Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Nothing Special Day...

Today has been alright though nothing special about it. Was listening to two of my all time favourite sonds "Northern Lights" by Lux and "Casper's Lullaby" by James Horner.

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I loved Casper the movie as well. Not sure what is so wonderful or great about it, but I just love it... I also loved the soundtrack which I got for my 14th birthday from Jonatan though I recall it was a horrible party. *sigh* (brings back shitty memories!)

Anyways, today I went for lunch with the Possum at his fav char kuey teow stall which used to be in the restaurant behind his house but now is at Damansara Perdana. The food was good and the watermelon juice was refreshing. Back home I was procrastinating again (big surprise!) and was playing Zuma instead of doing my work (Idiot me!). I played Zuma for a long time so much so that my right hand hurts like crazy now.

At night, the Possum and I went to play bowling at 1U and my hand hurt even more... not a bright thing to do really. Anyways, on the way to Mosin to meet the gang, we had some treats. Possum had a magnum ice cream and I had orange jelly which was super yummy. Bought 2 magazines as well (shites... there goes the $$$) though had a good sounding from the Posssum who was atucally reminding me about buying more magazines and things. Grrr... hate being reminded about it though I did tell him to remind me... hehehe *blush*

The mamak session was good... had fun talking... and talking and more talking. Thanks Miss Lum for squashing the cockaroach who was freaking me and Miss Tan out. So here I am... trying to do my work but being very unsuccessful (can you tell?). Well I should be off... I should TRY to get my work done. Think positive thoughts... I can do it...

Maybe I will just have another game of Zuma... hehehe....

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~ Wonderful Northern Lights ~ One day I'll see them for real... whilst listening to Lux's song... ahhhh... Blisssssss... (Anyone wants to join me?)


Dear Friend... I am glad we are friends again and the whole argument has been settled.
I love you... I bet you know that already, yeah? *Muaks Muaks*

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~ You can claim a free hug when I see you next ~


~ATOM~ said...

"Dear Friend... I am glad we are friends again and the whole argument has been settled.
I love you... I bet you know that already, yeah? *Muaks Muaks*"

perfect timing!!! i bet you know what i'm talking about :D yes, we settled our arguement, like adults!! i'm glad... *sigh* (sigh of relief, this time)

s4ints said...

Hello.. How've you been? I'm at the midst of looking for a place to do intern.. then hopefully they will give me a job at the end of it.. Hope everything's going smooth for you.. I was in Singapore the week you were there I think.. but I was only there for a brief moment.. Just to catch up with my bros.. Anyway I do read your blog too but just haven't had the time to write.. WIll be going to MPH to check up on the publishing thingy.. no reply from Penny.. heh.. what else is new.. IF you want something done, you got to do it yourself..

Procrastinating huh? I'm pretty much the same too.. Moving out of this dump next month.. The only thing I've been doing is packing.. Can't wait.. Need a new scenery in life.. and big changes..

Catch up with you soon.. Give your best and don't give up 8 D

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