Sunday, January 30, 2005

I sound like an Eeyore

Its late again tonight... not sure but I seem to find solace in the stillness and quietness of the night, which sadly gets broken by the sounds of idiotic motocyclists racing on the highway outside my house. I should really be asleep now, as I have a long day tomorrow and have to wake up to go for mass in the morning, but I feel this need to write this down before I get under my comforters and I lie my head to rest on those soft pillows.

Today I went for another part time/freelance job interview and I got it. The fella actually made me do an essay writing test (I had to write about myself and the economy - gawd! - not to say like this was like some business mag or financial times or something you know...) which he said he liked, and after much talking (my dad who sent me had to wait for like an hour or more in the car) he finally said that I would start after CNY, and the rates and etc. would be discussed then. Hoorah!

Yet inside, I don't feel this joy and jubilation that I should very well be feeling... why? I am not sure... I think some of my friends are mad at me cos whenever I tell them I got another job, they are like "what? another one! why you so easy get job one...?" How should I know? Maybe I was there at the right time. Maybe they wanted a new face and someone with new views and outlooks on life. Maybe... just maybe I can write decently. Yet... I am not as happy as I should be. I guess I am not feeling well so that contributes to me feeling less happy.

The good part about today (besides getting the job) is that I went shopping with my folks and got quite a lot of good buys, yet I haven't found that one perfect top, or bag or pair of shoes for CNY. Got a new book though... yipeee! (thanks Ma) Been wanting to get it for the longest time. Besides that, spending quality time with my folks was pretty fun though in the end my patience ran out... hehehe... (sorries ma!)

At night, I played more PS2 with the Possum... I swear this car crashing game is bad for me - making me so aggressive - but I like it to bits... that and pinball of course... hehehe... gawd i think its like this hour of the night where I laugh myself silly alone and am really jolly simply because today was a good day and I did alot of things. SEE... I am not always negative, pessimistic and gloomy, though I did a great impersonation of Eeyore today. Possum says that I should go and tape my voice for some cartoon or ads, maybe that way I can make more money for the "send *DreamWeaver* to Asutralia fund". Perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps...

*giggle* I feel like I am high on something... which I am not. Anyways, I best be on my way now. Going to see MLTR tomorrow night with Possum at Genting. What? Yeah MLTR... Possum and I like them... so leave us alone. Thanks Pa, for the tickets. Nightes nightes everyones... *hugs*

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