Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whisked away

After having the tour of the Empire Hotel ballroom and such the other day, my friend and I had an Italian lunch followed by shopping and more shopping. I bought a dress from Dorothy Perkins and I think some other small trinkets... (I can't really recall now!).

The main reason, besides shopping and hanging out, was to actually have macaroons and coffee at Whisk Espresso Bar + Bake Shop. We managed to locate the small quaint narrow cafe and spied rows upon rows of delicate, round and rainbowed treats, whispering out to us.

We decided that that we would come back to Whisk for tea and proceed to have lunch and a spot of shopping first. BIG mistake! Several hours later, we went into Whisk to only find a miserable green macaroon pleading with us to be bought. Gone were the neat rows of coloured goodies! My friend and I were just gaping at the empty display and felt sad that we had not gotten a chance to try the macaroons.

So, we decided instead to treat ourseleves slices of cake. As we were late, there were very few selections left (Note to all: Go Early!) left but we decided on Hummingbird cake (very much like banana cake but better and richer) and Red Velvet cake and what good choices it was. I truly enjoyed the Red Velvet cake (so recommended!). I also had a coffee, though once again I forgot the name of the said coffee... all I remember was that it tasted awesome possum!

Look at how moist the cake was and 
I just love this rich red colour and the cream frosting.

Whisk is a lovely place away from the Coffeebeans and Starbucks of the world. It is a cosy nook where you can just sit, read, pen down your thoughts in a journal or blog on your laptop or... daydream the day away whilst enjoying delicious cakes and coffee. I would definitely be back at Whisk and hopefully this time I will be able to try the macaroons. Yes, I have never tried a macaroon before and it is torturous looking at photos of this round delicate beauties. 

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