Thursday, June 24, 2004

when do you know it is over?

when do you know it is over?

is it when he says farewell and packs his bags , shuts the door in your face and leaves you with your mouth gaping after him with the words frozen in your mind, a thousand thoughts and words running through your mind?

or is it when he just stops calling and you pace your room endlessly furiously dialing his number over and over again for the millionth time hoping that perhaps THIS time he will pick up?

could it be that maybe whenever you are together you fight like a cat and dog throwing things at each other and calling each other names so horrible the paint peels of the walls, things that can sorely injure the heart and ears?

just maybe it could be when you hold each other and you feel like you are holding a cardboard cutout - lifeless, and when you say 'i love you' it sounds hollow and forced?

perhaps it is when you feel that there is this space between you both that is so great that it would take a year and a half to cross it and even if you do manage to get to the otherside you would have lost a limb or two?

i just wanted to know when its over..


Stephan said...

I stumbled on your site on accident, when I was on Freiendster. Anyways thats sad. I can relate

Anonymous said...

aiseh.. so teruk meh? cut urself de? hehehe.
its never as bad as it seems..

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