Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bali Adventure #16 - Tanah Lot

After our cool trip to Lake Beratan, Yande took us to see the famed Tanah Lot. We arrived quite late and because we wanted to do shopping, I didn't take very many photos of the many many shops selling t-shirts, trinkets, food, knick knacks and the like. I bought 12 pairs of beaded slippers in varying designs and colours, souvenirs for my colleges and a couple of odds and ends. B was eager to be part of the Balinese culture and bought a head piece (no clue what it is called) and a sarung which he wore proudly. He also got us a pretty souvenier to commemorate our visit to Tanah Lot/Bali - this will sit proudly in our display cabinet in our new home once we move in.

It was after some time that we noticed that dusk was fast approaching so we made our way to watch the sunset and see the rock formation and the Pura Tanah Lot. It was really really crowded so almost every shot I had of the sunset or the temple had people in it *crappos* Since we were also bogged down by our my purchases, we didn't get to see the temple plus shoving through the crowds with my bluging backpack (yes, I carried one everywhere we went like a happy lil' camper) with my camera in hand whilst trying to keep my balance on the slippery rocks was not appealing at all.

Yande our tour guide did not join us this time since there was no parking, so we did not get any stories from him about Tanah Lot. However, if you are interested, swing on by to wikipedia here to read about Tanah Lot. 

Sitting on the cliffs and watching the sunset with B and our friends was breath taking. Seeing the hoards of people milling around like ants all over the place was not. Nevertheless, I think I got some pretty decent shots of the sunset and of the atmosphere at Tanah Lot. This is a definite place to visit - good for shopping and good for culture stuff. The sunset is pretty awesome stuff too. 

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