Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas movies

Today just like most evenings, B came over to mine to watch a movie. At first I picked "Imagine That" by Eddie Murphy but then thought perhaps we ought to watch something a little Christmasy instead... so we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. B asked me if this was a recent movie and since I did not know any better, I said yes.

Well, I guess it was evidently not a recent movie since the clothes, the actors and actresses and everything else was stuck in the 80's but watch the movie we did - B even said he had watched this before - and what a movie it was!!!
The movie made us laugh and although corny and very old school, it was a truly enjoyable movie to watch with B. The Griswold's such a wacky bunch and both B and I had a good laugh at their crazy anticsThis is definitely a movie to watch with the family *smiles smiles*

I also chanced upon this site which has some pics of the movie as well as a little snippet of the movie. This movie is a keeper just for laughs. I have compiled below, a list of my favourite Christmasy movies to watch these season: (I hope you enjoy them)
Not quite family friendly movies but they sure are good flicks to watch on Christmas with your girl friends  *smiles* Actually they are good to watch all year round *snickers*
For more Christmas movies, clickety here. Enjoy *smiles smiles*

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