Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The case of the missing bear

Like a scene from a horror movie I saw Sunny Girl hanging from a black wire dangling from the security guards pole. She dangled there in the wind looking forlorn and lost and probably as miserable as me. I was miserable because I thought she was lost and of course my nose was leaking the whole weekend and that day which earned me the nick name ‘Snot Girl’ from my very “wonderful” lecturer who will not be named. I think Sunny Girl was miserable because she was out in the sun and the rain and probably got harassed by passerby’s as they saw her hanging there by the black wire.

I was sitting outside the college perturbed and slightly anxious to reach home (as I felt woozy plus the wonderful Chinese techno type rhythm in my head wouldn’t stop banging on me rendering me with an awful headache) whilst waiting for the Possum to come when I saw Sunny Girl staring at me with that sad little face she has. I rushed to her side and asked the guard there (who didn’t speak English or very good bahasa) how Sunny Girl got there. I think he was worried that I was some raving lunatic as he made some gestures to shoo me away and I think he said something like ‘You ambik!’ a few times. Without waiting around, I hurried to Sunny Girl and unhooked her from the horrible place atop the pole. Poor Sunny Girl was wet and I feeling suddenly petrified that she had fallen into the drain filled with unsavory things and bacteria, demanded where he had found Sunny Girl. He just stared back at me and shook his head. Gawd! I was speechless perhaps too happy to have found Sunny Girl or perhaps too much mucus had clogged up my brain thus making it hard to think.

Luckily Possum came just in time and I waved Sunny Girl (still attached to the black wire) across the road at him and he smiled - probably because I think I was making him a little annoyed by asking him for the hundredth time where Sunny Girl could have gone and was relieved that she had been found, or perhaps I looked so bloody comical with a fistful of tissues up my nose dangling Sunny Girl from a black wire. I got into the car and Possum asked me how I had found Sunny Girl. I sat down in the comfy seat and wondered for the first time since I found her, how she actually got there.. Scary ‘cos both Possum and I have no idea how she managed to fall out of the car as I had noticed she was missing before I even got out of the car. Oh well, I guess Sunny Girl is the only one who can tell us the story, but for now she is sleeping soundly in my room smelling sweetly of raspberries..

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