Monday, May 09, 2005

Surprise Afternoon Treat

Was sitting in front of the PC trying to get my brain to work - it was being stubborn again (deadlines were looming upon me and the boss had just given me more work - sigh!) and was ideally clicking on websites when the phone rang... it was G. He invited me to go out to Centrepoint. Since I was sick of sitting at home with no inspiration whatsoever, I agreed. G came with YNeng and off we went to McD's in Centrepoint. After pigging out in fries and drinks, we decided to go to 1U to try the new bowling alley. Aights it was fun fun playing bowling with them. We actually bet money on splits and spares. Each of us won a game and more plans were made to have a "bowling tournament" of sorts with the rest of the malats (hope this plan will work out and not be like the so-called food massacre part 2!)

After bowling, we went to San Fransisco Coffee where we drank our ice blended/iced drinks and talked about a variety of topics. Suddenly YNeng read out aloud the words that were printed around the cup... this is what it read:

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You're Cool
Been outside today? It's hot. Ang init! Hace Calor. You get the diea. Do you want to be hot? Maybe sometimes. But not now. Now you want to be cool . And Smooth. And Rich. You can never be too rich.
We make Frisco Frappes and iced expresso drinks to cool you down and pick you up. Our flavorful, fruity granitas will put you in the shade too. And, just for you, we make them like you like them, using only the world's finest coffees, chocolates and syrups. And cold, sparkling, crystal pure ice. So when you drink one, and for a long time afterward, you're cool.

This brought our fresh peels of laughter from the three of us. Goodness me ... what utter crap!!! Most nonsense I have heard in awhile!!! I just had to take the cup home with me as proof of this "wonderful interesting" description of San Fran Coffee... Hehehe... after that, we finally set of home with a good laugh and an enjoyable afternoon behind us.

I asked them the question about the Tortoise without its shell... here were their answers:

YNeng: Dead la!
G: Naked and Homeless...

Which did lead to a lengthy discussion about tortoises with no shells and black chickens with white wooly feathers... *shudder* x twenty two!!!

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