Friday, December 24, 2010

Pleasure @ the fair grounds #1

On one of the short trips we had recently, B and I had the pleasure of visiting and old school fun fair. This fun fair was the kind of fun fair that used to be popular way back in the day (you can tell by the look and condition of the rides really) and which children (and adults) of today would wrinkle their noses at. 

These fun fairs are awesome to me. They are picturesque and evoke memories of a forgotten time. A time when XBoxes, Playstations, super cool arcades, the interweb, 3D movies were just ideas and dreams on in someones mind. 
It's a place where families go to have wholesome family fun. 

As I strolled with B around the fair grounds, I wondered if our children would one day experience these simple pleasures in life and if in the future these fun fairs would actually still be around. It's sad but the fun fair that we went to will cease to exist come 2011. The whole of Danga Bay in Johor will in fact be closed for development. What a shame. I mean do we really need another couple of high rise monstrosities and overpriced condo living in Malaysia that only a select few will be able to afford? I think not. But there is nothing that I can do against over zealous businessmen who think "development" (mostly of their bank accounts) is needed in this part of the world.

Ok. Enough ranting. I shall instead present you three 
or so posts about pleasure at the fair grounds. Enjoyce!

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