Saturday, June 26, 2004

*~* Here’s to the night *~*

Here’s to the nights we felt alive, when everything in this vast world seemed to belong to us. When we could do anything that we ever want, never thinking about consequences, never thinking about what tomorrow would bring.. For today was today, the past and the future held no meaning to us.

I remember those nights that left us breathless, that left us intoxicated with laughter and joy that bubbled out of our very pores, that left us blurry eyed with lack of sleep, with wind blown hair and smiles as wide as the Sahara. I remember those nights as if it were yesterday and I know that if I were to close my eyes I would be back to those nights, those nights.. Those nights that slipped by so very fast.. If only I had known that those nights would never occur again, I would have taken more notice of it, I would have cherished every single second that passed us by..

Do you remember those nights driving to destinations unknown willing the machines to move like the very wind around us, nights talking in the dark about everything and nothing in particular, nights of dancing check to check together underneath the blanket of the velvet night, nights of fizzy and bubbly doing things that no one knew or thought we would ever do, nights of candle light and music listening to our heart strings, nights of cards, of fate, of truth or dare.. Nights of daring to be anything or doing anything we ever dreamt of.. yup, those were the nights..

So, here’s a toast to all those who were with me on those nights.. Those nights when we felt so alive, here’s to the laughs and the tears, the screams, the inevitable laughter and tears.. Here’s to the dreams that we built..
Here’s to goodbye to those yesterdays for tomorrows going to come all too soon and heck there will be more nights.. aight, there will be more nights..

Inspired by the song “Here’s to the night” by Eve 6.

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