Friday, December 31, 2010

Coming Home

In the dark dreary nights, 
when the storm is at its most fierce, 
the lighthouse burns bright 
so the sailors can find their way home again. 
In life the same light burns. 
This light is fueled with love, faith and hope. 
And through life’s most fierce storms 
these three burn their brightest 
so we also can find our way home again.
- Anonymous -

There have been so many instances in my life when I felt that I had lost my way home and even at some point, lost myself. I felt as if I was adrift on a current that took me everywhere else but never the places I wanted to go. Then there were the things I did that I thought would fill me and make me complete, instead it had the opposite effect and left me feeling more alone and emptier than I once was. 

I was unprepared for 2010 if I have to be honest. I never really felt ready for it... I kind of went along with it if it makes any sense. So now, when I stand at the door of 2011 I feel a little tipsy and unprepared because it felt as if I skipped a whole year and yet at the same time, because I never really planned the year nor set myself ridiculously arduous goals I could never accomplish. 

It is therefore, an absolutely surprising to say that I think 2010 went brilliantly. This has got to be the first year that I look back and say “hey” it turned out pretty darn good.  This is the first year where I stood grounded in my thoughts, in my work and in most parts of my life. Sure 2010 were fraught with its share of glorious moments and moments that I wish would have never happened, moments that were nerve recking, moments that were sad and worrying and moments that I wish I could take back. Each year had its own defining moments, yet for some reason I feel as if 2010 was just a glimpse of how life will be like moving forward and I am glad that the year, however many ups and downs there were, happened the way it did.

Several nights ago, I was wondering... if I was given a word to sum up 2010, 
what that word would be... and I thought “Love” was the word. 
There was a lot of love in 2010. 
Love from B, my best friend who I got engaged to this, 
Love from Belle my wonderfully mischievous Beagle,
 Love from my family, Love for my soon to be family, 
Love for my job (with its ups and downs), 
Love for my friends – both old and new, 
Love for  travelling, Love for all things news, 
Love of my hobbies and most importantly 
Love from God who has showered me with such abundant blessings 
that I will be forever grateful and thankful.

And although “Love” seemed appropriate, it didn’t quite fit 100% and after reading the quote from Anon above and as I started writing this post, I realised that the word words to accurately sum up this year would be Coming Home”.

Coming Home to God.
Coming Home to the ones who love me.
Coming Home to where I belong.
Coming Home to my own.  
I am Home finally and it’s just awesome. 

May the coming year be filled with more goodness and blessings from God and from the looks and sounds of it, 2011 will be a very blessed, busy, brilliant and bountiful year.

Happy blessed New Year everyone. 
I pray that all of you are happy and safe wherever you are. 
May God watch over you and keep you and the ones you love safe.
Cheers to a brilliant 2010 and to a new better and more awesome 2011! *hugss hugss*

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