Thursday, May 19, 2005

Awhile Back 2

Awhile back I remember going to work for Publicis Dialog in Menara Choy Fook On. I used to go to work with my parents. Firstly we would drop mum of at D'sara Jaya and then dad and I would go to Tmn Bahagia station. There we would take the LRT together... I would stop at Tmn Jaya and he would stop further along. At the Tmn Jaya station, I had 3 options of getting to work...
1.) I could take the feeder bus
2.) I could walk all the way
3.) I could walk half way and then take the bus when I see it

During the times when I would walk, I would buy a packet of nasi lemak from the Nasi Lemak man and bring it to work... where I would sit in my corner and eat whilst checking my mail and playing games waiting for the day to begin at work. In the afternoon on my half days, I would see the Nasi Lemak man at the bas stop and he would smile in recognition. The bus 53 would come along before the feeder bus usually and the Nasi Lemak man would get on it with all his barang, lugging it up the then Intrakota now Rapid KL bus. It would take 2 trips to get all his things on the bus. Poor child...
Its been awhile since I went to that area. I went there again today and saw the same Nasi Lemak man with all his barang, and there was that same smile though I think it was tinged with sadness and laced with a sort of tiredness. Bus 53 came along and he lugged his things on board and off he went with the bus. I miss the nasi lemak, the morning walks to work and then I felt sorry for the Nasi Lemak man with all his barang barang... he looked so tired and weary.

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Awhile back I remember how I wished with all my heart that I would grow up faster because the grownups then seemed to have so much fun. They could go out and do nice things and they could buy whatever they wanted, my little brain said. And I used to waste my wishes (sometimes I still was them - buggers) and wish that I was grown up.

Wasted Wasted wishes... all of them.

Awhile back I remember having so many toys that I didn't know what to do with them. My grandmother bought me miniature versions of cookery sets and I had fun pretending to cook wishing that I could grow up faster so that I could cook yummy food for people to eat (of course now that I am grownup I realize that I don't like cooking and that pretend cooking is so much more fun). Then there were my dolls, the Barbies, the play house and bears and soft fluffy toys... a Heaven of toys. I had almost everything that I wanted though I never really asked for many things. My ama and also my other grandparents spoilt me and so did my parents though I have to say my brother got spoilt more. I was happy with what I had... my toys and my books. I had many many fairy tale books... and I would pretend and wish that I was old enough for that one prince to come and save me from the castle tower, the deep sleep or whatever harrowing problem I was in at that time.

Wasted Wasted wishes... all of them.

Awhile back I wasted all my wishes on things that could never come true. I savour now dreams and memories I have when I was a child. How I wish things were simple again.

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AnneMarie my fav character from "All Dogs Go To Heaven"
(Wolf, if you read this... do I still remind you of Anne Marie?)

Ahile back, I was happier. I used to have that happiness that radiated from within and not something that was forced or fake. It was the real thing. The sort of happiness that makes you feel as light a balloon and that you can fly with wonderful irridescent wings. I used to enjoy and notice the "simple happiness" that people take for granted like having the bus come on time, the wind blowing on a humid day, a smile from a stranger... I forgot them all and I am old and cynical and mean now. Sure there is still that happiness but awhile back, I was happier and I smiled and laughed and loved more. I miss being truly happy...
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Afew more quizzes;

What age will you die?
You Will Die at Age 64
64 You're pretty average when it comes to how you live... And how you'll die as well.
How rude... I am not average. I am a wonderful person... Good... die late... can see my grandchildren... HAh!

What age do you act?
You Are 23 Years Old
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
GREAT... I m 23... just the age that I am... doesn't that make me normal. Gawd... I thought I would be like age 6 or something *phew*

What is your true birth month?
Yahoo!!! I knew I was a February person... Hoorah!!!

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