Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas has left the building

Finally Christmas came and then it was half way gone and then it was gone totally. This Christmas is in fact, a very very low key Christmas. Doesn't help that I had the flu bug for most of Christmas day and I looked like crap and I sounded like crap - sorry for sounding all Scrooge-ish - which really kinda sucked. I took a couple of meds and it helped, so am glad.

This year, Christmas wasn't like the Christmases of past. My family and I don't really have any traditions though one thing that I have tried to do each year was attend Midnight Mass at the church I grew up in, Saint Francis Xavier's church, Petaling Jaya. There is something so magical about Christmas Eve mass. It is as if, I am transported back 2000 years ago and am anticipating the birth of Jesus. I can picture the manger, the shepherd, the Magi, the star... all of it. 
I usually go for this mass with friends and sometimes my folks would join us but for the last couple of years, they have not. After mass this year, my friends and I went to the AandW drive through in PJ and feasted on junk food and root beer. It was a good night save the crappy service and the crappy food! 

Then there was the absence of a Christmas gathering with our extended family. This is a yearly affair where all our relatives on my dad's side get together to have fellowship, sing carols and just talk. Not having a gathering this year felt odd and in some ways incomplete. I have somehow also gotten closer to my relatives who are an awesome bunch of people and it's a pity that we have one less gathering. We are about 70ish (or more) strong and its just awesome to come together. It is always a huge affair when everyone is around.

On Christmas day, I had lunch with my family, just the four of us. We had lunch at Kitchen Creatures and I found it hard to talk and enjoy the food with the flues. It really does dampen ones spirit. After lunch, we went to see some furniture for the house and after browsing, I had a snooze which did wonders for me. This was followed by a simple dinner with my friends and later awesome new card games by Hasbro and poker. We ended the night at about 1am and I stayed up a little to finish this book that I had been reading for several months. 

Oh yes, I have another tradition. I open my Christmas presents after Christmas Eve mass when I am home and all ready for bed. I turn on some Christmasy music and open the presents. I just can't wait for Christmas morning to do it *smiles* This year has been wonderful. There were so many wonderful unexpected gifts this year (3 Thomas Sabo charms). I have been truly truly blessed with so many wonderful friends. It's such a joy to open something unexpected. 
Even Belly got presents from her Dog-Father, Daves - see the doggy treats *smiles smiles* 

There was also an unexpected email from an old close friend, G, who is coming back in January. I have not seen him for years and I am glad that he is finally coming home (though I am trying not to be angry at him for staying away for so long and for not trying harder to keep in touch) - definitely something to look forward too though I am not sure if he likes who we have become today. Anyways, I have taken some photos of the presents I received but I have had some problems uploading the photos - so perhaps I shall upload them when I get this matter sorted out.

I shall end this post with a hope and a prayer that the tradition of Christmas Eve mass continue yearly and that there will be more family and friends related events not only on Christmas but whenever possible. I can't wait to have my own home so that I can invite friends and family over (though I hate to clean up after - maybe paper cups will solve this issue and a plastic sheets on the floors - hehehe!). Goodnight everyone. I hope that all of you had a memorable and good Christmas this year.  

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