Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pastel Christmas treats

9:57am and I wish I was in bed. 
My tummy is acting up. 
Half my nose is jammed 
and my eyebags look as if they 
have been shopping overnight 
buying bulging sacks of rice it seems. 
It's too early to whinge and moan 
about life and B sadly had to 
put up with a spot of grumbling self reflction
during breakfast which thankfully did not result 
in a full blown monologue lasting for hours.

So, upon stepping into the hovel, I decided to do the thing that brightens this otherwise boring unimaginative place - blog surfing! So surfed I did and what beautiful things I discovered. I kept clicking and opening tabs upon tabs upon tabs and saving lovely images onto my desktop folder to be taken out on boring days to inspire and motivate. Do check out the links on the sides of my blog. I believe you will be clicking and clicking for hours andh ave heaps of ideas stored up in your folders and albums for 'one days'.

The next couple of posts will be about some of the lovely things I have found on sevearl blogs whilst blog surfing this morning. I hope these make you smile and fill you with happy thoughts and inspiration on this otherwise slightly dull Tuesday. 

Oh, did I say, my boss called in sick today *woot woot* 
(I mean I feel sorry for her and all that but 
yay, more time for blogging, planning and the like... 
okay, okay... I will try to fit in time for some work and filing).

Pastel Christmas Treats
After clicking several links, I chanced upon 79 Ideas post 
about the Vintage Pastel Christmas Dessert table 
by Glory of Glorious Treats and 
OMG these photos are just awesome possum awesome!!! 
I mean look at them... 
I don't think I would have the heart to eat them.
 Just looking at these pastel Christmas treats would suffice for me. 
So dear readers, enjoy these lovely lovely photos 
*yums yums yums*

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