Friday, January 14, 2005

The Call of the Sea

On days like this
I hear the call of the sea
Silently sometimes thunderously
Calling out to me

The waves that rush on to the shore
Beckons with lulling hypnotic sounds
Sounds of lament and fear
Sounds that only I can hear

Then there are the fiery tides
That spill on to the shore
Which curses, spits and swears
Of the weary sailors unanswered prayers

Rip curls tug the unsuspecting swimmer
And drags them beneath to the deep
Welcoming them with open arms
To an eternal sorrowful sleep

Walking by the shore
That knows and sees this pain
I am wishing I was one with the sea
What an easy way to end my misery

It is then that a light blinds my eyes
A lighthouse
A beacon of hope
A light for the blind to see
Reminding me that there is light
At the end of every single tunnel
And I know that it is the truth
I have gained my sight

So I turn my eyes away
From that endless expanse of blue
Away from the melody that beckons
That never ending call of the sea

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