Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What *RedSugar* says...

The last couple of days I have been using the nick *RedSugar* says Fuck You Right Back which has honestly created much confusion amongst my friends on MSN. I guess for someone who believes in fairy tales and happy endings and rainbows and fairies and the like (you get my drift) this is just something rather strange and just... 'tak kenalah'.

I was angry that day when I changed my nick... now, I am alright. I guess the reactions of people and my own ponderings have led me to invariably question myself... who am I really? I mean my friends think it odd that I swear and it is so 'unJoanne-like' to use this sort of language. But when you think about it what language am I supposed to use then? Flowery lovey dovey stuff???

By the way, I got have got currently 2 freelancing jobs. Just went for an interview today and I succeeded... (yipee!) Rushing to finish 15 CD reviews... (I think I am going to get the CDs - so whoever wants cheap original CDs, contact me). Anyways, I have decided to publish the description of myself that one of my editors asked me to write - (I had to write a 250 word description about myself). Read it and tell me what you all think of it. It felt odd and alightly narcistic to write about myself... =) Anyways, for those of you who worried about me, thanks... it really means alot that you all care.

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