Thursday, January 13, 2005

* Thankfully Blessed *

I am thankfully blessed
That I have a roof over my head
Unlike those homeless people
Who walk the streets
Who have no peaceful nights sleep
No place to call their own
Wandering lost like a soul with no home

I am thankfully blessed
That I have food on my table
That I will never grow hungry
Unlike those that tastes hunger every night
Who long for a meal or even a crumb
With bloated bellies on rake thin bodies
They look a funny sight

I am thankfully blessed
That I have coins in my pocket
I can go down the street
And buy myself something perhaps a sweet
Unlike those that beg by the road
Who long for a coin or two
To fill empty bellies at home
To end lives filled with strive and gloom

I am thankfully blessed
That I live in a peaceful country
Where no bombs fall like fiery stars from the sky
Unlike those who lie awake at night
Who clutch their pillows fearfully
Hearing the sounds of firearms
Just like fireworks exploding in the night
Dreading that one moment
When it will be their turn to bid that last ‘goodnight’

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