Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bali Adventures #15 - Lake Beratan part2

After our stroll and cam-whoring @ Lake Beratan, we decided to lunch at one of the restaurants our tour guide Yande recommended us to and it our meal was pretty good. 
Another high point of the trip was having hot ABC tea and some delicious chicken dish called Ayam Bakar Taliwang whilest enjoying the awesome cool breeze. V.v. relaxing.
Just a note, we ordered the cumi-cumi goreng (fried dried squid) and I bit into it hungrily and it nearly took my tooth off. Besides that, the cumi-cumi was heaps salty, so you may or may not want to order this when you are there. 

After lunch, we drove to a nearby local handcraft and produce market to walk around for a bit to digest the awesome food before proceeding to Tanah Lot for their famed shopping and sunset. We refrained from buying anything since we were on our way to Tanah Lot which is famed for awesome buys... nevertheless, I enjoyed taking photos of some of the things that we saw. PS: I wish I could have taken the bunny with me.

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