Saturday, January 15, 2005

Unraveling Seams

I got the job at FACES... =) *grin*. The guy that interviewed me was pretty fun and laidback and I am looking forward to better things at FACES. Doing a music review and a product review at the moment and hope that it turns out ok.
Had an alright day, though my tummy is acting up and I am at home on a Saturday - heck... I like being alone on Saturday nights. Its ok... I mean one does not have to go out every single weekend to qualify that they have a 'life'. This afternoon went out with my pals to buy clothes and then had a mini feast at BK. Upon arriving at home, I had alittle nap which turned out to be a 4 hour knock-out sleep, which I honestly needed. No bak-kut-teh for me todays with the guys... hope they have funs at Klang... just the thought of driving there and coming back with toddy-infested minds is enough to make me not want to go.
So here I am... I am still waiting for your call... but the phone remains silent and at times when my resolve weakens, I feel like dailing 8 and listening to your voice on the phone... but NO! I will not call. Call me stubborn or petty, but its not my fault and I am tired of always trying to mend broken bridges and patching up leaks. If you aren't going to make and effort... neither am I. I am tired... let us just unravel slowly like torn seams holding something together... I miss you though... more than I will ever admit to anyone.

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