Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tins, Trays, Pots & Pans

While I was doing chores today, I realized how much time has flown pass... the years have swiftly sailed by leaving only fragments of memories that I cling to without even realizing it...
Chores... I hate them with a passion but when I started to take out all the pans, pots, trays and tins from my cupboards in the kitchen, I realized I couldn't remember the last time I helped my mum make a cake... actually I can't even remember when she last baked a cake!

Those were the days when my mum made cakes every other weekend. There were chocolate cakes, butter cakes, fancy cakes, cakes with icing and pretty flowers made from sugar and a whole lot of goodies... and then now... I have store bought cakes occasionally though in all honesty it will never taste as good as my mums cakes. I remember how I would help her - or rather help make a mess =) but it was always good fun being with her and stirring the batter or just tasting and licking the bowls and spoons after she was done. *sigh* those were good ole days.

I used to tell my mum that because of her baking 'frenzy' when I was 10 - 12, I retained the excess weight which I have with me now... she agrees as she used to force me to eat just one more slice. (The excess weight was also because I was sick at that time and needed to be feed with more protein and etc. - bugger! Wonder how I would have turned out if I hadn't gotten sick?) Anyways, I miss those days... so as I wiped the tins reverently, I thought maybe I could make a cake... urmmm... then I remembered the whole Betty Crocker thing and promptly changed my mind - I mean who needs cakes anyways, right?

Or maybe I will just suggest discreetly to my mum to make some again since CNY is aroudn the corner and a certain someones birthday is coming too... or maybe Possum can hint to her that he wants to eat some cake... yeah... that sounds better! Anyways, heres to old tins and trays, pots and pans.

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