone had huge arse pencil boxes with heaps of things inside. It was the time when movie star posters were the rage among must girls and it was the time I was introduced to the 'catalogue'. The 'catalogue' was WOW for me at that time. They had all kinds of rubbish. You could buy stickers, bookmarks, lettersets and a whole lot of other crap. I remember pouring over the catalogues and begging my mum to give me money for the stuff.

Now the catalogue is non-existant in our circle anymore and the movie posters I used to love is used for wrapping unwanted bits and pieces... *hehehe* Of course I still keep most of Leo's and Matthew's pics but the rest have gone or are going slowly. I don't need to ask my mum for much money these days though I still collect stickers and I still have my super huge pencil box and my Eastpak.

These random thoughts just passed me suddenly about these things that hapened awhile ago, so I thought I should write it down... Just in case one day I forget about it all...


HabitualDamnation said...

ah this entry is interestin. eh weird la not wierd. all your letters and stuff to me got recieve and wierd. remember - I before E except after C. it's a helpful thing someone taught me. and long live the roti man!!! yarrhhhhh!

* Dream Weaver * said...

What??? I don't understand what you said... but LONG LIVE THE ROTI MAN!!! Hoorah!!! *tooot* *tooot*

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